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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #28

8/11 - 8/15/03


If you read the rants, you know how we felt about Grace's hypocrisy.  She did manage to do a good thing.  She knew that Ivy was lying about praying for Kay and the baby.  We all know full well that she wasn't even thinking about Kay or her baby.

Theresa did something surprising.  She asked Ethan how Gwen was.  She was just kissing Ethan and she took the time to be concerned about Gwen.

A blast from the past happened.  Ethan and Chad actually spoke to each other.  It has been a long time since they spoke to each other.  Ethan didn't know why Chad was in LA so that was an indication that it's been a while since they spoke to each other.

Whitney told Theresa that she should have known that she was kissing Ethan.  She reminded Theresa that she is a light sleeper.  Fox did the same thing with Ethan.  Whitney and Fox were right.  Theresa was no way they didn't know they were kissing each other.


Luis partially redeemed himself.  He foiled one of Beth's plans.  He told her that he would move in with her and help take care of the baby.  That definitely put a monkey wrench in her plan.  Of course, it didn't last long.

We had to rub our eyes to make sure that we saw what we thought we saw.  Antonio and Liz actually spoke to each other.  We didn't think they remembered each other.  Do you think they will have more scenes like that?

Just as we couldn't believe our eyes with Antonio and Liz, we couldn't believe that Sam actually heard Ivy blame Grace for the mess with Kay. We just knew that he reacted to something else.  That usually happens so we're used to that.  When something unexpected like Sam actually hearing Ivy, we're not used to that.


Fox got a haircut and it was noticed.  Color us surprised Chad, Whitney, and Theresa all noticed that he got a haircut.  That is definitely a rarity on this show.

We were surprised that Pilar asked Luis about Sheridan.  She's been so preoccupied by Miguel's baby to notice what Luis has been going through without Sheridan so it was good that she asked him about her.

Luis actually used his brains.  He thought to call Sheridan's phone.  We got scared for a second.  Luis did something out of character for him, he used his brain.  Do you think this is something we should get used to?  We wouldn't advise holding your breath.


Luis proved that he is loyal to his family.  He was willing to help Miguel pay for his baby.  He said that he would ask Sam for extra work so he could help Miguel.  We wonder if Pilar will return the loyalty when he needs to to be loyal, especially if Antonio finds out the truth.  we all know that's not going to happen any time soon.

Ethan wanted to tell Gwen about what happened with Theresa.  That was good that he remembered how he doesn't like to lie.  We know that it won't take much for him to lie to Gwen, btw, he doesn't like lying, but he has no problem lying to himself about his feelings for Theresa, but that's another topic all together and it won't fit in this section so we'll end it right here.


We were getting afraid for a second.  Luis used his brain again.  He wanted to take Beth to see her doctor when the "baby" didn't move.  We thought that he would have bought Beth's excuse about the baby only kicking at night.  Beth must have forgotten how persistent Luis can be.

We couldn't believe that Whitney caught on to something Fox did.  She noticed that Fox kept talking about couples breaking up.  He was so obvious by bringing it up so much.  Since she doesn't see how Fox loves her, we're surprised that she noticed how he was harping about couples breaking up.

That's all for this week folks.  We'll be back next week with more raves.

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