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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #19

6/9 - 6/13/03


Ivy put Grace in her place about Sam.  She did help Ivy get Sam.

Luis was the only one that wanted to check on Sheridan.

Sam defended Grace to Ivy.  He was furious with Grace yet he still didn't want Ivy insulting her.

Sam finally realized how happy Ivy was about his breakup with Grace.

Luis was actually acting like a cop when they were looking for Sheridan.  Wow, that's something you don't see everyday.

Ivy actually told Sam the truth about Grace and David.  We figured that she would have made it seem as if Grace was unfaithful with David.

Whitney finally told her family that she was leaving.

Final thoughts:

Luis remembered that he was a cop today.  It has been a while since he had to do that.  He was the only one with sense to question Charity about her vision.

Whitney finally told her family that she was going to California.  It really did take her long to do it.


Theresa was willing to help Gwen even though they don't get along.

Chad stood up to TC.

Grace finally decided to fight for Sam.  It took her long enough took her long enough to fight.

Sam wanted to go talk to Grace.

Final thoughts:

Grace finally came to her senses and decided to call a doctor.  She could have done that before, but she finally did it.  She also decided to fight for her marriage to Sam.

Theresa helped Gwen today.  Despite the way they feel about each other.  She was still willing to help Gwen when she was in pain.


Chad tried comfort Whitney.  He put his own feelings for TC aside so he could make Whitney feel better.

It was funny watching Luis yell at Charity.  We don't know why though.  We just found it funny.

Eve blamed TC for why Whitney left the house.

Eve stood up to TC again.  It's too bad she waited until Whitney left, but she still did it.

It's good that Beth was having a hard time trying to convince everyone that she was telling the truth about Sheridan.  Thank goodness for Charity's premonitions.

Is it possible that Gwen might be getting her brain back?  She realized that Beth had something to gain from Sheridan's disappearance.

Eve finally hit Liz again.

Final thoughts:

Eve yelled at TC for what he did to Whitney.  It was a little too late, but thank goodness she did tell him something.  She didn't back down when he blamed her for why Whitney left.  That is really good.  The best thing she did was slap Liz again.  Liz kept driving it home that Eve's life was falling apart and she finally hit Liz.  Thank goodness.

Gwen has her brain back.  She told Luis that Beth had something to gain from Sheridan's disappearance.  Thank goodness she's thinking again.  It seemed as if she had lost her brain for a while.


Eve slapped Liz again.

Simone actually defended Eve to TC.  We definitely didn't see that coming.

Chad must have a lot of patience to deal with Whitney changing her mind over and over again.

Eve hit Liz for a second time today.  Go Eve!

Miguel told Antonio that he doesn't know that much about Charity's premonitions.  He shouldn't know anything about her premonitions since he doesn't know her.

Final thoughts:

Eve slapped Liz twice today.  It may not solve anything, but we are so glad that she did it.  She also told TC that it was time for Liz to go.  That was long overdue.

Simone actually thought of someone besides herself.  She told TC that Eve was there for them when they needed her.  She also told TC not to blame Eve for what's happened to the family.  Considering the selfish was that she acts sometimes, it's hard to believe that she thought of Eve like that.  She also told TC that he cut Whitney out of his life.  He was criticizing Simone when she wanted to cut Whitney out of her life.


Eve wanted to throw Liz out of the house.  She should have thrown her out sooner.

It looked as if Luis and company may actually believe what Charity was saying about Beth.  We won't hold our breaths that it's going to last long.

TC was actually willing to tell Liz that she has to leave the house.  We thought that he would have put up a bigger fight than he did.

Theresa told Fox about Sheridan.  She was the only one that thought to tell him.

Sheridan must really be strong to survive what Charlie did to her.

Whitney and Theresa were talking to each other.  It was good to see Whitney happy for a few minutes.

Luis still believed that Sheridan was kidnapped.  Everyone else was willing to believe that she left on her own.

Final thoughts:

Eve finally told TC about throwing Liz out of the house.  It's about time because she has been there long enough.  The bigger surprise is that TC actually agreed that Liz had to leave.  We figured that he would have fought Eve harder than he did.

Luis was the only one that refused to believe that Sheridan left on her own.  He was convinced that she was kidnapped.

Overall thoughts:

The best things that happened this week was Eve slapping Liz.  That woman had it coming.  Good for you Eve.

Another good thing was that Luis wasn't convinced that Sheridan left the house on her own.  Everyone else at the cottage was willing to buy Beth's flimsy excuse for where Sheridan was.

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