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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #26

By Shirley

7/14 - 7/18/03

In a week where we have learned we were lied to by our leaders and as a result many of our loved ones died, and when one of our sports heroes, the really good ones, has shown us he is susceptible to human frailties as we all are, maybe the goings on at the mythical village of Harmony don't seem to amount to much, but as one who finds escaping to the make-believe town preferable to having to think about the harsh realities of life for at least a while each day, let me tell you it can be a life-saver.  Well, maybe not life.  Maybe more like sanity, or hope.  Whatever, it does make it easier to face real life after a good dose of pretend.  So, let's go into this week's Opinion piece realizing it may not be the most important thing you'll read this week, but hopefully it will be the least depressing one.

I think I enjoyed this week pretty well, as weeks in Harmony go.  The stories seem to be moving toward an end instead of whirling around in an eddy of indecision on the writers parts.  There seems to me to be a tiny light at the end of the tunnel.  Miguel seems to have finally realized he is the father of Kay's baby, and no matter whether he loves Charity or not, the baby Kay is carrying is really, really his and he has responsibilities toward it and to Kay, as the mother of his child.  I was very upset last week that he acted disgusted and didn't want to be bothered about the baby, the shower, the gifts, or what Kay was feeling.  He doesn't have to love her, but he does have to live up to his responsibilities, in my opinion.  This week he seems to have gotten that message.  He actually seems to realize there is a child there, that it is his, and that it might not make it into this world alive.  Very sobering thoughts, all, and he should really have had them several month ago.  But, better late than never.  And I think Charity should stay either in the waiting room or the chapel, praying for Kay and the unborn child.  She should also send him back to them every time he comes hunting for her.  His place now is in the room with them, not with Charity.  They will have their whole lives to be together, if that's what is meant to be, but for now he needs to focus on his child.

Ivy managed to use Kay's predicament to pound a wedge between Grace and Sam again.  She should be pushed out to that cliff she was hanging off of a while ago and sent over the side to see if that chair can fly.  And if it can't....oh well!!  David is at least standing back, trying to stay out of the way unless Grace needs him.  I really wish he would screw up the courage to tell the truth!!  He is such a good guy, it seems, and his acting this way makes no sense, especially since he knows Grace loves Sam.  He should want her happy. 

Tabby and Julian's scenes were.....well, better left unwatched.  That thing coming from her stomach....whatever happened to the sweet little baby Timmy told her to go ahead and have?  I really don't like the way this story is turning now.  It should have been a sweet little boy and Timmy's spirit could come back in him and help Tabby become a good witch.  This way, it's just yucky!!!  And John.....something makes me think that boy spends a lot of time with a pipe in his mouth, and it ain't full of Prince Albert in a can!!! That's the only thing I can think of to explain his ability to believe he is imagining the fire-breathing lady and the huge slimy thing choking Julian from Tabby's stomach!!  I have never imagined anything like that, have you?

Well, the kids are in L.A. now, and Theresa, Ethan, and Gwen aren't far behind.  Fox has begun to move on Whitney, and I can't wait to see how that turns out.  Will she fall for his manipulations, or will she remain true to Chad.  Will they finally find out they are siblings, or are they going to drag that one out forever?  Man, I could handle the incest business, but not when those two are going at it every chance they get.  It's just gross!!  They really need to stop that now, get the news to them and let them get over it.  I know Tabby, Whitney, and Eve all saw Whitney pregnant before they learn the truth, but this is one time I wouldn't mind if they fudge on the original story.  Please, just get it over with!!

Finally, there is Luis, Sheridan, and Beth, et al.  Sheridan is still in the pit, Luis is still looking for her, and now Beth wants her to call Luis or make a video saying she's fine.  I'm still wondering how they will work that.  I know if I were Sheridan and they gave me a phone, I'd be calling!!  And I'd let them know I wasn't gone because I wanted to be.  And another thing......where did the phone go?  I mean, it was there, in the pit, with Sheridan, and now......what?  Is it still there?  No one went down and got it, and she didn't throw it back up to them.  She does know she's still in Harmony, though, thanks to Beth.  But, if the phone is still down there, why isn't she on it every time the Three Stooges go upstairs?  And how are they going to film Sheridan in the shape she's in and make it seem she's somewhere having a ball?  I just don't understand.  Now they are filling in the pit. Uh....excuse me.  There are two of them, and they are dumping ten pound bags of dirt in there, one at a time. is this going to bury her?  I mean, if I were in a pit and they were using anything other than a grader to shove the dirt on me a ton at a time, I'm just gonna keep stepping up on top of the pile as they pour it in there and I'd be out in no time!!  So how's that supposed to work?  Who on earth is writing this stuff, and why can't they figure these things out themselves?  Just how stupid do they really think we are?  I guess this is my complaint of the week.  Yes, the story seems to be moving, and I really have a feeling it will be over soon, but come on!!!  Write it in a way that shows there are real humans doing the writing, not Precious and her buddies!! 

So, mostly, this was a fairly good week, even if the writing wasn't thought out very well, but when compared to what was going on around us in the real world, it really wasn't too bad.  And I kind of enjoyed it, if the truth be told!  See you next week!!

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