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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #23

7/7 - 7/11/03


The firefighters are finally back.

We were glad that Kay told Jessica to put a sock in it since she was trying to tell Kay what to do.

Ivy told Grace that Gwen was having Sam's grandchild too.  Grace acted as if Kay was the only one having his grandchild.

Whitney told TC that it wasn't Chad's fault that the fire happened.  She also wanted to know what was wrong with him since all he did was blame Chad for everything.

Final thoughts:

The scenes at the baby shower were pretty good.  It was really good to hear Kay tell Jessica to put a sock in it.  When will that girl ever mind her own business?  Grace and Ivy's argument was pretty good too.

Whitney defended Chad to TC again.  She let him know that Chad didn't start the fire.  Naturally, he put it all on Chad as if he would have risked their lives by starting a fire.  No wonder Whitney asked TC the million dollar question: "What's wrong with you?"  She said a mouthful.


We haven't seen the police station so much.  It's too bad that it had to be because of Sheridan.

Ivy noticed that Tabitha looked pregnant.

Tabitha remembered Timmy again.

Final thoughts:

Sam stopped TC from fighting Chad.  Everyone else was just standing around.  At least he had the sense to stoop TC.

At Tabitha's house: Someone finally noticed that Tabitha looked pregnant.  Ivy finally noticed.  We can't wait to see the look on Ivy's face when she finds out who father Tabitha's baby.  

Tabitha finally admitted that she was pregnant.  it's about time.  

Simone actually cared about Kay's water breaking.


Once again Julian wanted to help Eve even though she was the reason why she needed help.

Grace was helping Kay when her water broke.

Julian took the blame for setting the fire to the Blue Note.

Luis wanted to keep searching for Sheridan.  He was even willing to go to Paris to look for her.

Final thoughts:

Grace actually paid some attention to Kay.  She wasn't even worried about Charity for once.

Julian took the blame for Eve's crime.  He must really love her to do that for her.  It's too bad that she couldn't defend him the way he does for her.

Luis didn't want to call off the search for Sheridan.  He seems to be the only one thinking at the police station.


Luis didn't let Antonio talk him out of the search for Sheridan.

Eve made sure to say goodbye to Whitney this time.

Miguel finally realized that Kay's baby is his baby.  It took him long enough.

Luis still wanted to search Beth's basement.  She just knew that she was in the clear.  That look on her face was priceless when Luis said that he was going to check her basement.

Final thoughts:

We are so glad that Luis didn't keep listening to Antonio and Hank yammer on about Sheridan not being kidnapped.  It was the same old conversation but Luis didn't listen to them.  Beth thought she was in the clear and that no one would come back to her place, but mercifully so, Luis wanted to search it.

Eve made sure that she got the chance to say goodbye to Whitney before she left for California.  At least she didn't let TC intimidate her and keep her from saying goodbye.


Whitney invited Theresa to go to California with them.

Sam told Ethan about Kay's baby.  It was good that Ethan wanted to go see Kay.

Tabitha finally told Julian that she's pregnant.

Tabitha reminded Julian that he isn't a spring chicken.  He deserved it since he called her old.

It's good that Ethan heard what Rebecca was telling Gwen about Theresa.

It was good to see Luis and Sheridan together in Luis's fantasy.  It was a reminder that they are not together but we did get to see them together again.

Final thoughts:

Seeing as how Ethan never cares about the Bennetts, it was good to see that he was worried about Kay's baby.  He seemed more worried than Miguel did.

Another good thing about today's episode was that TC and Liz weren't in it.  That has to be the best thing about today's episode in our opinion.

Overall thoughts:

The best thing that happened this week was Julian proved just how much he loves Eve.  He even risked going to jail for Eve by saying that he started the fire. The fire was Eve's fault, but he took the blame for her anyway.  We're wondering if or when Eve will ever return the favor for him.

Another good thing that happened this week was the argument between Ivy and Grace.  Grace tried to hold her own against Ivy.  It wasn't just a one-sided argument.

Luis didn't want to give up searching for Sheridan.  He was determined to go to Paris just to find her.  He also wanted to go back to Beth's house and search the basement.

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