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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #36

11/17 11/21/03


The writers decided to give the audience something that we want.  Luis finally told Antonio the truth. We didn't think he was going to get around to it because he went the long way around telling him.

We loved how Sam, Kay, and Jessica ripped into Grace.  She got what she deserved when they yelled at her.  She is destroying their family.  How did she expect them to act.

It was so great to see Sheridan punch Beth in the face.  That was Must-See TV.  We can watch that moment over and over again.  It was also great to see Sheridan stand up to Beth.  That is a side of Sheridan that we haven't seen in a while.


We couldn't believe Pilar.  She defended Luis to Antonio.  That was a complete shock.  We figured that she would have defended Antonio.

Thank goodness Antonio knows the truth about Shuis.  We were prepared for him to get the wrong idea about Shuis.  Thank you Angels for not making us wait that long.

Sam is a better person than we thought.  Even when Grace picked David, he still defended Grace. He had the chance to make her look bad, but he didn't.

It was so great when Sam didn't help Grace with her bag.  We thought that he was going to help her at first.  Grace just knew that Sam was going to help her.


The fight between Antonio and Luis was pretty good.  Too bad Pilar and the nurse had to break it up.

Sam is talking what Grace did to him pretty well.  We don't think we would be that calm in his position.

We're glad that Sam didn't go running to Ivy as soon as she wanted him to.  She just knew that Sam was going to go right to her. We wouldn't mind seeing Sam and Ivy together, but we don't want it to happen right away.


We're shocked that Antonio heard Sheridan refer to her son as Luis's.  We figured that he wouldn't have heard her.

Theresa made sense when she was defending Chad to Whitney.  Big surprise Whitney didn't want to hear it.

We're glad that Ethan didn't listen to Theresa when she wanted to talk to him.  He should try to make his marriage work before he goes running off to Theresa.

Eve stood up to Liz again.  She let Liz know that TC would be mad at her for not telling him about Eve sooner.  Too bad she didn't tell her that sooner.  She might have avoided the pressure that Liz put on her.  Even though we loved it, Eve might have pushed her luck.


We loved the scenes between Rebecca and Theresa.  We enjoyed the way Rebecca ripped into Theresa because she always claims that nothing is her fault.  So true Becky.  We also loved how Theresa held her own against Rebecca.  It was great to see Theresa give just as good as she got.  She needs to show this side more often.

We're glad that Rebecca slapped Theresa for what she said about Gwen losing Ethan. We figured that the slap was coming and we were right.

It was good to see Julian and Fox getting along.  The writers are missing the mark by not having them getting along.  It would be another good side to Julian.

Goodness everyone there was more movement this week.  Rebecca saw Julian and Eve kissing.  We are definitely looking forward to seeing what's going to happen now that Rebecca knows about Julian and Eve.

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