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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #23

By Shirley

6/23 - 6/27/03

What a week!  First, Ethan finally 'fessed up!  Oh, he kept lying to everyone, even himself, with his words, but what he didn't say said way more than what he did say.  He still loves Theresa!!  Now Gwen knows it, and so does Theresa.  I love it!!  I don't know how this is going to work itself out, but it was a step forward, and that's always a welcome occurrence on this show.

Whitney and Chad are still yakking about going to L.A. (so go already!) and Fox is going, too.  Of course, we know others are supposed to be going, also, but we don't know for sure yet just who and why.  

Liz is still after Eve, and now she has some real evidence to work with.  Julian and Eve got caught kissing in the hospital waiting room, and Liz just happened to have a camera.  I love the way Julian is doing whatever he can to stop Miz Liz.  Nothing is working, but he is such a gentleman to keep trying to protect his lady fair! This is getting kind of exciting, too.  I hope it doesn't take too long.  

Not much on the Grace/Sam front this week, just the same old stalemate.  And 

Sheridan is still in the pit, with Luis champing the bit to find her. Now, I have come up with some questions and some theories on this thing.  Question one is....why isn't Antonio worried about Sheridan?  And #2 - why is he so willing to accept Beth's explanation that Sheridan just up and left? Now for the theories.  First and foremost....I believe Antonio is working for Alistair, and has been for years.  I say this because he is still alive, and he seems very happy to thwart Luis' every effort to find Sheridan.  He even backed up the Mayor, who we know is in Alistair's pocket, and who is under orders from Alistair to stop the search for her.  There are things he has said, looks he has given, attitudes he has sprouted, and the fact no one could be as dumb as he seems to be!!  I mean, how on earth could he have missed the love between Luis and Sheridan which is so visible to anyone who cares to see it?  Ok, I could be wrong, but don't be surprised, comes out that he is Alistair's henchman.  I mean, Alistair sent him away, supposedly because of what he knew.  But......if Alistair really thought he was a liability, why didn't he do away with him?  That's his usual modus operandi, right?  I believe Brian knew who she was when he found her, and he followed Alistair's orders to keep her there and turn her from loving Luis.  I think he brought her back so he could get at her money and thought he had her in his power, so to speak, so Luis would no longer be a problem.  And I believe he is in cahoots with Charlie, also employed by Alistair, and maybe even Beth.  Now, this is all just my opinion, and may not be worth the....whatever you call it..... it's printed on, but these things just seem to jump out at me.

And now, last but certainly not least, I have to say this has been one of  the most enjoyable weeks I have ever seen in all the years this show has existed!  That is partly because of the things I mentioned earlier, and some pretty good writing, but mostly because of Friday's show.  I was floored by the "I Ain't Sorry!" number with Beth, Charlie, Edna, and Precious, among a troop of dancers and singers that did Broadway-type shows proud!! It had everything going for it: the song, the dancing, the singing was good, and the concept was wonderful!!  I have not been so entertained in years.  And Beth....well, let me just say that was the first time my two sons, aged 24 and 19, have ever sat still and watched Passions for any length of time!!  She really looked good in her little suit, and I loved her hair.  She really should let it grow to that length, in my opinion.  Now, I know there are those who probably hated the musical, and that's fine.  But I think it was fantastic, and it really made this week special.  I wouldn't want to see this all the time, mind you.  I'd much rather have the stories move at a faster clip and get more of  them resolved sooner rather than later, but for a miserably hot summer afternoon, it was really a spectacular escape from the humdrum everyday soaps and really entertained with style!!!

I think I have used all the superlatives I can think of, so I'll stop now.  However, I will be back next week, and hopefully I will be just as impressed with the way things are going then as I am today.  See ya !!!!

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