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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #17

5/26 - 5/30/03


The best thing about this episode was not having to deal with Beth.

TC told Eve that it would be Grace's fault if Ivy did take Sam away from her.

Julian told Theresa that he is still going to fight for custody of little Ethan.

Chad and Whitney thought that Theresa was pushing her luck with Julian.  They realized that Julian was being fair to Theresa by letting her take little Ethan off the property.

Theresa finally thanked Julian for letting her take little Ethan off the grounds.  It was about time.

Final thoughts:

Theresa stopped giving Julian a hard time about the baby.  It took her long enough.

Chad and Whitney talked Theresa into understanding that she should take Julian's offer.  We thought that they wouldn't say anything at all.

Sam and Ivy reminisced on good times.  Since Grace chose to leave with David, it served her right that he may be moving on with Ivy.


TC's making sense again.  He said that Grace didn't have to leave with David.

Sam let Ivy know that he wasn't interested in starting a relationship with her.

Grace suspected that David purposely got one room for them.  Of course that thought didn't last long.

The waiter at the hotel caught David in a lie about the painting.

Fox figured out that Julian was the father of Eve's baby.

Final thoughts:

Sam told Ivy that he wasn't ready for a relationship with her.  At least he doesn't want to lead her on.

No Liz for two days in a row.


Sam and Ivy were talking about their past again.

We liked the flashback of Sheridan telling Luis about the rose.  It reminded us of when they were happy.

Gwen told Sheridan once again that she should tell Antonio the truth.

Final thoughts:

Gwen proved once again that she is the only smart person in Harmony.  She told Sheridan that she should tell Antonio the truth.

No Liz for three days this week.


Grace didn't believe David's story about his phone call at first.

Once again Julian was there for Eve.

Ethan was actually being smart today. What's going on in Harmony? He said that Charlie could have made it look as if she left the Crane grounds to throw them off track.  

Gwen caught Beth in more lies.

Whitney finally gave Chad an answer about going to California.

Final thoughts:

Gwen hasn't given up on her suspicions of Beth.  It's a good thing that she is there because Sheridan can't seem to realize that Beth is lying to her.  

Julian and Eve finally had a real kiss.  Maybe this story is finally starting to move along.  Eve took a big risk kissing Julian outside, but it would be worth it if this kiss helps the story move.


Julian and Eve kissed each other.  Maybe there will be some movement in this story.

We're glad that Ivy told Eve about being a hypocrite.  She was judging Ivy for trying to be with Sam yet she was kissing Julian.

It's good to see Julian and Ivy in a scene together.  If the writers don't go through with putting Julian and Eve together, they should consider putting Julian and Ivy back together.

Charlie didn't want to help Beth when she wanted her to help her.

Final thoughts:

We loved seeing Julian and Eve kiss.  We thought that it would have been a peck but it was a lot more.

Charlie stood up to Beth.  Of course we all know that won't last, but she called the shots with Beth's plan.

Julian and Ivy were actually in a scene together again.  It has been too long since they worked together.

Overall thoughts of the week:

Overall it wasn't too bad this week.  Julian proved once again that he does know how to be supportive when it comes to Eve.  She really does bring out the best in him.  Sheridan wasn't being too whiny this week.  Well, at least not the way she usually is.  Whitney finally made a decision about going to California.  It took her too long to decide.  How will Simone act when she finds out about it?  Gwen is still suspicious of Beth.  It's good that she doesn't trust her.  The best thing about this week: Liz wasn't on at all this week.

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