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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #27

8/4 - 8/8/03


Let's talk about some good things.  Julian told Rebecca about using her cell phone at the hospital.  He also stood up to her about the baby.  He didn't want her calling the baby "she-demon".

The emotional scenes at the hospital were good.  Kay, Pilar and Grace were so concerned for the baby.  Even Miguel was showing some emotion.  We really felt bad for them.

Tabitha actually let Julian hold the baby.  Of course she had to fight with him about it, but she finally let him hold the baby.

We couldn't believe our eyes when Sheridan tried to get Luis's attention in the basement.  She didn't just stand there screaming his name.  It's too bad it didn't work.  We really didn't expect it to work.

Eve told Tabitha that she had to stay at the hospital so she and the baby could get checked out.  Tabitha just knew that she was going to get out of staying at the hospital.

Julian asked Eve about Whitney.  That was nice of him.  No one else asked Eve about Whitney so it was good that somebody did.


Julian listened to Eve's problems again.  He was doing his best to try and make her feel better.  He is always her knight in shining armor.

Kay wanted to confess to her sins.  She also wanted to expose Tabitha as a witch.  It was good to see her try to turn over a new leaf. Do you think that Kay will still be willing to confess to the truth now that her baby is alive?

We liked how Ethan fought hard with the nurse to stay with Gwen.  That was sweet that he wanted to stay by her side while she was in the hospital.

And the best thing about this episode...*drum roll please*...Shuis was not shown.  We never thought that the day would come when we were happy that they weren't shown.  Well actually this isn't the first time, but you get the point.  It was so nice to get a break from this story.


Sheridan stood up to Beth again.  She told her that Luis will look for her. Of course she found out that the dvd was edited to look as if she was in Paris, but before that she stood her ground with Beth.

Theresa remembered that she has a son in Harmony.  She mentioned that she called to check on him.

The most unbelievable thing that happened.  Hank thought to check on all the doctors in Paris to see if Sheridan was their patient.  Luis didn't even think of that.


Grace and Eve were actually talking to each other about something other than Kay's baby.  That was the first time they had a real conversation in months.

Edna told Beth that her old ways was no excuse for what she did to Sheridan.  She couldn't have been more right. Beth will blame everyone but herself for what she's done to Sheridan.

Chad told Whitney to call home if she was worried about her mother. We were thinking the same thing.  That's all she had to do.


We hate to break this to you, but we don't have any raves for this episode.

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