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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #21

6/23 - 6/27/03


Once again Julian provided an ear for Eve.  He proves that he will always be there for her when she needs him.

Theresa showed concern for Gwen.  It's good that she put her feelings for Ethan aside to care about Gwen and her baby.

We liked Theresa and Gwen's scenes together.  They have so much chemistry with each other.  

Fox wanted Julian to confide in him so he could try to help him.

Final thoughts:

Theresa was actually worried about Gwen.  We all know that she isn't exactly Gwen's biggest fan but she was still worried about her.

Fox wanted to start over with Julian.  That was quite a step for him to want to start over with him.  It's too bad that Julian wasn't willing to at least try.


Ethan put Rebecca in her place for questioning him about Theresa.

Eve stood up to Liz again.

Grace wanted to try and make her marriage to Sam work.

Eve threatened to kill Liz if she hurt Whitney.  Maybe she should kill her anyway.

Sam finally found out about Sheridan.

Ethan actually heard Theresa say she still loved him.  We figured that he would have walked in after Theresa and Gwen's fight was over.

Final thoughts:

Grace wanted to make her marriage to Sam work.  It's about time that she realized that she could lose him if she doesn't fight for him.

Eve stood up to Liz again.  She was saying such cruel things to Eve so it's good that she stood up to Liz.


Ethan yelled at Theresa for upsetting Gwen.  We didn't think that he would yell at her.

Julian wanted to risk everything to help Eve.

Luis stood up to the mayor when he told him about stopping the search.

Luis figured out that the mayor might have been forced to stop the search.

Gwen told Ethan the truth about her argument with Theresa.

Liz was actually talking to Doc.  We didn't think that she remembered him.

Liz actually uttered Antonio's name.  That was a real surprise.

It was good to see the flashbacks of Sheridan and Luis happy together.

Gwen reminded Theresa that she stabbed her with a pair of scissors.  We thought the writers forgot about that.

Final thoughts:

Julian wanted to risk everything to help Eve.  He gave Liz a blank check so she would leave Harmony and not come back.  Even though she didn't take it, he still offered it to her.

Luis stood up to the mayor about Sheridan.  For some reason, he didn't think that a kidnapping was worth doing a house-to-house search.  That's when it dawned on Luis that he is being bribed to stop the search.  Luis was even willing to pull his gun out at Sam so he could keep looking for Sheridan.  He was risking his job to look for her, but Antonio is not worried at all.


Eve tried to make up with Liz.  Of course Liz didn't want to hear it.

That was funny when the mayor questioned the town he was elected to run.

Now that Eve and Julian have kissed again, maybe there will be some movement in their story.

Sam didn't call off the search for Sheridan.

Final thoughts:

Sam was willing to cover for Luis considering he pulled a gun on him.  He was also willing to continue the search for Sheridan.  He really proved his loyalty for Luis.

Maybe now that Eve and Julian kissed each other again, this story will start moving.  It would be about time for that to happen.  Anything would be better than hearing Liz constantly saying that she's going to make Eve pay.


It's about time that Chad was given a date to go to California.  We didn't think that he would ever be going.

Mrs. Wallace must have been reading our minds when she said that the news flashes were always interrupting her shows.

The writers remembered that Hank wanted to be with Sheridan once.  

Final thoughts:

Even though it was only in the fantasy, the writers actually remembered that Hank wanted to be with Sheridan too.  New viewers would never know that there was a time when he had feelings for her too.

We finally know when Chad and Whitney are supposed to go to California.  According to Whitney, they are going tomorrow.  Considering how long days last in Harmony, they may never leave, but at least we know when they are supposed to go.

Overall thoughts:

Basically what happened this week was that people tried to do stuff even if they didn't succeed.

We many not have seen Eve slap Liz, but she stood up to her again.  Julian even tried to bribe her.  It's too bad that it didn't work though.  At least he was willing to try.

Sheridan tried to save herself this week.  It didn't last long, but thank goodness she tried to do it.

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