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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #17

By Shirley

5/12 - 5/16/03

What a week this was.  Ups, downs, hints, hopes, u-turns - we got it all.  I don't even know where to begin.  

Well, I guess I'll start where I left off last week.  Eve, TC, Julian, and Liz.  Remember last week how impressed I was with TC's kindness and sweetness with Eve when Liz let it be known she had had a son at some point in the past and hadn't told him?  Well, that lasted about two days, our time.  Then the hooey hit
the fan!  That man switched from sweet to bitter in half a second, it seems like.  One minute he was still saying how he loved Eve, and he understood, and he wasn't upset, and she could tell him anything, and the next he was angry, yelling about how she had kept this from him, and why, and what did it mean, and why didn't she trust him. Then came the dreaded TC Anthem: "I know exactly what happened!"  By the end of the week he had decided she had miscarried a son while he was on the road doing coach stuff, and she, of course, let him go right on believing that. I guess she will never learn. Whitney began to believe Chad could be her brother, then got angry and started yelling at Eve, too. I knew Simone had TC's temper, but I thought Whit had escaped.  I guess not.  Too bad she wasn't upset for the right reasons, like how her mother must have been so afraid of TC that she couldn't bring herself to tell him the truth, or all the pain Eve had gone through and was still going through.  No, she was upset because she thought the man she has been involved with could be her brother.  How would that have been Eve's fault?  Even knowing she had a son wouldn't have made them any more aware that the son is Chad.  Once TC came up with his theory, Whit got happy again real quick, though. Poor Eve, and poor Julian, who was determined to stand by her no matter what TC did to him.  What a good man he is inside.

I really thought Gwen had outed Beth.  I felt sure they would discover she isn't really pregnant.  That's what I get for thinking, I guess.  I should have known better.  I don't think anyone will ever find out what she has been doing all this time, and Sheridan will stay married to Antonio while Luis marries Beth and is stuck with her forever.  Oh, God, the inhumanity!!!  Why do they keep torturing us this way?  Why doesn't Mom come clean?  Luis can protect her, right?  The one bright spot is the knowledge that sooner or later Charlie will have to find out what Beth is really up to, and then heads will roll!!!!  At least I hope it will happen that way.  God only knows how many years it will be, though, before it does happen.

Can anyone tell me how Grace can believe that taking off with David and visiting all the spots they knew when they were together will help save her marriage to Sam?  Yes, I know what she said, and how she thinks it will work, but come on!!  We all know it won't happen like that, right?  She will fall for David, and Sam will fall for Ivy, and that will be that. Good heavens, the Police Chief  with one of the biggest villains in town?  The woman would be guilty of murder at least twice had she had her way, and she's also guilty of drugging Whitney, and blackmail, and fraud......the list goes on and on.  That would really be a crime, wouldn't it? 

Fox keeps trying to split Whitney and Chad up, Theresa keeps dreaming her little dreams (fairytales is more like it), Hank keeps standing there looking good, and the rest of them just keep doing the same old things. Boring.  

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