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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #28

By Shirley

7/28 - 8/1/03

Would someone please get the residents of Harmony some No-Doze?  I am so tired of all the dreams in this town.  Everyone is dreaming every time you turn around anymore.  Fox can't seem to go more than five minutes without dreaming about him and Whitney, Sheridan is constantly dreaming about Luis finding her (ok, she's delirious, but still), Theresa dreams about Ethan, he dreams about her, Gwen dreams about Theresa and's a never ending dream fest!  Add to that the fact we have been in the same day or two since July started and it gets even worse!!  We have decided that by the time Luis really does stumble across Sheridan, none of us will believe it's true since we have been "fooled" so many times before.  And there is absolutely no suspense any more.  The other day, when Beth and Edna were so worried Luis was finally going to find her, the scene ended with them staring wide-eyed and -mouthed at each other while the old standby suspense music played, and I'm going "Ho-hum, so get to the hemorrhoid medicine commercials already".  That's how boring and unsuspenseful it is now.  And I swear, Luis has been hanging around Antonio too long.  The boy can't even buy a clue!!  Thank goodness he's not part of the police force in my town.  We'd really be in trouble!!

Kay's baby is still in trouble, and she is really showing us she will be a great mother.  She refused to stay in bed, even though she just had a cesarean, when the baby went code blue.  She is carrying the feud with Charity a bit far, but really....why is Charity hanging around there?  She wants to be with Miguel.  Sure.  I'll buy that, but he needs to be with his baby.  Charity could wait at home, or in the waiting room.  Why is she constantly there peeking at Miguel or Kay, or both?  And why does he feel he needs to ask permission from Charity to be with his baby or Kay?  My God, man, get your priorities straight!!  You will have years to be with Charity, if that's the way it's supposed to be, but you may only have your little girl for a very short time, so keep your mind on her!!!  I know, they want to create tension, but come on.  This is really serious stuff and should be treated that way.  He needs to forget Charity is even anywhere near there and concentrate on the baby.  As for Charity.....she needs to get a life.  I really am so tired of the whiny, sighing, little wimp girl wandering around feeling sorry for herself at a time like this.  Man, I do miss Zombie!  Molly's talent shone when she played Zombie, but it's hard to figure why they hired her when it comes to Charity.  The difference is like night and day.  You know it's not a lack of talent on her part, since she does Zombie so well, so it must be either the writing, the directing, or both.  I wish they would give Charity a personality!!

Tabby's baby is a healthy.......little girl?  Well, she started out as a monster, then changed to a gorgeous little girl later.  I was hoping the baby would be the way Tabitha would come around to the good side, with Timmy's help, but it looks like that won't happen, with the Demon Baby.  Too bad.  That would have been a great story in itself, I think.  And it would give them  room to bring Hecuba back to go after the newly good Tabby/Charity combo.  And I would really love to see Tabby and Julian bond over their darling little girl.  Oh, I don't want them linked romantically.  I am still holding out hope that he and Eve will get together, but it would be nice to see the two old enemies working together for the good of their child.  And just imagine Rebecca's reaction to it all!!  I loved the way she and Julian were during the whole birth scenes.  It was actually somewhat funny.  And to have them both wonder about where they would end up when they kind of gave them a new vulnerability, and I like that.

And now, the Alice in Wonderland scenes.  I am not really sure how I feel about them.  I thought at first that it was stupid.  I wondered why on earth they would pull something like that.  And I was afraid it would be another trip-through-Oz type story, going on for days.  Imagine my surprise when it was 1- short, and 2 - fairly interesting!!  I loved Julian as the caterpillar, and Edna as the person who grabbed her and held her for the Queen, who turned out to be Beth, wanting her dead because the King of Hearts (Luis) was interested in have to ask yourself why she saw the people the way she did.  Does she have some secret knowledge of who her captors are, and why?  Is her subconscious trying to clue her in?  I like to think so, anyway.  Witness the fact there was no Charlie prominent in her dream, since she doesn't know her.  I think she does know who is torturing her, and I think once she gets out, no matter where they find her, she will remember her dream and know who had her in the pit. 

I also liked the scenes of Theresa telling the others about Fate, and how it would bring her and Ethan together one day.  The others teased her about Ethan coming three thousand miles to be with her because of Fate, and when his key began clicking in the lock, they were all expectant to see if it really was him there!!  I was on the edge of my seat, too.  What a great time to have brought him in there!!  But,. of course, it didn't end up that way.  However, I have it on good authority that next week will bring some good happenings for all the Theresa/Ethan fans out there, so stay tuned!!

Well, that's all for this week.  I will be back next week with more complaining, I'm sure, but hopefully with some praise for good work, too.  I love the good weeks, don't you?

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