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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #88

12/15 - 12/19/03


Miguel wanted Maria to be with her family which was why he wanted Kay and John to be in a picture together. Did he forget that his own family wasn't there?

Of course Rebecca was giving to blame Julian for what she did to Theresa.  We all know that it was her fault that CPS took little Ethan.  It's too bad Julian didn't just say it was her idea.

Why do Rebecca and Ivy have to make such racist comments?  Are the writers letting us know how they really feel?

Why was John so obsessed with taking Maria's picture?  We half expected him to stomp his feet when Kay didn't want him to take the picture.  If he cared that badly about Maria, why doesn't he visit her more?

Eve didn't really have a nerve to criticize Rebecca for taking little Ethan away from Theresa.  If she told the truth, Rebecca wouldn't have been able to take little Ethan away.

Luis and Antonio are so pathetic.  Luis needed Precious's help in order to save Sheridan.  Maybe Precious should join the force.

Big surprise Beth was going to get rid of the speaker before Luis saw it.  She didn't have to go to all the trouble of throwing it off of the cliff because he wouldn't have seen it anyway.


Big surprise Ethan was going to defend Theresa when he was talking to Rebecca.  He needs to make up his mind about Theresa once and for all.

We did not miss Woody Stumper at all.  He talks as if he's in front of a congregation.

Edna keeps saying that once everyone sees Sheridan holding her baby, they will know that he's hers.  Everyone has already seen Sheridan with Martin and they still didn't believe that he's Sheridan's baby.  No wonder Beth never listens to that threat.

Sheridan was so cruel to Antonio.  She didn't have to mention that her baby is Luis's baby right in front of Antonio.  She didn't even care that she could have hurt his feelings.

Woody was so smug about winning Theresa's case.  It was no wonder he didn't get little Ethan back for her.

Luis didn't seem too worried about Martin.  Beth isn't even his mother, but she seems more worried than Luis.  He reminds us of Miguel when Maria was born.  Even Miguel cares about Maria more than Luis does about Martin.

Here's something we noticed about the baby.  He only cries when it's time for Sheridan to hear him.  Any other time he doesn't cry at all.  Edna makes a big production about him crying all of the time yet he always manages to stop crying.

Here's something else.  If Martin isn't eating, how come he's so big?


Why does Endora insist on doing things that will expose Tabitha as a witch?  We know she's a baby, but if she can do all of the things she's done, she should know not to expose herself.

How many times is Gwen going to remind Ethan about his promise to her?  She's starting to sound like Rebecca.

Why was Ethan acting as if Gwen was the one that can decide whether Theresa gets her son back or not?  He acted as if Gwen took the child.  It's not her fault that Rebecca took her.

While we're on the subject, if Theresa and Pilar didn't take so long to leave little Ethan's room, Rebecca might not have caused them.  Also Pilar might not have gotten fired the way she did.

Why is Sheridan in the hospital again?  She didn't get hurt so she should have been able to go home.  That was so obvious that she was there because the baby was going to be there.


Theresa found an attorney so why was she mad that Ethan didn't help her right away.  Ethan told her before that she has to find another attorney so she shouldn't have been surprised that he didn't help her.

Big surprise Ethan went behind Gwen's back and helped Theresa when he said that he wouldn't help her.  He just ought to tell Theresa that he's helping her.

If Beth wasn't so scandalous, then Martin wouldn't be sick.  This is karma for her.

Why was Sheridan acting as if Gwen didn't lose her baby too?  She's not the only one going through a loss.  Gwen just buried her daughter and she's not acting the way Sheridan is.

Theresa didn't even ask Luis about Martin when she first saw him, yet she asked him for money.  She waited until she was about to leave before she mentioned Martin.

Ethan had a funny way of showing that he didn't want to be around Theresa.  When he saw her at the Book Cafe; he could have left.


Why did Miguel and company refuse to leave Tabitha's house?  She didn't ask them for their help so they could have left.

Antonio could have lied to Sheridan about what Luis wanted instead of telling her the truth.  He should have known that she would have wanted to go to the hospital.  Maybe he inadvertently wanted her to see the baby so she could go crazy.  Could he be getting his revenge on her for being with Luis?  That was a little far-fetched, but you never know.

Why did Nurse Kravitz suddenly want to visit Tabitha?  Also, how did she know where she lives? 

How come Endora can watch a Christmas show, but she hates Christmas?  She had a fit when John dressed as Santa yet she can watch him on TV.

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