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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #22

By Shirley

6/16 - 6/20/03

Well, it's been a busy week for me - new granddaughter, my youngest graduated from high school, last week of work for me for this year - but I still managed to keep up with Passions.  That's gotta tell you something!!!  This show moves slower than molasses in January!!!  A person could die from hunger waiting for the molasses to hit the pancakes  when it's cold, and I think I'm going to be old, senile, and laying in my grave before the stories on this show end!!!  Heck, my new granddaughter will probably be graduating before there's any movement on this show!!  You think I'm kidding, right?  Sorry to say, but no, I'm totally serious.  This show is slower than....well, we've already been through that.

At least Whitney seems to be sticking with her decision to go to L.A. with Chad.  They have moved from "Should I or shouldn't I" to "Man, we're going to have so much fun out there", so that's at least something.  And I am really interested in what Fox has up his sleeve to get her away from Chad.  This might be interesting.  At least, it will if they don't drag it out for three years!!  I know Ethan, Gwen, and Theresa are supposed to end up out there, too, but I can't figure out why or how they will manage it, especially with Gwen in such bad shape with the baby.  Or maybe that's just another rumor that won't pan out.  Anyway, it will be new scenery and new experiences for the characters, so maybe it will be fun.  I sure hope so.

Well, Sheridan is still in the pit in Beth's basement.  She's almost been discovered twice, now, but of course it hasn't happened.  I chatted with someone this week who compared her to Sweet Polly Purebread, of the old Underdog cartoon.  Now, some of you are probably too young to know about her, but believe me, the comparison is accurate.  That little....lady?...pooch?.....whatever.  She was always being put in dangerous situations by the dastardly villain, (his name escapes me at the moment) and calls for Underdog to save her.  He does, of course, at the very last moment.  He always just made it in the nick of time, and they would fly off into the sunset......  I'm still waiting for sunset on Passions.  Sheridan is always saved by someone, but she has yet to be able to "fly away" with the man she loves, to live happily ever after.....until something else happens, anyway.  I'm losing hope it will ever happen, and that's not a good thing, folks.

Rebecca.  Who in their right mind ever decided this witch should be anyone's mother?  Why on earth did they do such a horrible thing to Gwen?  Can you imagine being in the hospital, in eminent danger of losing your baby and needing to relax and try to keep calm, hoping to stop it, and then having to listen to your "loving" mother harangue you with dire predictions of how you'll lose the man you love if you "allow" yourself to lose the baby?  Oh my God!!!  Does this woman ever use her brain for anything other than  rotten schemes and causing trouble?  Oh, and coming up with some of the weirdest fantasies ever?  I mean, a donkey in a mansion.....come on!!!!  I would be forever grateful if the writers would drop her in Beth's pit, with Charlie as her guard and probably future love interest!!  I am so tired of seeing and hearing her I could scream.  Someone really needs to plug her mouth with a rag soaked in salt peter!! (Does it work for women the same way it does for men?)

Liz is staying in Harmony and in the Russell house, as if that's any surprise to any of us.  TC is so easy to con, at least if you're a woman.  The man is pathetic, in my opinion.  He knows his wife doesn't want her there, yet he allows her sob story to override Eve's wishes.  Man, what a jerk.  If he feels badly for her, rent her a motel room she can stay in until she gets enough money together for a better place, but get her out of his wife's house!!!  If I were Eve, I'd leave.  I'd simply tell him he made his choice, choosing to put Liz's wants over hers, so he can keep her!!  Of course, that's not going to happen, but......  She should file for divorce, and use the fact TC has another woman living with him as evidence against him so he would have to pay mega tons of spousal support, and she would end up with the house and all!!  I mean, if it looks like infidelity, it must be, right?  They would deny it, of course, but then....everyone does!!  Eve would have it made if she would do that.  But of course she won't.  *sigh*

Last but not least, Sam and Grace are at a stand still in their marriage.  He wouldn't believe her about why she was nude in bed with David, and so she won't believe him about why he was in Ivy's room, carrying her toward the bed when Grace and David walked in.  Man, they really are acting like two-year-olds!!  He should know she wouldn't lie about what happened after all the years they've been together, and she should know the same about him, yet we are asked to believe otherwise.  I guess it makes the story spicier, but I really wish they'd be more realistic about things.  But then, realism isn't what Passions is about.  It wouldn't hurt to throw some in every once in a while, though.  I did love Kay and Miguel reminiscing about their lives for the tape they are making for the baby, though.  I know he loves her.  It has been obvious to me, no matter how much he claims it's Charity he wants.  I am hoping for Kay to land him, even though she has been horrible in how she went about it.  I know, it's not logical to feel that way, but.....hey, I'm a Passions fan.  I'm not supposed to be logical, right?   LOL!!! See you all next week.

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