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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #20

6/16 - 6/20/03


Miguel and Charity were able to hear the screaming from Beth's house.

Luis didn't let Antonio talk him out of believing that she was kidnapped.

Fox asked Liz about her hotel at St. Lisa's.  It's about time someone asked her about it.

Eve was actually doing something besides taking Gwen's pulse.

Luis mentioned how Sheridan's car was still outside and that she couldn't get past the guards.

Charity and Miguel wanted to search Mrs. Wallace's house to look for Sheridan.

Final thoughts:

Thank goodness Luis didn't believe that Sheridan left on her own.  He mentioned that her car was missing and that there was no way she would have walked off the grounds without someone seeing her.

We can't believe we're saying this, but thank goodness Charity and Miguel were being smart today.  They wanted to look in Mrs. Wallace's house for Sheridan.  Someone else may have left, but they didn't.  Thank goodness.


Whitney told Theresa that she would scream if she used the word "fate".  She is not alone.

Ethan seemed genuinely worried about Gwen and the baby.

Julian wondered why no one told him about Sheridan.

Miguel still wanted to keep searching Mrs. Wallace's house despite what she was saying to him and Charity.

Final thoughts:

Luis didn't listen to Antonio's reasons for why Sheridan left on her own.  It's still going t take him forever to find Sheridan, but at least he still thinks that she was kidnapped, unlike Antonio.  He seems pretty calm considering Sheridan disappeared without saying where she was going.

Miguel was determined to search Mrs. Wallace's house.  She tried her best to keep him from it, but he wanted to check it out anyway.  Good for you Miguel.


Sam defended Grace to Ivy again.  

Grace blamed herself for what happened with Sam.  She should blame herself because it was her own fault.

We enjoy watching Beth suffer when Luis talks about how much he loves Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace plugged another NBC show "Law and Order."

Ivy actually tried to walk.  It's about time.  It seems like forever since she's tried to walk.

Final thoughts:

Well it took Grace long enough, but she finally decided to go back home.  She also rightfully blamed herself for what happened with Sam.  If she didn't leave with David, none of that would have happened.

Ivy finally realized that it was time for her to start walking.  It's about time.  She hasn't tried to walk again since Ethan and Gwen's reception.

Another good thing about today's episode was Liz's absence.  


Even if it was just Hank and Antonio, somebody was at the police station.

Sam ripped into Grace because she accused him of trying to jump into bed with Ivy.

Kay's plan to get Miguel didn't work.  Maybe it's time for her to move on.

Luis was actually at the police station.  

Miguel actually thought that Kay was trying to trick him.  What is happening?  Is Miguel getting a brain?

Now Sam is getting a brain too.  He told Grace what she could have done besides getting naked to help David.

Final thoughts:

Miguel caught on to Kay possibly tricking him.  He didn't have to be so cold about it, but he knew what she was doing.

Luis was actually at the police station today.  It's about time.  We're surprised he knew where to find it.

Sam yelled at Grace for accusing him of being with Ivy.  He also asked her about her feelings for David.  All she did was prove that she has feelings for him when she didn't answer Sam.


Chad told Whitney to call her parents.  He must have been getting sick of her complaining about what happened the way we were.

It is always funny to watch Luis yell at Hank.  We don't know why it's funny to us, but it is.

Eve yelled at Rebecca for telling Gwen that Ethan is going to leave her for Theresa.

Hank wanted to go out and look for Sheridan.  

Julian was there to listen to Eve's problems.

Final thoughts:

Ethan showed that he was really worried about Gwen and the baby.  He didn't want to talk to whoever beeped him until Gwen said it was okay.

Julian proves that he can be really decent when he wants to be.  He was actually worried about Sheridan.  Even though he didn't help with the search, he still seemed genuinely worried about her.  He also listened to Eve's problems again.  He is definitely one of the most multi-dimensional characters on the show.

Overall thoughts:

There were people in Harmony that were actually using their brains this week.  Miguel and Luis were determined to search the Wallace house.  Even though the search was pointless, they still looked anyway.

Sam had the sense to ask Grace if she still had feelings for David.  She didn't even have to say and he already knew her answer.  He should just leave her.

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