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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #87

12/8 - 12/12/03


It's obvious that Christmas has come early in Harmony.  Thanksgiving was only a couple of days ago.  Everyone acted as if Christmas is the next day.

Antonio is so pathetic.  We know, big surprise right.  Anyway, he couldn't wait to rub it in that Luis was with Beth.  Also, he couldn't tell that Sheridan didn't want to be bothered with him.

What's with the selective snow?  One minute it's snowing and the next it's not.

Was there any surprise that Kay and Miguel were going to wind up at the park to see the Tree Lighting ceremony?  Miguel couldn't go with Charity, but he could go with Kay.

We wanted to slap Beth so badly when she kept pitching a fit when Sheridan was holding the baby.  Big surprise Luis didn't notice Beth's face when Sheridan said that Martin felt safe with her.


Was there any doubt that the angels couldn't help Sheridan get her baby back.  What was the point of bringing back the angel girl?  She was so useless.

Speaking of the angel girl, she was a bad actress in our opinion.  She's worse than the last angel girl.

Why would Beth go to Sarah's funeral?  She's not one of Gwen's friends so why would she go.  Also, Gwen tried to expose her a while ago.  You would think that she would avoid Gwen.

What was with the baby switcheroo?  The writers changed little Ethan again.  Now he is younger than he was yesterday.  Did the writers think that we wouldn't have noticed?

What made Theresa think that she should go to Sarah's funeral? If she needed to talk to Ethan, she could have called him.

Passions nitpick:  When Sheridan was sleepwalking, why didn't she notice that she was walking on snow?  You would think that the cold snow would have woke her up.

Another nitpick:  When Beth was home, Martin didn't stop crying yet when Sheridan wanted Luis to notice the crying, he conveniently stopped crying.  How convenient for Beth.


Rebecca's plan is not going to bring Sarah back to life.  She can say it repeatedly all she wants. The plan is still useless.

Why did little Ethan get older again?  The writers need to make up her mind which kid to use.  Did they really think we would overlook it again?

Why was Clarice just standing around listening to Theresa when she should have taken little Ethan with her?  If she thought that Theresa wasn't neglecting little Ethan, then why was she determined to take him away from her?

Speaking of Clarice, shouldn't she have checked Theresa's house before she took little Ethan away from her?  Rebecca didn't have to be telling the truth about Theresa.  This woman was so unprofessional.

It looks as if Beth doesn't have to make Sheridan look crazy after all since she seems to be going crazy on her own.  Now Sheridan's seeing her baby in her bathtub.

Let's get back to Rebecca.  She couldn't just comfort Gwen.  She had to mention what she's doing to Theresa.


Kay was little Miss Sensitive when she said that she was going to Sarah's funeral (sarcasm).  She gave us the rundown for why she wanted to go to the funeral.  She said it was because Sarah was Sam's granddaughter and Maria's cousin.  There was something else she forgot.  Sarah was her niece.  That could have been a reason for her to go to the funeral.  Also, seeing as she was in danger of losing Maria, you would think that she would have wanted to go to the funeral.

Once again Clarice chose to stand and talk to Theresa about taking little Ethan away from her.  She could have taken him out of the house anytime.

Kay needs to stop chasing a man who clearly doesn't want her.  Can Miguel be more obvious that he doesn't want to be with her?  He had to bring Charity with him to watch Maria.

Theresa said that her son was never away from her or Pilar, but she forgot that she went to California.  Pilar also left him to go to the hospital.  Did the writers expect us to forget about that just because Theresa did?  We got news for you, we didn't. 

Why didn't Theresa assume that Julian and Rebecca were the reasons why she lost her son?  She already had a feeling that they were up to something.  Plus, when she wondered who hated her so much to take her son, why wouldn't she think of Rebecca or Gwen?  Have they made it a secret that they hate her?

Why did Sarah's funeral take so long to start?  It's been going on for a couple of days.  Wait a minute.  What are we talking about?  This is Passions.

Beth was so tacky to bring her baby to the funeral.

Speaking of the funeral, leave it to Sheridan to try and steal Gwen's moment.  She had to wander off so people would have to worry about her.  This was the time when everyone should have been worried about Gwen, not Sheridan.  When Sheridan falls over the cliff, no one is going to care about the funeral.


Big surprise Ethan was ready to jump out of his seat to try and help Theresa.  He just promised that he wouldn't leave Gwen to be with Theresa, yet he couldn't wait to go to her.

Gwen shouldn't have had to remind Ethan not to help Theresa during Sarah's funeral.  It's too bad he didn't remember his promise on his own.

Why did Theresa have to keep calling out to Ethan to help her when she had her family with her?  She didn't need his help.  She couldn't even wait until the funeral was over to mention what happened to little Ethan.

If Sheridan remembered that she was supposed to be at the cemetery for Gwen, then she wouldn't have been in danger again.  Some best friend Sheridan is.

Charity isn't as sweet as everyone thinks she is.  She didn't even think of Ethan and Gwen as a reason why she wanted to go to the funeral.  She wanted to be there for Sam and Jessica.

Our overall complaint about the funeral was the way everyone was more concerned for Theresa and Sheridan.  We get that everyone was concerned for little Ethan, but it wasn't like they were at his funeral.  He's still alive and Sarah isn't.  Sam even had to call C.P.S. (Child Protection Service) instead of being at the funeral.  Gwen and Ethan needed more sympathy than Theresa.

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