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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #14

By Shirley

4/21 - 4/25/03

Zippity Doo Daa, Zippity Yay, My oh my what a wonderful week! Relatively speaking, that is. I really enjoyed the show this week, right up until the previews for Monday, when my "joy" turned to dread, but more on that later. Let's dwell on the good parts for now, since there have seemed to be so few times we have been able to do that.

Eve and Julian are talking more and more, and that can only be good. True, it's not under the best of circumstances, and Julian usually ends up being pummeled by TC for the pleasure, but still, it is one of the better things about Passions these days. That and the fact Liz's schemes just keep backfiring on her. As a matter of fact, Julian and Eve wouldn't be half as promising as they are if Liz hadn't been trying so hard to cause trouble. She took Whitney to the Blue Note to get back at Eve, and left the ad for the place on Whit's empty bed, hoping Eve would find it and follow, which she did. Then Liz called TC to get him down there. Eve walked in on Whitney singing and flipped out. Now, I understand why Eve would be uncomfortable with it, but she really carried it a bit far, in my opinion. However, it did get Julian out to comfort her, so all's well that ends well, right?

Fox has fallen for Whitney, too. You know, I wasn't really impressed with her singing myself. It was like a little girl singing more than a really good blues singer, but hey, to each their own. Fox was enchanted by it, and now wants her badly. Now, that's going to upset Theresa/Fox fans, I'm sure, but it is something new, and it ties in well with the Eve/Julian story. Besides, we all know Theresa is going to end up with Ethan, even if she should kick him to the curb, and Chad is going to turn out to be Whitney's half-brother(hey, he'll also be Fox's half-brother....will that make either pairing incestual?)so having someone for her to fall back on for comfort will be nice. Just don't let Simone see him, or it will be that whole thing all over again! And I really loved the way Fox stepped in between TC and Chad to help Chad out. He is such a great guy, even if he is a Crane. I think I may be in love with him before long!!

I was tickled by Mrs. Wallace's prayer and "answer". She prayed for a man, there was a knock on the door, and there stood Antonio and Hank! Her thanks for the quick answer to her prayer was funny, and also the way she grabbed each of them and had a hard time letting go. There's still some life in the old girl, after all. I am somewhat tired of the Charlie/Beth/Sheridan thing already. Or maybe it's just the whole Shuis mess that has me sick of it all. And that brings me to my complaint for this week.

The previews for Monday show Beth proclaiming her "pregnancy" to everyone there, and this whole thing just makes me groan. Enough already!!! No more roadblocks, no more twists, no more stupid scenarios to keep Luis and Sheridan apart. As a matter of fact, at this point, I say just forget the whole thing. Antonio and Sheridan are already married, so just marry Beth and Luis and forget the whole thing. Please. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, since the ratings are now down to 1.6 for Passions, and dropping steadily. Just get it over with, and move on to stories that will hold our interest. Like Eve and Julian, and Sam and Grace finding out about Ivy and David, and Theresa and Ethan.....well, ok, not that one so much. Maybe Reese and Jessica, and what's going on with them. Move them along. Anything but more Shuis stories. It's like gangrene: just cut it out and start the healing process. What do you think?

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