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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #26

7/28 - 8/1/03


Tabitha reminded Rebecca that she isn't a spring chicken.

Miguel stayed with Kay instead of running after Charity.

Miguel didn't want to leave the baby at first.

Julian was helping Tabitha with her baby.

Final Thought:

Miguel was actually showing some concern for Kay and the baby.  He didn't run to Charity as fast as he normally would have.  He also said that he wanted to trade places with his baby.  We didn't think that he cared that much.


Miguel left Charity to check on his baby.

Kay was being decent to Grace for now anyway.

Kay yelled at Miguel for being with Charity instead of with the baby.

Final Thoughts:

We couldn't believe our eyes.  Miguel actually left Charity to be with his baby.  Even when Charity said that it might not have been his baby, he still wanted to check on her.

Speaking of the baby, Kay actually got along with Grace when they were worried about the baby.  That was nice to see.

Speaking of Kay, it was great to see her rip into Miguel for not being there with the baby.  She has taken too much from him when it concerns the baby.  When she asked him to do something for her, he couldn't do it. 


Luis believes that the dvd may not be real.

Eve told Kay that she was the one that told Miguel to leave NICU.

Charlie explained how she edited the dvd to look real.  We were wondering how she pulled that off.

Luis wanted to watch the dvd again.

Miguel told Charity to leave the hospital.

Luis wanted to go back to the basement.

Final Thoughts:

Nothing spectacular happened today, but we'll think of something.  Okay, here are some things that were good today.

Luis wasn't willing to believe the dvd.  He was still convinced that something happened to Sheridan.  At least he wasn't as easily fooled as Hank and Antonio were. He also wanted to check Beth's basement again.  He put a monkey wrench in Beth's plan.  We know that it won't last long so we will enjoy it while it lasts.

We were so shocked at Miguel.  He told Charity to leave the hospital because she was upsetting Kay.  That was definitely unbelievable.  That wasn't the most unbelievable thing though.  Miguel told Kay that he would be there for her and the baby.  Do you think that it will last long?  Since he only said it because Eve told him to keep her calm, it's a safe bet he will not keep his promise.


Theresa wanted to see what was going on outside.

Julian wanted Tabitha to go to the hospital to get the baby checked out.

Ethan stayed with Gwen while she was in pain.

Final Thoughts:

What can we say about today's episode?  Hmm...well, we can start with Ethan.  He definitely cared about Gwen and the baby more than Miguel cared about Kay and their baby.  Ethan stayed by Gwen's side the entire time.  He didn't choose to go off and do something else.

Luis definitely proved that he is determined.  He kept telling Beth and Edna that he was going to check the basement and he did it.  Beth and Edna practically came up with any excuse to keep him out of the basement, but it didn't work.

Julian showed that he wants to be in Tabitha's baby's life.  He wanted her to get help from a doctor.  It's a shame he had to use blackmail to get her to the hospital, but whatever works.  He also told Tabitha that he wants to be a part of the baby's life.  Do you think she will let him be a part of the baby's life?  Only time will tell.


Fox tried to hook Theresa up with another man.

Theresa actually took her mind off Ethan long enough to dance with another man.

We got to see some more Shuis flashbacks today.  The good old days.  When are we going to see the real thing?

We're glad that Tabitha made Rebecca look old since she was being so rude to her.

Final Thoughts:

Let's see.  What did we like about Friday's episode?  Well, we liked how Fox tried to take Theresa's mind off of Ethan.  She was obsessing over too much.  Fox tried to set her up with his friend Sven.  It was good to see her not worry about Ethan for a few minutes.  She actually looked as if she had a good time with Sven.

Tabitha made Rebecca think she looked old.  Rebecca definitely deserved that since she was making fun of Tabitha being old.  It's too bad she didn't leave her like that, then she would know how Tabitha feels when she calls her old.

We liked seeing the Shuis flashbacks.  This is the only way we are going to see them together.  Normally we think flashbacks are a waste of time, but apparently this is going to be the only way we will see Shuis happy and together.

Overall Thoughts:

Overall, this week was not too bad.  It wasn't that great, but it wasn't too bad.  We got to see Miguel show a side that he hasn't really shown before.  He showed that he cared about his daughter and Kay.  He even did the unthinkable this week and told Charity that he wanted to be them for Kay and the baby.  He also wanted Charity to leave because she was making Kay upset.  Can you believe Miguel did that?  Granted, Eve told him to keep her calm, but we're surprised that he said that to Charity.  He also told Kay that he would be there for her and the baby and he wouldn't choose Charity over the baby.  Can Miguel actually stay true to his word and not choose Charity over the baby?

Speaking of Kay, we got to see one of Deanna Wright's best performances this week.  She turned in a great performance when she was crying over her baby.  We felt so sorry for her.

Luis showed how persistent he could be.  He was so determined to get in Beth's basement.  It was as if he knew that Sheridan was in the basement.  He didn't let the excuses that Beth and Edna came up with stop him from going in the basement.

That's all for this week.  See you next week.

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