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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #2

By Shirley

1/27 - 1/31/03

Well, I started this week full of hope that at least a couple of the never ending story lines were actually heading for closure, and I've ended it still hopeful, but a little wary. I mean, we've been this way before, more than once, actually, and it always seems to take a curve and end up back where it started. But, in the spirit of optimism, let's look at where we have ended up.

Kay finally told her family what Ivy and David are up to. Now, she has known for months, I believe, although it is hard to tell when we're talking Harmony time. For us, it has been months, so that's what I'm using for now. Anyway, Kay went for a walk in the park and overheard Ivy and David talking about their plot, and the fact he never was married to Grace and John isn't really her son. Now, Kay was going to tell what she knew, and she even fantasized doing so. I remember being soooo upset when her accusations turned out to be nothing more than a dream, and no one really found out they were being made fools of. Now, however, it seems Miss Kay has actually told her secret! Of course, no one believed her, since she lies so much, but after looking deep into her eyes, Daddy Sam believed. And, wonder of wonders, once Mama Grace took a look down in there, she also believed! Hallelujah, the truth had actually come out!!! And, even better, Grace and Kay hugged each other, and it looked like some progress was being made on a mother-daughter reconciliation. Oh, the heavens were ringing with the good news!!! But then, the serpent struck again. Grace looked at John and couldn't bear the thought that he wasn't hers, and that David wasn't hers, either. She started to buckle, and right on the heels of her earth-shattering acceptance of Kay's veracity she began to back away from it. Then Ivy began her attack, reminding Grace of the DNA test that had "proven" John's place as Grace's firstborn son. Sam tried valiantly to remind her that tests can be tampered with, as did Kay, but......well, you know Grace: never one to be sensible about these things. I mean, her oldest son, Noah, was already in college when the show started, and John came on a couple years later, fresh from private school graduation, looking for a good college to go to, yet she truly believed he was her son by David. I don't know how she figured that could have happened, but I guess she lives by her own rules of logic. Anyhoo, Ivy called on Eve, Grace's "good friend", to tell her that this test couldn't have been faked or tampered with, and Eve, as always, stood there looking like she'd just seen a ghost and said nothing. That's where we were left at the end of this week's shows. Will she or won't she tell the truth? We'll find out next week, I guess. Just an aside, here. I am so tired of David and Eve complaining about Ivy and her lies and how horrible she is, yet not telling Grace the truth and ending it. I understand they both have secrets to hide, but come on. This is Eve's best friend, and David keeps saying he loves her, yet they both allow her to be made a fool of and hurt by Ivy, and they do nothing!! God save us from friends like these two!!

Speaking of Eve, I thought she was spilling the beans this week, too. The spoilers said she would tell TC that Liz was her sister. Well, that's what you get for believing the spoilers, I guess. She did tell someone, but it was David. Big deal. She needs to tell TC. She needs to tell him everything, actually. I mean, if the guy really loves her, he will forgive her. It's not like she's still doing the things she needs to confess. She has worked hard to straighten herself out, and she has become a doctor and lived a very good life, so that's what should matter, not what she did years ago. Sure, he will be angry that she hid it from him, but after a little while he'll get over it. If he loves her, anyway. I've never understood keeping one's past from a loved one. You know it will come out sooner or later. The damage done by hiding what she had done before and then having it found out years later is much more than it ever would have been had she just been up front about it in the first place. I mean, what if TC got so mad when he heard about her past that he left and they had never married, etc. So what? If he was that big a jerk, he's not the person she needs anyway, right? If you love someone, you will love them no matter what, and if you don't, they are better off without you. It looks like something will come out next week, though, so I am waiting with bated breath to see what is done and said.

I guess my opinion this week is that keeping secrets is not a good thing to do, and can cause major problems for you and those you love on down the road. On this show, these secrets need to come out. It's been long enough, and there have been enough problems for these characters. They could let the cat out of the bag now, and still have enough material to work with for years to come. This show needs to move a little faster, and build on what has gone before instead of running these stories on forever without any resolution at all. I have never watched a show for over three years and not seen any of the stories that it started with end along the way. It would be much better if they would find resolutions to them, and then build on those resolutions to keep the pathos coming. I mean, look at Days. Stefano and the Brady's have been going on forever, it seems like, yet they have always resolved stories in a timely manner, yet built other problems on top of the solved ones to keep the story going. For instance, the Hope's baby story. Hope was pregnant. They assumed it was Beau's, but she knew it could have been John's. (I think that she may have thought it could have been Stefano's, also) They do a test, which says it is John's, because Stefano tampered with it. Then they find out he really isn't theirs, but the babies had been switched. Then they get their real baby back, and find out it isn't John's, but Beau's. This all happened over a two year time period, and there were many other plot twists that evolved from this. It was entertaining, and is actually still going, in some parts of the story, yet there have been several "endings" to the story over that time. Why can't Passions do that? Why does nothing ever end? Oh, don't get me started on this, though. Maybe next time.

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