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Shirley's Opinion #10

By Shirley

3/24 - 3/28/03

This was a very frustrating week for me. First, it's hard to keep my mind off what's going on in the world. Second, I am soooo tired of the never ending plot lines on this show!! I am now considering fast forwarding through all scenes of Antonio, Luis, and Sheridan, or any combination of the three, because I am so tired of this story never being over. How many times has Luis said "We have to tell Antonio the truth", or Sheridan, after agreeing to do so and going with Luis to tell him, "No, I can't!! I can't hurt Antonio like that!!", or Antonio's never ending "I know exactly..", as I talked about last week? As far as I'm concerned, it's already been about 500 times too many. And enough of Beth's maniacal looks, sneaking around, and talking to herself. Ugh!!! Now Sheridan's pregnant, and Antonio's thrilled, even though they have not been together since they left the island before Thanksgiving. If she were that far gone, she would be showing, wouldn't she? She certainly would have had plenty of signs of being pregnant for at least a couple of months. And they want us to believe that at some point, between her trysts with Luis and Antonio's sleeping pills and coma she somehow managed to slip in a quickie with Antonio? Please!! Plus, Sheridan has never been a liar, and she has maintained all along that she hasn't been with him since she got her memory back. What on earth do these writers think of us?

Do they really believe we are all so brain damaged we can't remember what has gone on and will accept anything they want to put out there for us? I am truly tired of having them continually showing us how little they think of us as fans by doing things like this. And I am past tired of this story. I am ready to call it quits on Shuis. Let Antonio have Sheridan. She obviously isn't the woman who left Harmony with Luis on their almost-honeymoon. We no longer have the self-assured, strong, totally truthful woman who loved Luis with her whole heart, mind, soul, and body. We have a wishy-washy little girl who needs Big Daddy Antonio to tell her how beautiful she is and when she should jump and how high. Good riddance to her, I say. Get a real woman in Harmony, maybe the nurse the spoilers say is coming, and let Luis fall in love with her and have a happy life. He deserves so much better than what Sheridan has become.

The Russell's continue to move forward, however. Chad and Whitney's love is out in the open, finally, and Simone knows the truth. Not to say that she accepts it as truth. She still thinks Whitney stole him from her, that he was really her boyfriend, and he really loved her. Good lord, that girl needs help!! So does her dad, though. I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that for almost four years TC has crowed about his beautiful, smart, wife. He has maintained all this time that she was the perfect person, wife, mother and doctor, and he has been so proud of all she does. Now, all of a sudden, she is a total and complete failure. Another strike by the writers. At least this story is moving on, though, and the inconsistency isn't so far out of control that it can't be covered by realizing TC has been teetering on the edge for all these years and now has plunged off head first into the pool of total dementia. The poor guy is totally wacko at this point. That is very dangerous, though, considering he has never had much control over his anger and his fists. Looks like Chad is going to find that out again next week. I wonder what TC will do when it becomes known Whitney is pregnant? (Yes, it hasn't been announced yet, but we all know it's true, right? I mean, we've known since Tabby's vision several years ago about Chad and Whitney finding out they are really siblings after she's pregnant. Unless they hope we've forgotten that, too, and have decided to scrap it) Any way, when the news comes out, it will be one hot time in Harmony, I'll tell you. I hope Chad has a good pair of running shoes, cause he will need them that day, for sure. But I digress. I wonder why Eve is allowing him to talk to her the way he does? She does kind of talk back some, but not the way she should. She needs to straighten that man out, but good. And Liz. If I were Eve, I would use that woman's head to shine my floors from wall to wall!! She just stands there and looks terrified every time Liz opens her mouth. Why? It's her house. Kick the witch out the door and answer TC's questions later. But first.....tell them all the truth. If this show does nothing else, hopefully it will show everyone that lying does nothing but cause more problems. Be truthful from the start and it might not be easy, but it certainly will be easier than if you wait and keep lying about it. But as I said at the beginning of this segment, I am very happy their story is at least starting to move on. Now for that doggone shed.........

Kay and Tabitha were not on screen much this week, but the scenes they did do were great, as usual, and interesting. I will admit, watching Tabitha spin in mid air is getting a little old, but it's only been twice so that's not bad. Kay is learning quickly, and seems as if she will be quite good, once she gets the hang of it. I can't wait for her to find out Little Baby Lenox is really Julian's!!

Speaking of Julian, he really is being beyond cruel with Theresa, isn't he? I know he's angry about her giving all the money away, but she got them some of the best publicity they could ever have had, so he should be ok with it. And it was his own lechery that caused the problem in the first place! And I don't understand Alistair's reluctance to help her. She has been a real asset to the company, and she is still the mother of a Crane, so what's the difference? Oh, well. Blame the writers again, I guess. Ethan and Fox are both sticking with her, making Gwen go green with jealousy. Yippee!! Sorry to all those who like Gwen, but I really can't stand her, so when she gets her little kicks in the behind, I love it. I am waiting for the day Rebecca gets hers!! I am thinking the marriage may turn out to actually be valid after all, and Theresa WILL have her revenge. Oh, yes. Heads will roll, you know? I could be wrong, but I certainly hope not.

I guess that's all for this week. I hope the show picks up next week, and I have less to complain about, more to praise. I like weeks like that!! And I leave you this week with prayers for our men and women in harm's way halfway around the world. God bless and protect them all, and bring those missing and held hostage back to us soon.

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