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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #20

By Shirley

6/2 - 6/6/03

So, what do we know this week that we didn't know last week?  Let's see....we know David isn't a junkie, he suffers from a "rare disease" picked up on one of his many trips around the world.  We know that Charlie managed to get Sheridan off a well-guarded estate, right under the noses of her doofy husband and her policeman boyfriend, among other.  Oh, and we know Charity's premonitions are really not that, wait, we already knew that.  But we did learn that Ivy has more sense than Grace, the Earth Mother, when it comes to warming people up.  Simone reappeared, still spouting the "Chad didn't do it, Whitney did" line to her Daddy dearest, and Hank reappeared still able to walk and talk at the same time, but saying nothing significant.  But he looks very good doing nothing, doesn't he?  As near as I can remember, I think that's all we learned.  Not much for a week, but better than nothing, right?   Let's see how that helped us.

Knowing David isn't a junkie helped us understand why Grace can't quite seem to leave him, that's not right.  I'm not sure how it helped us, but at least it was movement in the story, right?  And it did allow Ivy to react to Grace's selfless gesture to  help David by stripping nude and going to bed with him to keep him warm with the classic line "What?  Haven't you heard of electric blankets?"  LOL!!!  That had to be the week's best line, right?  And so right to the point, too.  Never knew you had it in you, Ivy, old girl!!  Way to go!!  She left Grace stuttering, with no answer available.  I guess that situation, and having Sam walk in to find them that way, has put an end to their marriage.  Now, that leaves me wondering how David and Ivy will be able to marry Grace and Sam, respectively, when they both know Sam and Grace are really still married to each other?  I'm sure the writers will come up with some excuse. 

I don't know what help it was to the story having Charlie make off with Sheridan like she did.  It just makes the characters look even more stupid, in my opinion.  Come on, the whole security force of the Crane estate,  plus police officers and family members are spread out all over that place, and this woman manages to make her way out of there with another woman over her shoulder?  Can anyone in that town see or hear anything?  Good Lord, it's a miracle there's even a town there if it's that easy to get away with stuff.  And as for Charity, she kept saying Sheridan was sooo close, yet she never once looked in the car, the most obvious place she could be!  She certainly didn't feel her before the car got there, did she?  Well, one and one equals Sheridan must have come with the car!!!  The only thing Charity's "feelings" did was make everyone in the cottage aware that Sheridan wasn't in the bedroom sleeping after all.  Oh, and it stopped Luis' plan to finally tell Antonio the truth!!  (Yes, I know, we all knew he wouldn't be able to spit it out in the end, but it looked like a good start, didn't it?)

Ok, so none of this helped any at all.  None of the age-old stories of  Harmony have been ended.  No mysteries solved.  No marriages saved, no truth told, no decisions made......nothing.  But, it did take a baby step here and there, and with any luck, in another 15 or 20 years we may actually learn what's in TC's shed, and whether Luis and Sheridan will ever tell Antonio the truth, and whether Eve and Julian will ever find out Chad is their long lost son, or what David's big, bad secret is, or where the heck is Noah Bennett, Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald, and the Crane girls and why don't any of them ever come home for a visit.  But only if we are very lucky!!

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