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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #12

By Shirley

4/7 - 4/11/03

This week was pretty much more of the same in most areas. The best scenes, in my opinion, were between Eve and Julian. It is amazing how decent that man can be when he is around her, isn't it? He becomes a whole different person. I find myself rooting for them to become a couple. TC is so abusive and rude that I just can't stand him at all. I swear if he were my husband, I'd be a widow before the sun went down! That's just how much I can't stand him. Julian, on the other hand, is so caring and gentle with Eve, so willing to do whatever he can to help her, even knowing she is in love with TC and wants nothing to do with him. I really hope the writers realize what a gold mine they have in this couple and use it to their (and our) best advantage.

Kay and Tabby added interest, as usual, and their scenes were a very welcome relieve in the midst of all the chaos in the other character's lives at the moment. Of course, they are at the bottom of most of the problems, but hey! We'll take the bad to get to the good, right? I enjoyed part of the scenes with Precious this week, too. I'm not a real big fan, but I thought the bit protecting Mom from Beth and ordering from the home shopping show on TV was really cute. And I think I like the way the Beth/Charlie story has started out. Beth doesn't seem to know what she's gotten herself into, but she knows she now has help and will do anything to keep it. It will be interesting to see just how far she will carry it. And it will really be interesting when Charlie gets a look at Luis and knows why Beth wants Sheridan dead. Bethy may have bitten off more than she can chew, this time.

Charity made an appearance this week, but as usual I wasn't impressed with it. Ho-hum. But the "new"!!!! I cannot believe how alike Bruce and Seth are. I swear, if I didn't know he was a twin, I would have thought it was Bruce come back. And he does a good job of acting like him, too. Even the movements he makes, his posture, everything. It's absolutely amazing. And since he's a doctor in real life, maybe he can give Eve some pointers on how a doctor should act. It couldn't hurt.

Now a word from my inner self. I love Passions. I love the concept, the characters, everything. I was doubtful about it at first, especially since it was replacing a show I already liked, Sunset Beach, which had replaced my favorite show of all time, Another World, but after a few shows I caught on to what it was supposed to be, and I love it. A kind of DOOL meets Dark Shadows-type show. But I quickly grew weary of it. Most of the actors really didn't know how, and the performances came off wooden and amateurish. The writing was awful, with dialog that a junior high student could write and stories that didn't seem to make sense at all. I fast forwarded through all but the Tabitha/Timmy scenes, because I thought they were the best characters on there. I know, taping an hour show and watching maybe ten or fifteen minutes of it is dumb, but they were worth it. I got hooked on Shuis, and Theresa's steadfast belief that she and Ethan were meant to be together began to pull at me, too, and the more I watched, the more interest I took in the other characters. But also, the more I watched, the more I became convinced that this show, which has the potential to be one of the best, was not living up to that potential. I have been disappointed in the writing on this show for over three years, and while I occasionally see flashes of what could be, most of it is still disappointing. The actors have improved, for the most part, and as I said, the writing does get good sometimes, but not good enough. I am afraid they will drop this show before long, and that would be a pity. I hope someone can make them see what they are doing, and get them to turn this show into the mega hit it could be. Better dialog, speedier resolutions to stories, more consistency with the characters......all of these would make this a show to be reckoned with. GH may have taken home the ! awards this year, but if Passions is ever taken seriously by the writers and the right corrections are made, there isn't a show, day or night, that could hold a candle to it. Just my opinion.

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