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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #11

By Shirley

3/31 - 4/04/03

*Sigh* Another week with no resolution to the Shuis/Antonio story. Need I say more? Nah!!! TC and Eve had a real set-to this week, and it might signal the death knell of their long and" happy" marriage. I say...hooray!! It's about time. I would not have stayed with that man after the first few times he brow beat one of my kids. He has spent their life together bullying Whitney into playing tennis and treating Simone like anything she said was fine by him. He has set Eve up on a pedestal no one could live up to and has now knocked her off and left her in a heap on the floor. Figuratively speaking, of course. He is way too abusive for my taste. He went after Chad again this week, then demanded Whitney leave and come home with him, or else. Excuse me? This is not a young child. This is a grown woman. How does he think he has a right to demand anything from her? I mean, it's all well and good that he wants her to play the best she can and even excel at her sport, but when she's had enough, he needs to back off and let her go. She can't have boyfriends? What is that? She's somewhere around 20 or 21 years old, right? The man really needs to get a grip and deal with reality for a while. And doesn't he throw a great tantrum?

I have known two year olds- whose area of expertise is tantrums- who can't hold a candle to him. No, I would have been gone years ago. But she waits until he has learned he can't control his daughter any longer, then allows him to come home and treat her like a mongrel dog. And she still doesn't walk out! Oh, she leaves, but only to bring their daughter home so he'll be happy again. Good Lord, give this woman a clue, would you? The good thing is she's talking to Julian. I really love them together. I will be happy when TC and Rebecca mosey on off screen arm in arm and leave Julian and Eve to live out their lives together, making music or whatever. Ok, I know it won't happen, too, but a girl can dream! Oh, and we may finally find our what TC has been hiding in his shed all these years. Man, I can't wait! But after all this time, it better be really good. I'm betting on a little voodoo altar thingy, with Julian's pictures all over and a little doll full of pins with his face on it. And a lock of his hair that TC picked up after one of Julian's haircuts. Or maybe it's a piece of hair that was hooked on TC's hand after one of the numerous pummeling's he has laid on him over the years.

It looks like Grace and Sam may be headed toward working out their problems. They were talking about it, anyway, and seem to have decided that she will have David sign the annulment papers and he will tell Ivy to go back to the mansion. I wonder if either will happen? Again, we had David lamenting his part in the whole mess and vowing to tell the truth. John's assessment of him as being so honest shook him up, again, and now he wants no part of the plan, again. But he looked like he was changing his mind, again, after Ivy told him Gram was finally splitting up. Well, I wonder if he will stand up and do what's right, or cave, again?

Ok, will someone please give Gwen back her backbone? Does anyone else remember when she was a strong, self-sufficient woman, fully able and willing to support herself and taking nothing from anyone? Where'd she go? Now she's whining about Ethan helping Theresa (ok, she does have a point) and asking who's going to take care of her. Good lord, it's 2003, Gwennie, women don't need a man to take care of them anymore!! You married the twit, knowing he had just dumped you, again, for Theresa, who he said straight out is the woman he really loves. Why are you so surprised he will be there for her whenever she needs him? You were second-best, sweetie. He married you because your birth control failed, not because he loves you madly. Do you really think he instantly stopped loving Theresa and now only has eyes for you? Just how dumb are you, dear? Yes, foxy Fox has eyes for her too, and he may just scoop her away from big brother, but not likely. And even if he does, that's not going to change the fact you are not the woman in Ethan's heart. Theresa is. You were right when you wanted to move to New York, and you were right this week when you wanted to leave. Why did you change your mind? You are either one of the stupidest women going, or you have the most tremendous ego and truly believe you can bat your eyes at him and make him love you instead of her. Please get real.

I am really ready for some new plots. I am past ready for some resolutions to the old (and I mean ancient) stories that have been going since the show started. This was another ho-hum week, for the most part. There is hope, though, in the way some of the stories are going, so I will be watching next week for any movement. Is it too much to hope there will be some?

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