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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #16

By Shirley

5/5 - 5/9/03

I think this week on Passions was so-so.  It was good in some parts, but just the same old run-around in others.  Let's get to the good parts first.

As I've said umpteen times before, I love Julian and Eve together.  Now, let me add to that how much I have enjoyed Julian, Whitney, and Chad this week.  They really work well together.  Julian is such a softy where Eve and her daughter are concerned, and he is willing to give Chad the benefit of the doubt where TC never really did.  He and Chad do seem so much alike, and even without the obvious signs they have been giving, I would think anyone would recognize how alike they really are.  On the obvious level, of course, they are nothing alike, but in their personalities and idiosyncrasies, they certainly are.  I know a lot of people don't want Chad to be Julian and Eve's son, but I feel he has to be.  After four years of telling us every chance they got that he is theirs, to wimp out now and change that fact would just be wrong.  Things like that happen all the time in real life, and to duck from it here because some find it distasteful is wrong.  Any woman who has had a child with a man who isn't interested in monogamy, married or not, is in a position to see her child involved with his or her own half-sibling, especially if she is unaware of other children he might have had.  That is a sad fact of life.  This is a subject that has been dealt with before, most notably twice on Days, so it isn't really new.  And it could serve to alert people to the fact that they really need to know about the people they get involved with.  Ok, now I've gotten totally off track. Sorry about that, but I feel it's kind of important.

Ethan's gift to Gwen was really a neat touch.  He was so sweet to her.  I just wonder if he automatically knew that if he set food up in the gazebo every pregnant woman in town would show up, or if he just always over buys?  I couldn't believe how many people ended up there by week's end.  It was really great to see Luis and Sheridan get a little alone time, too.  They were so happy, weren't they?  Why won't the writers let them be that way for good?  Well, at least until the next problem arises.  Get them back together now!!!  I know they won't, but that is my battle cry.  Oh, and Gwen, God Bless her heart, is really catching on to Beth!!  Yes, sir, that lady is smarter than she looks, certainly too smart to fall for Ethan's wishy-washiness.  Oh, well, she has to have a chink in her armor somewhere, I guess.  I hope she continues to question Beth's "facts" about her "pregnancy" and convinces Sheridan and/or! Luis of what's going on.  I know that's too much to hope for, but it is what I would love to see happen.  I am afraid Beth will end up hurting Gwen, either physically or emotionally,  in an attempt to shut her up.  I hope not.  As I have also said umpteen thousand times before, I am so tired of Sheridan and Luis being apart, and all the problems caused by Beth and Antonio.

But hey, wasn't it great watching Luis and Ethan playing ball?  Oh, yummy!

Now on to Liz.  Did anyone else wish there were a way to get their hand into the TV screen to slap that witch's face this week?  I was so angry with her I just wanted to scream at the TV and tell her to shut up!!  She just kept egging TC on, telling him Eve had a son, and trying to get him to turn against her.  I'll give this to the man...he really stood up for Eve, didn't he?  I was very surprised to see him take the news the way he did.  He was actually loving and forgiving toward her.  I'm still shaking my head, and I think Liz is too, but of course she won't back off now.  I know when he finds out who the father is, he will explode.

Now on to Fox.  Is he for real, or not?  He seems to be truly smitten with Whitney, but do you think he really is in love with her, or is it simply lust, and he'll get over it as quickly as it came over him?  I can't quite decide what to believe with him.  I hope he is really feeling love.  It will be good to have him to fall back on if the facts about Chad are played out.  That leaves Theresa in the lurch, so to speak, but....don't we all really know that Ethan will go back to her at some point?  Come on now.  You know he will.

I think the worst part of this week's shows was the storm clouds that blew up out of nowhere, and then having Beth and Antonio show up at the gazebo.  What a way to spoil a perfectly wonderful day.

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