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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #27

By Shirley

7/21 - 7/25/03

There were a couple of bright spots this week, but for the most part, I wasn't real impressed.  Let's go straight to the Good News, ok?

Kay had a Cesarean and delivered a baby girl.  Although the baby died soon after birth, she managed to come back to life and was hanging by a thread by weeks end.  I love the way Kay finally started thinking about the baby.  I mean, she has shown sparks of caring before but this week she really showed her love and concern.  Yes, I know she's still hoping to land Miguel, and that may play a part in her anxiety over the baby dying, but that's not the whole reason.  She really loves the baby and really wants it to make it.  Deanna did a great job of playing the part of a mother losing her child.  I was crying, to tell you the truth!  I usually don't cry for soaps, but having that baby die just did a job on me, and having her pull through was just as great.  I love scenes that I can feel!!  Let's hope all will be well.

I also loved the scenes of Sheridan trying to escape.  I thought it was just the right touch.  She showed she really wants to get away and isn't going to just roll over and play dead.  It gave us back the old, feisty Sheridan who is fighting tooth and nail to make her dreams come true.  I've really missed that.  Ever since she woke up on that island with Brian she has been so wimpy and whiny I couldn't stand it!  She just seemed to lose her self, the self that made her who she was.  I was really glad to see that self back again, and I hope she sticks around!  I can't wait to see what she said on the recording she made to Luis.  You just have to know she put some kind of secret message on there that only he will understand.  I just don't know how long it will take him to figure it out, though.  I sure hope it's not too long, because I am way too ready for this story to end.

Ok, now for the Bad News.  I am so tired of all the dreams!!!  Sheridan dreaming Luis has found her.  Theresa dreaming of being with Ethan.  Gwen dreaming of Theresa being with Ethan.  Liz dreaming of of being with TC.  Eve dreaming of losing her family.  And now Fox dreaming of being with Whitney.  Enough already!!  Ok, people have daydreams, that's very true.  But please.  Fox was dreaming every time he turned around for a while there.  I mean, somebody slap the boy and tell him to get a life!!  I really loved Fox when he first came on, but after this week, I really am starting to dislike him a lot.  I mean, whenever he wasn't dreaming, he was being downright evil to Whitney, telling her in so many words that Chad is falling for Syd, planting doubts in her mind, working on her growing jealousy day after day.  Man, he really is a Crane, isn't he?  Too bad.  I was hoping he would be a new kind of Crane, a kinder, gentler Crane.  But no, he turns out to be Alistair's seed after all.  I sure hope when Theresa gets there she can help Whitney start believing in Chad again.

Then we had that dumb Demon Baby tentacle after Julian again.  Come on, it wasn't funny the first time, and it was no better this time.  It was just plain gross!!  But, at week's end, it looked like Julian and Rebecca would be delivering the Little Devil since Tabby went into full labor as they were there arguing about who Julian's new little honey is.  I did enjoy those scenes, believe it or not.  Rebecca is so clueless, and Julian is so afraid to say why he's really there....this could have been really good if it had gone a little further.  I sure hope Tabby's delivery is worth cutting these scenes short!

I also have a complaint about the very scenes I praised earlier, the ones of Sheridan and Beth in the basement.  I think I have mentioned my concerns before, but I will say it again, anyway.  I can't believe the way they are banging the pregnant Sheridan around!!  It was bad when she was kidnapped, gassed, banged on the head repeatedly, dropped every few minutes, slammed into the pit, and starved, but  the wrestling scenes with Beth were really a bad call.  I know, that would seem to contradict what I said before about loving her escape try, but it really doesn't.  I do love the fact she tried to escape, but the wrestling and rolling around, and especially Beth falling on top of her was just too much!  No pregnant woman could survive all that, and neither could her child.  It just isn't possible.  I mean, Grace fell down five or six steps and lost her son.   That makes it even more stupid for them to keep doing those things to Sheridan, in my opinion.  It just makes it all the more unbelievable.  I swear, that child will be born with knots on his head and bruises everywhere, if he lives long enough.  I really wish they would stop doing those things to her, if only to keep us viewers from cringing every time we see it.

Last but not least I have to mention the daydreams Precious had.  I felt equal parts of revulsion and laughter at those scenes.  I mean, yes, it's funny for an orangutan to daydream about loving a human man and having his baby, but come on.  It really is a bit much.  It was cute when she got stars in her eyes, and when she dreamed about holding Luis and having him say he loved her, but this kind of passed the threshold of good taste, I think.  And having her sit there wearing Beth's sugar pouch as if she were, just a little too much for me.  I know, a lot of people probably think it was just too funny, but I really wish they hadn't done that.  And while we're on the could Luis not have realized he was right the first time about Beth not being pregnant?  I mean, come on.  No shirt is going to make that big a difference in someone's stomach.  I know they made Antonio dumb, and Miguel's no better, but Luis used to have a brain.  He should have seen through Beth months ago.

Well, that's about it for now.  I am looking forward to this week's shows, hoping some good things will happen.  I would love to be back here next week with a week's worth of "hoorays" for the way the stories are going, but......I really wouldn't hold my breath.  But I will see you next week, good or bad.

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