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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #15

By Shirley

4/28 -5/2/03

Well, another week gone.  To my way of thinking, this was a fairly good week.  Not quite up to the level of the two weeks preceding it, but fairly good.  Again, the best parts were those revolving around Julian and Eve.  Man, these two are a gold mine for this show!  I sure hope they use them wisely.  Julian and Eve need to be united, no matter what.  As a rule I don't advocate breaking up marriages, but TC is not a man any woman should be married to.  He is just to violent and hot headed.  And any man who keeps a secret locked up in a shed no one can know about needs more help than Dr. Eve can give, that's for sure.  And anyway, I have never seen the chemistry between Eve and TC that I do between Eve and Julian.  That's the bottom line.  Julian is now hot on the trail of their son, too.  Alistair isn't going to like it very well, but I think Julian will finally find out where and who he is (can anyone say "right under his nose" and "Chad"?).  Man, I love when stories start moving on this show!!

Speaking of moving....did I make it clear I love it when they start moving in the right direction?  Can you believe the Shuis/Antonio/Beth story?  Can anything else go wrong for those two?  Don't answer that!!  We all know by now that yes, it can.  Can you believe Beth is actually convincing Luis and Sheridan she is pregnant?  Oh, my gosh, when will this stupidity end?  We all know what it's going to come down to, what Beth's plan to get rid of Sheridan and still give Luis his child is, don't we?  Why oh why can't they stop torturing Shuis and us now?  Yes, all these things that have happened to them have been done on other shows, but not all to the same couple one after the other!  There is usually an end to one threat and some time being happy before the next one comes along.  These guys just don't give them a break.  I am telling you, I am totally convinced this never ending torture ride for Shuis is what is driving the ratings downward at breakneck speed.  Oh, well, at least we know what a "sugar baby" is now.

Just when everything started looking up for Sam and Grace, along came Kay this week and knocked it off course again.  I do understand where she's coming from, but don't you think sooner or later she'd get the hint and let it go?  And why she would want to hurt the dad along with her mother is just strange to me.  Well, hurting either of them is strange, but she loves her dad and is angry with her mother.  Hurting her dad to get to her mother just doesn't make sense. (Why do I keep thinking things on this show should make sense?) 

Now on to the ridiculous.  Can you believe how all the women went from being board flat to looking 7 or 8 months pregnant overnight?  Good Lord, can't they try to be a little more realistic?  I mean, take a week or so, padding a little more each day, but to put them to bed one night and have them wake up the next morning looking like they swallowed beach balls is just too much.  I guess the good news is that should mean within a couple of weeks they should all have their babies, right? Hahahaha!!  Did you see that?  I made a joke!!!  LOL!!!  More like maybe by this time next year they'll all have their babies.  Sorry to be so pessimistic but stories take forever on this show.

Ok, I know I was pretty impressed with Charlie when she came on, but isn't she getting a little irritating now?  She just has no redeeming qualities, and can't seem to do anything but rant and rave.  Not that I blame her, since she has to deal with Beth, but she really is getting boring already.  Even Precious holds my interest more than Charlie does. Her fantasy sequence was soooo cute, wasn't it?  She is so hung up on Luis.  And who can blame her?  Funny how she completely ignored Antonio when he was there.  Hmmmmm.   Wonder what that means?  Maybe "Duh Boy" can't even catch the interest of the Simian set.  I guess even Precious wants someone who can see what's right in front of his nose, right?

Oh, yeah.  Miguel and Charity.....ho hum.  Nothing more to say there.

Well, that's it for this week.  See you next time with more thoughts on where this show is going.  Let's hope it keeps moving next week and doesn't slump again

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