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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #9

3/24 - 3/28/03


It's good that the writers picked up where they left off last week.

Kay was there for Simone.

We agree with Alistair.  We haven't got all day to wait for Bruce to tell the truth.

Sam kept telling TC to stop saying that he is going to kill Chad.

Chad finally hit TC back.  It's about time.

Bruce finally told the truth about Julian and Theresa's marriage.


Even though it was just in a fantasy, Judge Ephriam asked TC the million dollar question: "How dumb are you?"

Even the judge can see that Eve has turned her life around, but Liz can't.


Chad hit TC again.  It looked like he was going to let TC beat him off.

Antonio told Paloma about the baby.

Antonio mentioned how Miguel is having a baby.

Whitney finally stood up to TC.

Thank goodness Luis isn't the person that Sheridan is because they would never be back together.

Julian reminded Ethan that Theresa threw Ivy out of the mansion.


Eve let Liz know that she is going to fight for her family.

Julian didn't back down to Ethan when he kept persuading him to let Theresa keep little Ethan.  She kept Julian away fro him, so now she's getting what she deserves.

Pilar finally remembered that she has a child besides Antonio.


For one second, TC actually thought that he should have thought about the burn victims.

Rebecca actually agreed with Fox that Julian should give Theresa time to cool off.

Luis keeps telling Sheridan that they should tell Antonio the truth.  He also wanted to know why she wants to keep putting off telling him the truth.  That's what Shuis fans want to know too.

Gwen tried to talk Ethan out of helping Theresa.  She actually felt sorry for Theresa.

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