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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #21

By Shirley

6/9 - 6/13/03

This week was kind of boring, with some excitement thrown in here and there, and also had one of the meanest tricks the writers have ever played on us.  And that's saying a lot !!  Most of the week was taken up with Whitney and Chad, Eve and TC, and of course, Simone and Liz playing the "choose us or leave" scenes over and over.  And Fox was thrown in for good measure, too.  They argued back and forth for a while, then Whitney made her go with Chad, of course....and then TC told her to leave and never come back !!  Man, that guy really can throw a mean temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way, can't he?  Of course, Eve blamed TC, TC blamed Eve, Simone blamed Whitney, and Liz just stood in the corner and smirked.  Oh, and she got smacked a couple of times, too.  I believe those were my favorite parts of this particular story.

The rest is pretty ho-hum.  Whit and Chad went to his digs, and spent the rest of the week talking about her decision, and whether she wanted to change her mind or not.  She finally stopped on staying with Chad....I think.  For now, anyway.  But I feel they spent entirely too much time rehashing it all.  Well, they did take a couple of time outs to hop in the sack, but other than that, it was just "should I or shouldn't I", ad infinitum.  And while they were rehashing and taking sack time, Fox was lurking outside.  What, one of the richest kids in Harmony, and he doesn't have anything better to do than hang around outside someone else's house watching them?  Ok, he is in love with Whitney, or thinks he is, and wants to scheme his way into her heart, but can't he find a better way to do it?

Meanwhile, at Sheridan's cottage, the search for her went on.  Luis is sure she's been kidnapped, while Antonio is more than willing to believe Beth's spur-of-the-moment explanation of Charity's premonition that she knows where she is by saying Sheridan told her she wanted to get away for a while.  Sure, Doofus, she up and left without letting her husband or anyone else know she was leaving.  Makes sense to me.  NOT!!  She actually is laying at the bottom of the pit Charlie dug in Beth's basement.  Is anyone else having a hard time figuring out why Charlie has to be so rough with her, by the way?  Banging her on the head with a sock full of sand....trying to smother her...throwing her over her shoulder like a bag of flour....dropping her on the floor from shoulder height....tossing her into the pit - at least a 10 foot drop.....I tell you what, if she carries her baby to term, it will be a miracle!!  It's a wonder she's not dead, let alone that she hasn't already had a miscarriage!!!  And why, oh why won't Mom Wallace do something instead of threaten and tease!!  She is so worried about what's happening to Sheridan, yet she does nothing.  How can she not know Beth and Charlie can't hurt her if they are both in jail?  Come on, get real!!

Now we come to the trick.  We are treated to a scene of Antonio finding the earring and giving it to Luis, who recognizes it as the earring worn by Beth's doctor.  Then Gwen says she probably was hired by Beth to play like a doctor because....and then she goes and pulls up Beth's blouse, revealing the bag of sugar !!!!  I was almost falling for it until then!!  I was thinking "All right, finally the jig is up!!  Finally it's coming to a head, and the secrets will all come out, and Shuis will finally be together again!!!  Almost!!  Once that happened, I knew it was some kind of dream sequence, and let me tell you, I have never been so angry at a soap in all my years of soap watching!!!  Well, maybe when it looked like Marlena was murdered by the Salem Strangler, but that wasn't even as bad as this.  You know, it isn't nice to fool the fans.  Some day the writers will pay for what they did this week, believe it!!  But for now, they are still writing the same old lines, the same unsolved stories, the same awful why are we still watching???  One of the vagaries of life, that question.  And we all have a week to ponder it until the next Opinion piece is written.  So, until then......let's try to figure it out, ok?  See ya!!!

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