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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #25

7/21 - 7/25/03


There was actually another doctor in Harmony.  Maybe Eve won't have to work so hard.

Ethan and Gwen went to check on Kay and the baby.

Gwen wanted to stay in Harmony for Kay's sake.

There were more Shuis flashbacks and they reminded us how much we want to see them back together.

It's about time that Edna decided to call the police.  Even though she isn't going to tell the police anything, she finally decided to do it.

Fox's friends noticed that Fox had feelings for Whitney.

Final thoughts:

Gwen wanted to wait to go to California so Ethan can stay with Kay.  Ethan and Gwen really seem to care about Kay.  It's too bad that Miguel doesn't care as much as they seem to care.

Even though it was a waste, it's about time that Edna decided to call the police.

Of course the only people smart enough to figure out that Fox has a thing for Whitney would be from California and not from Harmony.  Besides Liz, Fox's friends are the only ones to pick up on how Fox feels about Whitney.


Sheridan was actually defending herself against Beth at first.

Fox realized that he was starting to sound like Theresa and that he was talking to himself.

We're not surprised, but it's good that Miguel and Kay's baby didn't die.

Final thoughts:

Well, for at least a few minutes Sheridan tried to defend herself.  We really do wish that it would have lasted longer than it did.

We are glad that Kay had the baby and that she is alive.  We are curious to what will happen now among Charity, Miguel, and Kay.  Will Miguel be there for the baby now that she's born?


Miguel was worried about Kay and the baby.  This is always good when you think about the way he was acting towards her.

Final thoughts:

It didn't stay on that long today (interrupted) so here is our final thought for today.  Miguel showed concern for Kay and the baby.  He actually didn't feel obligated to run to Charity.  We didn't see the rest of the show so he might have done that, but during the first 20 minutes (that's all we saw), he cared about Kay and the baby.


Theresa was actually with her baby.  We had to rub our eyes and make sure that it was true.  Sure enough she was with him.  

Luis still wanted to search Beth's basement.  Beth just knew that her plan worked once again.

We liked the scenes of Maya performing in the club.  We like the song "My Love Is Like...Woo"  so we couldn't wait to hear her sing it.

Thank goodness Luis had a flashlight with him when Beth turned the power off.  

Final thoughts:

Theresa was actually holding her baby.  It's been a while since she was even with him.  Of course it had to be when she was about to leave him, but she was actually holding him again.

Since Luis really disappointed us today (See Rants), he did manage to redeem himself.  Beth tried to get him to leave her house, but he still wanted to check the basement.  He also managed to redeem himself again when Beth blew the fuse in the basement.  He had a flashlight with him.


Julian asked Tabitha about her pregnancy.

Julian insisted on being a part of Tabitha's baby's life.

Despite Beth's best efforts to stop Luis from searching the basement (knocking him down the stairs), he still wanted to check the basement.

Final thought:

Julian wanted to know about Tabitha's baby.  Could he really be changing for the better?  He also wanted to deliver her baby.

Overall thoughts:

As hard as it was to come up with something good to say about this week's episodes, we came up with something.  Here we go:

Kay had the baby this week.  She was premature and she almost died, but she managed to live for now.  This seem to make Miguel actually care about Kay and the baby.  That was definitely a surprising turn of events.  He actually didn't run to be by Charity's side.

Maya performed on Passions this week.  We like her music (we have two of her cds) so it was good to see her on the show.  She played herself, but she did get some lines too.

Julian wanted to be there for Tabitha's baby.  Despite everything that Tabitha was doing to keep him out of the baby's life, he still wanted to be a part of the baby's life.

That's all for this week.  See you next week.

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