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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #24

7/14 - 7/18/03


Ethan seems to care about Gwen's condition.  It's obvious that Rebecca and Ivy don't.

Miguel actually wanted to check on Kay.  Did we see that right?  It's about time.

Julian wanted to play a part in Tabitha's baby's life.

Ethan and Gwen wanted to check on Kay.  They are showing more concern than Miguel is.

Sheridan told Beth that she wouldn't do what she said.  She actually stood up to her.  This is the Sheridan we remember.

Final thoughts:

Ethan and Gwen cared more about Kay than Miguel did.  Miguel doesn't even seem worried, but Ethan has checked on Kay at least twice.

Julian wanted to be a part of his baby's life.  Considering the mother is someone his father told him to stay away from, that's really good of him.  He doesn't want to make the same mistakes with this baby.

Sheridan stood up to Beth.  We loved how she told her that she wouldn't do as she said.


Theresa defended Whitney to Simone.  She defended her before Chad did.

Chad told Simone again that he didn't love her.

Sam was finally concerned about Ethan and Gwen's baby.  He acted as if Gwen wasn't having his grandchild too.

Once again Julian asked to be a part of his baby's life.

It was good to see Theresa flashing back to Whitney and not Ethan.  

Sheridan stood up to Beth again.

Final thoughts:

Theresa tried to defend Whitney to Simone.  Of course that's no easy task considering who she was trying to talk some sense into.  At least she tried to do it. 

Sam finally cared about Ethan's baby.  Of course he only cared when he saw Gwen doubled over in pain, but he cared.

Sheridan stood up to Beth again.  She refused to call Luis because Beth told her to.


Sheridan was actually willing to make her kidnapper pay for what happened to her.

It's always good to see the Shuis flashbacks because it reminds us of the good old days.  

Pilar finally told Theresa about Kay's baby.

Edna plugged another NBC show again. She mentioned Law and Order again.

Final thoughts:

Sheridan was being brave again.  She stood up to Beth again.  She would have rather died then do what Beth told her to do.

Pilar finally thought to tell Theresa about Kay and the baby.  It's about time she told somebody.  She also asked Theresa why she wasn't at the baby shower.  Now Pilar knows that Theresa was in a fire.

TC and Liz haven't been on screen for three days.  We are glad to get a break from them.


It's actually a new day in Harmony.  It's about  time.

Watching the scenes in California were a nice change of pace from what's happening in Harmony.

Sam told Grace that he was worried about Ethan and Gwen's baby too.

Miguel actually wanted to be with Kay.

Final thoughts:

We were so glad that it was a new day on Passions.  It was such a surprise.  That night had to last for at least a couple of months at least.

We liked the scenes in California.  They were a good change from seeing the same scenes over and over again.

Sam reminded Grace that he is also worried about Ethan and Gwen's baby.  Who cares if Grace would be uncomfortable by the idea that Sam and Ivy will share a grandchild, that doesn't mean that he should just forget about his other grandchild.


Sheridan didn't want to make the DVD for Beth.

Sam assumed Ivy was up to something.  We didn't think that he would confront Ivy about what she did to Grace since he agreed with her.

Miguel felt guilty about what's happening to Kay.

Final thoughts:

Well, the only good thing about today's episode was that Miguel is acknowledging that he may have helped push Kay into premature labor.  He didn't literally cause it to happen, but he didn't help her situation either.

Overall thoughts:

The best things that happened this week are:

Sheridan finally tried to defend herself.  It was good to see Sheridan standing up for herself.  Good for you Sheridan.

Chad, Whitney, and Fox finally went to California.  It was such a nice change from what's going on in Harmony.

There was actually a new day in Harmony.  That day and night lasted for at least two months.

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