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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #18

By Shirley

5/19 - 5/23/03

I think if I were to give this week a title, it would have to be "What were they thinking?"  I mean, every week there are examples of the characters doing things that don't make sense, but this week just made me sit in my chair and shake my head in disbelief.  It's amazing to me the things these writers come up with sometimes.  Take, for instance, Grace's decision to take off on a second honeymoon with her "first husband", David.  Now, for some reason, this lady who is so religious she won't allow a man she doesn't even remember to sign a paper allowing them to get an annulment decides to take off on a romantic trip with that same man.  That doesn't make sense.  True, she believes she really is married to him, even though we all know she isn't, but  still.  Would you take off with someone you didn't know and didn't remember being married too?  I wouldn't.  And the reason she took off with him like that is to - get this - "save her marriage to Sam"!!!!   She thinks if she goes on this trip, she will prove to David she doesn't remember them together, and he will realize there's no hope for them, and sign the annulment papers, leaving her with a clear conscience.  Now, even for Passions that's a huge stretch, right?  She has to know (especially since Sam told her straight out) that taking off with another man will drive Sam away for good, yet she went anyway.  What was she thinking?!?!?

Then there's Kay.  She actually started feeling badly for the way she had been acting, and for not telling her parents the truth about Ivy and David.  She was sorry for the pain she was causing her dad, and even her mother.  She wanted to set a good example for her own baby, be a good mother to him/her.  She realized things hadn't all been bad with Grace, and she even rationalized Grace's extreme feelings for Charity.  She left to go tell the truth, and then changed her mind because her lust for Miguel got in the way.  Thanks to Tabby, of course.  But how she could stand there and watch her parents go through the torture they were going through and smile about it is beyond me. I had high hopes the baby she's carrying had actually made her grow up and want to do the right thing, but in the long run, her darker side won out.  She sacrificed her family's happiness for the hope she can get a man who obviously doesn't want her and never will.  What was she thinking?!?!?

Then there's Theresa.  She keeps saying she wants Julian to let her leave with her son, but she is being forced to stay with Sheridan and Antonio to be with her son because Julian got a court order forbidding her to take the baby off the estate.  Well, this week Julian told her they could leave.  He just wants to spend time with his son.  Now, ok, I can understand her reluctance to believe him.  After all, he has been a huge tyrant, evil as they come, and would lie to you  just as easily as he'd look at you.  Heck, he even tried to murder his own sister, although at this point no one but Rebecca and Alistair know that.  He really hasn't been a nice person.  But anyone can see he is changing.  His whole attitude is different, his haughty tone of voice was missing in his conversation with Theresa, and he truly looks like a different person.  If Theresa really wanted to leave as badly as she says she does, she should have stopped yakking and gone home to pack.  I mean, she had three witnesses to his words right there with her, so he really couldn't say she was lying about it. Just take the baby and run, don't stand there and  argue with him!!  What was she thinking?!?!?

At least Charlie might finally be onto Beth and her lying ways.  I'm not sure how long it will last, because she really wants to believe Beth cares about her like she says.  It's really hard to get someone to see the light when they don't want to.  But she seems to have figured out Beth really does want to be with Luis, not Charlie, and at week's end was going to find her and deal with her once and for all.  Check this week's predictions for my feelings about what's going to happen.  Just let me say I don't believe Beth will be outed this soon for the lying, scheming psycho she is.

I'm still hoping Julian and Eve get together, and Luis and Sheridan will finally be reunited and be happy for a year or two.  I mean, it's been over two years since Sheridan was swept overboard and they have been apart.  Yes, she got back to Harmony and got her memory back, but she and Luis have yet to be happy.  Two years is way too long for two characters who love each other so much and belong together to be kept apart and miserable.  I mean, as long as they are miserable, we are miserable, and that's not a condition I enjoy.  People are dropping this show like hot potatoes already, and it will only get worse, I'm sure.  The writers need to cut out  this constant pain and misery for these two and give us some payoff for all the time we've spent suffering right along with them.  What are they thinking?!?!?!?!?!?

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