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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rave #16

5/19 - 5/23/03


Kay felt bad for what she did to her parents.

TC was actually the one to stop Sam and David from fighting.  It's usually the other way around.

We were so glad that Beth heard Luis say that he wants to get out of marrying her.

Sam blamed Grace for their marriage being over.

Grace caught on to Beth possibly forcing marriage on Luis.

We loved the way Sam ripped into Grace.  She was acting as if she wasn't responsible for why their marriage is over.


David didn't want to cause trouble with Grace.  Too bad it didn't last long.

Thank goodness Gwen is suspicious of Beth.  Leave it to the rest of them to be clueless.

TC and John stopped Sam and David from fighting.  John didn't wait to be told to stop the fight like Miguel did.

Kay realized that she should turn over a new leaf.

Eve told Grace how she wanted to be with David.  She was so right.  Grace was just trying to justify her feelings for David by throwing Julian up in Eve's face.


Eve told Grace how she wants to be with David and how she understands why Sam is mad at her.

Kay wanted to redeem herself by helping her parents get back together.

Luis told Sheridan how he knows their history.  She was telling him about what happened between them as if he wasn't there to know.


Kay told Ivy she was going to tell her parents the truth.  Ivy was just too smug about her plan.  It was good to see her knocked off of her high horse.

You could have bough Beth for a quarter when Luis told her that he wanted her to tell Antonio that she didn't want to get married.

After overhearing what Grace told Charity about Kay, we're glad that she didn't tell Grace the truth.  Sam doesn't need to be with her.

Whitney actually defended Julian.

Luis told Beth that he can't marry her.

Sam told Grace that he will not be waiting for her when she gets back from her trip with David.


Sam told Grace again that their marriage is over if she leaves with David.

Charlie realized that Beth was using her.  Maybe she should have thrown something at Beth instead of knocking things on the floor.

Julian was being nice to Theresa about seeing little Ethan.

Julian told Theresa that she is not little Ethan's only parent.

Whitney tried to get Theresa to see that Julian was sincere about wanting to spend time with Ethan.

Julian decided to let Theresa take little Ethan off of the Crane estate.  He proves that he is a better man than people give him credit for.

Precious knocked Mrs. Wallace on the floor when she called her dumb.

Theresa let up on Julian.  It took her long enough to see that Julian was sincere.

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