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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #33

9/15 - 9/19/03


We liked how Ethan told Theresa that he didn't want to leave Gwen and his baby to be a father to Theresa's baby.  He actually stood his ground about that.  We thought that he would have let Theresa talk him into being with her.

Ethan remembered that he loved Gwen for most of his life.  Theresa acts as if Ethan doesn't love Gwen at all.  She acts as if she's the only woman he's ever loved.  We'll see how long Ethan will keep this up.  We have a feeling that it won't last long.


We are so glad that Eve slapped Liz. That slap was great.  It was the slap heard around the world.  Liz had that slap coming.  It's too bad she didn't had hit her more than once.  That would have been great.

Eve told Liz that she was going to fight to save her marriage.  It's good that she isn't going to sit by and let Liz take her husband.  Liz acts as if she will be able to take TC away from Eve without a fight.  We can't wait to see what Eve will do to Liz.


It was so good to finally see Gwen out of that hospital gown.  It seems as if she's been in that gown forever.  You would never know that she's only been in the hospital for a day (Harmony time).

Thanks to Antonio telling Luis that Beth told him about the D.V.D. being fake, Luis questioned how she could have known that it could be fake.  Could he actually be getting a clue about what's going on?  Yeah right.  We know that's not happening.

Hank actually had a good point about who could have kidnapped Sheridan.  He said that the kidnapper had to know Luis.  Could there be a light at the end of the tunnel?  Could they actually figure what's been going on?  We're thinking the same thing: NO!

TC actually defended Eve to Liz.  That was definitely a surprise.  He actually acknowledged that Eve has to work a lot of hours.  He also said that he knew what he was getting into when he married a doctor.  It's too bad he didn't remember all of the things he loved about Eve before locking lips with Liz.

Julian came to Eve's rescue again.  He was there to listen to Eve's problems.  We don't understand why Eve doesn't just go to Julian.  Maybe with the way Julian acts, she will go to him.


Hank actually figured out half of the truth.  It's too bad he didn't think that Beth was the one that took Sheridan.  Also, it's too bad he couldn't remember Charlie's name.  Guess those things are too much to ask for.  We should just be grateful for what he did figure out.

Sheridan pretended to be dead to get the jump on Charlie.  We certainly didn't expect her to do that.  We also didn't expect her to fight Charlie.  Of course she didn't keep it up, but we were happy she tried.


TC reminded Liz that Eve let her stay in their house.  It's about time he questioned Liz about what she was willing to do to Eve.

We couldn't believe what we were seeing when TC told Liz to leave the gym and that he was going to make things work with Eve.  When TC rejected her, the look on her face was priceless.  She just knew that he couldn't resist her.

That's all for this week.  We'll keep our fingers crossed that good things will happen next week.  Until then, see you next week.

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