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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #19

By Shirley

5/26 - 5/30/03

Why, why, why, why, why??  Why do the writers make these characters so abysmally stupid?  Grace took off with David on a second honeymoon to prove she doesn't love him so he will sign the annulment papers so she can re-marry Sam.  Who in their right mind would ever believe something as stupid as that?  You don't take off on a romantic getaway with a man you want to get rid of, unless you're packing a gun and the intent to do harm to him!  Does anyone really believe she will come back full of love for Sam and send David packing? No!!!  Why do you think men take women they want to impress to romantic places, and dance to romantic music, and eat romantic foods?  Because they know it is the easiest way to melt a woman's heart!!!  No woman with a brain in her head would ever fall for that, now would she?  If you are a woman, would you?  I wouldn't!  If I went with a man on a trip like that, it would be with the intent to fall in love, or in lust, whichever.  At least Eve saw the truth, for all the good it did.  Sam isn't much better, running off to help Ivy whenever she calls, but at least he has a reason to go to her.  She really does seem to need help when she calls him.  David just wants to bed Grace, and she knows it, and she's totally willing to go along with it!!!  My, what a role model for all the young girls who watch this show every day!!

Speaking of Eve, I am in heaven since she and Julian seem to be getting closer!!  I know, that may sound like a 180 degree turn from what I feel about Grace, but let me explain.  TC is mostly mean to Eve and the kids.  Oh, he says nice things, and even does nice things, but he is so domineering and pushy with them it borders on abuse.  I know he will never forgive Eve for loving Julian when she was young, and especially for having his child.  It just isn't going to happen!  So seeing her getting closer to Julian is a relief.  And seeing him turn from such an evil person to a loving, caring person is wonderful!!  I just hope it works out for them.  TC can have Liz.  They deserve each other.

The only person in the Luis/Sheridan circle who has any sense at all now is Gwen, and she doesn't seem to be able to put it together enough to know something's wrong and do something about it.  I hope she gets there soon and this story can finally end.  I've heard Antonio finally learns the truth.  I sure hope so this time.  It's taking too long to resolve this.  Charlie can't seem to believe Beth is using her, although she has it right in front of her face.  Poor doofball, even she deserves better than that.

Well,  at last we know Chad is Julian and Eve's son.  Alistair finally admitted it.  Good.  Now we just have to get the news to him and Whitney!!  This is really uncomfortable, now that it's out in the open like this.  I know stuff like this happens in real life, but it's still not a topic that people feel comfortable with.  I hope they bring this one to an end quickly!!!  Over on the other NBC soap, one character has found out who he is, who his parents and siblings are, then found out his sister isn't his sister, his mother isn't his mother, and his father isn't his father, all in about a month or two.  Meanwhile, Chad still doesn't know his family tree, even after almost five years, Antonio doesn't know his wife isn't his after two years, and Grace doesn't know her son isn't her son and her first husband isn't her first husband after three years!!  What's wrong with this picture?   I say, get a move on, guys!!  Get some closure to all these stories that have been hanging on for years and move on!!

Well, they have Sheridan disappearing again.  Man, when are they going to quit picking on that girl?  I mean, she has been kidnapped, killed, buried alive, lost at sea, spent a year or so with amnesia, and has been married to a man she doesn't love while being kept apart from the man she does love......leave her alone already!!  Pick on someone else, ok?  She really has to move away from that place!

That's all I can think of to complain about for now.  I do love Julian and Eve together, of course, and I like the way Gwen seems to be able to almost see through Beth and her schemes, but other than that, there's not much to cheer about lately.  Too bad.  I'm tired of complaining!!  See you next week!

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