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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinion #1

By Shirley

1/20 - 1/24/03

This week on Passions seemed to be more of the same old same old. Antonio is in a coma and he has left instructions for Sheridan to follow regarding his health. He doesn't want to have Eve administer the medicine that might cure him because it has more of a chance of leaving him living his life as a vegetable. He gave Sheridan the choice of saying no, or saying yes and staying with him forever, being his nursemaid. Some choice, right? Pilar was up in arms, ranting and raving at Sheridan for not being able to decide right away, and Luis for wanting her to follow Antonio's wishes by not giving him the medicine. So far, Pilar has spent three days ranting about this. Ho-hum. Let's get on with it. Eve, give the medicine to Pilar. She would make a very nice vegetable. Make it a quiet one, ok? A potato, a squash....either would be fine. Beth, of course, is slinking around, laying even more blame on Sheridan, telling her what a horrible person she is, etc. And Mother Wallace is saying what a horrible person Beth is, but not doing anything about it. I don't know which is worse - Tweedle Dumb or Tweedle Do-Nothing.

Theresa finally got Ivy out of the Crane Mansion. Yea!!! However, she ended up in Sam and Grace's house. I actually can't wait to see this one play itself out. Meanwhile, back at the Mansion, Theresa and Fox are having a cozy chat about life, love, and reality, which is fairly interesting, actually. Theresa is lecturing Fox on love and how it works, while Fox is telling her she really doesn't understand it at all. She thinks since Ivy is out of the house, everything will be fine and she can concentrate on getting Ethan back, and Fox tries to make her see she pretty much killed any love Ethan had for her by tossing Mommy out into a blizzard. Will she see the writing on the wall? I don't think so. The wall could fall on her, and she'd still be trying to figure out where it came from. This chick is seriously reality challenged, in my opinion. Oh, well, we'll see where this one goes. Maybe once Ethan finds out all the things Mommy Dearest has been up to, he might forgive Theresa and begin seeing her in a new light once again. The isn't really known for making a decision and standing by it, is he?

In the Bennett household, the addition of a new guest hasn't made things any better. There is the oldest daughter, who stormed off into the blizzard, fell and cracked her head open, and can't get up. There is the husband, who has been rescuing his old love and mother of his son instead of being home to stop his pregnant daughter from running out into the storm. One minute Grace is blaming him for everything, the next she is apologizing sincerely. Is it any wonder Sam is looking at her as if he's thinking "What the heck is your problem? Who are you going to be next?" Poor guy doesn't know which way to turn. Now he runs out looking for Kay, with David and John in tow. Will they ever find her? Watch next week and see. Maybe. Meanwhile, at the home front, Grace and Jessica, who have never been decent to Kay before, all of a sudden are crying about losing her! I am still shaking my head. "My baby can't be dead" says Grace, with a straight face, and Jessica joins in the lament. So, all it takes to be considered an important part of this family is to get lost in a horrible storm? Personally, I think that's a bit of a high price to pay for the privilege of eating Tomato Soup Cake at every turn. At the end of the week, we see Kay has managed to get up at last, and is wandering around town, ending up at Tabby's window just in time to see her latest pregnancy symptom: she's floating in midair!! Kay decides Reese was right after all, and Tabby is a witch. She's going to tell the world about it. Well, hey, Kay. While you're at it, why not tell the world that Ivy and David are working together to convince your mother she used to be married to David and she has a son by him named John. I'll bet they'd rather know that than Tabby's secret. I'll bet they'd love to know Ivy set it all up so she could get Sam. I really wish the writers would get a clue, and write some better dialogue and stories. Maybe later, right? More next week.

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