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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #18

6/2 - 6/6/03


Grace finally came to her senses and realized that she loves Sam.

Julian was willing to defend Eve to Fox again.  He even threatened him by telling him to leave Harmony.

Grace is still suspicious of David's actions.  Is she getting a brain?  Wait, we don't want to get ahead of ourselves.

Grace actually remembered that she has other kids.

Final thought:

Grace actually remembered that she loves Sam.  It certainly took her long enough.  She also remembered that she has children other than John.  She did just leave all of them without a thought.


Eve told TC that Chad saved her life and Whitney's life.

Eve tried to defend Whitney to TC.

Gwen saw Sheridan's suitcase. Naturally Beth will have an excuse, but it's good that she saw it.

Sam told Ivy not to bad mouth his wife.

Final thoughts:

Eve reminded TC that Chad saved her life and Whitney's life.  She also told him that he shouldn't disown his daughter.

Sam told Ivy about bad mouthing Grace.  He also realized that he could have pushed her into David's arms.


Whitney stood up to her parents again.

Eve told Liz to shut up.  That's what we were thinking too.

Fox stopped TC and Chad from fighting.

Final thoughts:

Well, there weren't too many good things that happened today.  Whitney started to stand up to her parents for Chad.  She really should just go to California and forget about her family.

Fox was able to stop TC and Chad from fighting.  Liz, Eve, Simone, and Whitney sure didn't do anything to stop the fighting as usual.


Chad told TC that he never loved Simone.  It was about time she heard that.  

Fox noticed the tension between Liz and Eve.  He must be the smartest man in Harmony.

Whitney stood up to TC again.  Good for you girl.

Antonio told Luis that he has to tell him something every few day.  He couldn't have been more right.

Final thoughts:

Fox actually picked up on the way Liz was acting.  He is the only one that has seen her talking to Eve.  It's about time someone noticed what she was doing.

Chad told Simone again that he didn't love her.  That is always good to hear.  It served her right because of the way she's been acting,

Antonio actually told Luis that he has something important to tell him every few days.  That is so true.  He could have just came out and told Antonio that Sheridan was the one that he loved.


Eve told TC about disowning Whitney.  At least she wasn't willing to disown Whitney even though she was starting to act like TC.

Sam reacted the way he should have toward Grace.  She did it to herself.  

Fox stopped TC and Chad from fighting again.

Eve tried to comfort Whitney.

Luis told Antonio that the excuse that Gwen told Antonio wasn't what he was going to tell him.  We were surprised that he did that because he normally doesn't do that.

Final thoughts:

Well, there weren't too many good things that really stood out today.  We'll try and think of some anyway.  It was good to see Fox keep Chad and TC from fighting again.  He even took Chad outside so he could cool off.  Eve though Fox has an ulterior motive for what he's doing, at least he tried to stop them from fighting.

Fox was the only one to notice what was going between Liz and Eve.  He has barely been around them and he noticed something was up with them.  The rest of the Russells have been around Eve and Liz longer and they didn't notice anything.

Eve tried to comfort Whitney after what happened.  It was good to see her trying to make Whitney feel better about what happened with TC.  Eve was willing to put her own feelings about Chad aside for Whitney's sake.

Finally, Liz was actually trying to be a friend to Whitney.  She also put her feelings for Eve aside to help Whitney.  Liz is a much better character when she shows her sympathetic side.

Overall thoughts:

Fox proved this week that he, not Gwen, actually has the only brain left in Harmony.  He barely knows Liz, but he was able to figure out that something was going on between her and Eve.  TC knows her and he still couldn't figure that out.  Liz also proved that she can be sympathetic.  As we've said before, she is a much better character when she is like that.  She was being a real friend to Whitney.  Eve was being sympathetic too.  She doesn't want TC to disown their daughter.  She also tried talking to her despite how she feels about Whitney going to California with Chad to be a singer.

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