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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #89

12/22 – 12/26/03


Jessica and company were forcing themselves on Tabitha again. Maybe she should just kill them. LOL! IT would be a gift to all of us. LOL!

If Theresa didn’t have any money, how come she was able to buy so many toys for little Ethan? She had money for that. Guess when Woody needed money she was flat broke, but when little Ethan needs toys, she’s got money saved.

Was anyone really surprised that Beth didn’t tell Luis to give Martin back to Sheridan? That woman is too heartless to do the right thing.

Speaking of doing the right thing, why didn’t Luis and Beth take Martin to the hospital when he couldn’t breathe? They didn’t have to stand there watching him. No wonder he wasn’t getting any better.

How come Charity couldn’t sense evil the entire time that she was in Tabitha’s house, but now she can sense it?

If Eve had her suspicions about Dr. Ackland, why did she call him there? She made a big production about him helping her yet she had her doubts about him..


The scenes at Tabitha’s house were such a waste. They were also predictable as well. It was no surprise that Tabitha’s relatives would have been out of the kitchen when the Scooby Doo crew…oops Miguel, Charity, and company went in there.

The other predictable moment was Charity’s on again off again feelings of evil. She conveniently sensed evil in the kitchen when Tabby’s relatives reappeared.

Was anyone surprised that Julian was the one who walked in on Fox and little Ethan? We know he wouldn’t have been caught like that.

Fox didn’t have to keep pushing his luck with Julian. He was willing to let Fox keep the video going so why would he treat Julian the way he did?

Whitney must be over Chad now that she’s pretending to be with Fox. She has barely mentioned him. Maybe she didn’t really love him like thought she did.

Edna was so useless. We know that is not a surprise. She could have told Luis the truth about what happened to the baby instead of letting Beth lie to him. Of course Beth was going to lie.

Eve can’t handle the fact that there is another doctor in Harmony so she has to keep second-guessing Dr. Ackland. Guess she’s regretting holding him In high regard.

Since Martin almost died, when were Luis and Beth going to take him to the hospital? Luis didn’t have to call Eve. He could have called Dr. Gallagher. She is Martin’s pediatrician.


What made Theresa think that she would be able to spend Christmas with little Ethan? Rebecca told her that she was never going to get her son back. Did Theresa think that Rebecca would have changed her mind?

Once again David acted as if he is involved in Ivy’s plan. If he thinks that Ivy is so vile, he should tell Grace the truth.

Edna was so stupid to let Beth hit her. Edna should have smacked her back.

How did Pilar know to meet Theresa at the courthouse? She must have ESP because Theresa didn't tell her she was going to the courthouse.

Eve was so unprofessional. She should have kept an eye on the key and Norma wouldn’t have been able to get the key.


It shouldn’t have been so easy for Norma to sneak out of the psych ward. Maybe the orderlies should have been paying attention.

Grace didn’t have the right to get mad that Sam kissed Ivy because she’s not with him anymore. If she didn’t want him kissing Ivy, she shouldn’t have left him.

Rebecca didn’t really have a nerve to talk about Ivy the way she did (She said that Ivy’s butt got big in her chair), when Rebecca is bigger than Ivy.

We can’t figure Ethan out. If he wants to make his marriage work, why does he care how Theresa feels about him? He should be glad if Theresa hates him. That way he doesn’t have to worry about her ruining his marriage.

If Rebecca wanted to take little Ethan away from Theresa because of Sarah dying, then why did she say that taking little Ethan away would be a Christmas gift for the both of them?


Why would Rebecca want to invite the Lopez-Fitzgeralds to her wedding? What made her think that they would want to go to her wedding?

When was the last time Eve was actually home with her family? It’s been so long that we don’t remember. She can never turn her phone off.

What would have been wrong with Ethan being at the Book Café? Theresa asked Woody about Ethan being at the Book Café as if he wasn’t allowed to be there.

How many times are we going to have to hear Theresa say she’s disappointed with Ethan? We think we got it the first few times she mentioned it.

Luis and Antonio are terrible brothers. When they found out Maria was sick, they didn’t even want to go and find out if she was okay. Luis had to stay at Beth’s house because he had to be there for Sheridan. Most likely that was Antonio’s reason for not going too. We think Sheridan would have been okay if they left for a few minutes. At least Pilar went to see if Maria was okay.

Miguel is such a terrible father. He would have rather exchanged gifts with Charity instead of spending time with his baby. When Charity kept telling him that he should go back to Tabitha’s house, he barked at her that Kay and Tabitha were there and they could have watched Maria. We can predict already that Miguel will brush Charity off now that Maria’s sick. It will be too late then.

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