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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #24

By Shirley

6/30 - 7/2/03

Well, short week, short complaints, I guess.  There were only three days of programming this week and two days of *yawn* Wimbledon *yawn*, there's really not a whole lot to write about, but I will do my best.  I've never been one to let brevity cut short my complaining!!!

We had pretty much the same stuff going on this week as we did last.  Eve began the week where she left off last week - setting fire to the Blue Note in an effort to rid herself of Liz and her constant bedeviling. (Is that a word?  Oh, well, it works) and to save Whitney from Liz's plan to send her down the same booze and drug-filled path Eve had fallen into. Liz took a picture of Julian and Eve kissing last week, remember, and went home to print it out on the computer so TC could see it, but Eve arrived - say it with me - "Just in the nick of time" to keep him from seeing it.  Figuring there was no other way to get rid of Liz, she hurried down to set the fire.  Hey, Eve.......tell TC the truth!!!  Nothing gets rid of blackmailers quicker than a good old-fashioned confession fest. And how much advantage would Liz gain after everyone learns she is willing to hurt her own niece in her effort to get revenge on Eve?   Of course, it couldn't just be that Eve would get in trouble for burning the club down.  No, she learned to her horror that there were people in there, one of whom was the very daughter she was trying to save!!  Well, by week's end, some of the people trapped inside were free, but not Whitney.  She's still trapped inside!! 

Well, a bit of hopeful news this week.  At least three people now know what's in that infernal shed TC has kept under lock and key all this time.  Sam and Julian joined Liz in seeing the Big Secret.  Can the rest of us be far behind?  Well, usually I would say "no", but this is Passions, and it has been five years already, so......who knows.  But, hope springs eternal, right?  Maybe at long last we will actually see what he has in there.  Anyone else think it's probably going to be a real let-down after all these years of wondering?

And hey....Pilar returned from the land of the lost this week!!  She went to Kay's baby shower.  I was really getting worried about her.  I mean, Theresa talked to her on the phone the other day (or at least she said it was her), but we haven't actually seen her in weeks.  The party has started out ok, so far.  Not great, but ok.  But isn't the attention supposed to be on the guest of honor at these things?  So how come Charity is getting it all?  Ok, she's seeing things, but come one....she hasn't had a great track record with these things as far as the people there know.  Just set her in a corner and let her chant her monotone predictions of gloom and doom and get on with the party!!!  Anyway, what could any of them do about it if they did figure it was true and she did actually come out with some really helpful  information?  I mean "Someone is in danger.  They are crying and there is fire and they really need help..."    So ok, where?  Who?  Why?  How can we save them?....all good information to have at a time like that, but......nothing.  I mean, so.... what?  Do they call 911 and say "Charity says there are some people trapped in a fire somewhere!  Go get them!"?  Man, for a psychic, she sure gives some useless clues.  Tuck her away in the closet and get on with the punch and cookies, and Pin The Diaper on the Baby!!

Sheridan's still in the pit, of course.  Luis is still looking, but he never seems to be able to get down to Beth's basement to find her!!  I'm telling you, it's going to be Precious that saves her.  And speaking of Precious, how cute was her little fantasy segment this week?  I just about croaked watching that!!  It was so cute, and so funny!!!  That poor little Orangutan has got it bad for Luis (and who could blame her?).  Something tells me it's that love for him that will give her the strength to save his true love Sheridan.  I mean, if that is not true, deep, undying monkey love, I don't know what is, and she's going to realize where his heart lies and do whatever she can to make him happy, which means she will return Sheridan to him.  Maybe that's a bit sentimental on my part, but I believe it's true.  And I'll bet a bunch of bananas on it!!!

Well, that's about all for now.  I told you I don't need a lot to work with to ramble on and on and on........let's hope next week is as good as they are promising (the summer really gets rolling, they say) and we get some answers at long last.  Stay cool, everyone.

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