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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #86

12/1 - 12/5/03


Why does Eve insist on being so close to Julian in public?  This is how she keeps getting caught.  She may not have to worry about Rebecca or Liz exposing her.  It could be a passerby.

Why did Ivy and Sam have to find out about Sarah through Grace?  Ethan thought to tell Rebecca, but he didn't think to tell Ivy and Sam.  We thought that he was supposed to tell Ivy about the baby.  Guess it slipped his mind when he told Rebecca.

Let's get back to Eve.  We are so sick of her saying that she's going to tell the truth when she never does.  She also kept telling Julian that he shouldn't marry Rebecca.  If she cared that much, she should tell the truth and marry Julian herself.  She doesn't feel bad about him marrying Rebecca.

Sheridan was so selfish with Gwen.  She didn't even try to comfort Gwen.  All she did was talk about her own baby dying.  She acted as if she was the only one that lost her baby.  She didn't even ask Gwen how she was.  She asked her about Ethan and how he felt.  It didn't make any sense that Gwen had to include Sheridan when she said "are we ever going to get over this".  That's the only way she got to mention her baby.  When she tried to mention her baby, she had to stop herself so Sheridan could finish crying the blues.  Sheridan really proved she was a great friend (sarcasm).

Leave it to Sheridan not to believe Gwen when she tried to tell her about Beth.  Why did she even bother to talk sense into her?

Sheridan (you didn't think we were done with her did you? :-)) made Beth's plan very easy for her.  We were hoping that Luis wouldn't go to dinner with Beth.  She seemed determined to get rid of Luis.  That could have been us though.

If Miguel has to work long hours to pay for Mama's hospital bills, how is he going to spend time with Kay?  Maybe she's getting happy about Miguel not spending as much time with Charity a little too prematurely.


What happened to the bruise on Whitney's arm?  She was just shot two days ago so she should have a bruise or a scar on her arm.  Her arm was clearly visible and you could not see anything.

Once again Gwen forgot that she also contributed to the loss of her baby.  It's really easy for her to blame Ethan and Theresa.  They do play a role in this, but so does Gwen.

We see a rewrite happening with Sheridan/Luis/Antonio.  Now all of a sudden, Sheridan is torn between Luis and Antonio.  She hasn't given Antonio a second though until now.  She practically acted as if Antonio didn't exist now.  She practically acted as if Antonio didn't exist when they were on the bridge and at the hospital.  She said that she loved Luis.  She didn't mention anything about being in love with Antonio.  This was just another attempt to keep Shuis apart.

Why is it so unheard of that Eve could have loved someone before she met TC?  We don't see why the Russells assumed that TC was the only man in her life.

Simone was so insufferable.  She didn't have to give Whitney the hard time that she gave her when Whitney tried to talk to her.  Simone is so unforgiving.  She is just like her father.

The Russells should get a lock for their door since Fox walked in their house.  Did you notice how neither Eve nor Whitney asked how he got in?

Talk about convenient timing:  Gwen was at the wharf when Ethan and Theresa were talking.  Gwen was really getting around.  One minute she was talking to Sheridan and by the next scene she was talking to Rebecca.  Then when she was talking to Rebecca.  She was suddenly on the wharf by the next couple of scenes.


Why is it that everyone was putting up Christmas decorations so soon?  They barely acknowledged Thanksgiving and now they are worried about Christmas.

Rebecca didn't care if Julian had an affair before, but now he can't even look at a picture.  It's not as if he was doing anything with the picture.  All he did was look at the picture.

Julian needs to stop pushing his luck with Rebecca because she could still expose his past with Eve.  Also, why is he acting as if he wasn't the one who said that he was marrying her?  She didn't make him marry her.

Jessica is as bad as Grace.  She accused Kay of doing something without any proof.  This time Jessica blamed Kay again for her breakup with Reese.  Perhaps Reese was sick of her.

What was Theresa thinking when she wore Gwen's ring around her neck?  She should have at least hid the ring when she saw Gwen.  She didn't even tell Gwen why she had the ring.  Since she had the ring showing, why didn't Ethan see it?


Did anyone notice how the ice looked like fake snow?  It's amazing that they were able to ice skate.

While we're on the subject of ice skating, did everyone have the same idea to ice skate?  The bulk of the cast went ice skating at the same time.

Why would Kay use her baby just to get Miguel?  What kind of mother is she?  You would think that she would stop scheming seeing as Maria was on the verge of dying not too long ago.  Kay will just never learn.

Why did Theresa just assume that Ethan was taking her back?  Just because he said "the relationship was over", that didn't mean he was going back to her.  She shouldn't have jumped the gun and she wouldn't have had to worry about Ethan telling her their relationship was over.

Did we miss something?  When did Miguel get two jobs?  For someone who has two jobs and goes to school, he certainly has a lot of free time on his hands.

Who didn't know that Eve was going to back down to Ivy?  She made a big production about telling Grace the truth and then she didn't.  This time it didn't take Ivy long to change Eve's mind.

Eve needs to stop grandstanding about telling the truth when she has no intentions of saying anything.  As soon as her past is thrown up in her face, she backs down.

How did Ivy know when Sarah's funeral was?  Also, how did she know that Theresa was the reason why Gwen lost her baby?  As far as we know.  Ivy has spoken to Gwen.  If she did, she wouldn't have had to ask Rebecca how Gwen was doing.  She would have known.


How convenient was it that everyone thinks that Theresa is such a good mother now that Rebecca wants Julian to take little Ethan away?  If Julian thought that Theresa was a good mother before, why did he try to take little Ethan away from her before?

While we're on the subject of Theresa, she gave Julian another reason to take little Ethan from her.  All Julian wanted to do was spend some time with him and she wouldn't let him do it.  She better hope that he's not like her when he takes little Ethan away from her.

We felt like we were going through deja vu with Sheridan and Luis.  She keeps pushing him to Beth again.  This is what she did before she married Antonio.  This is the time she needs to be spending with Luis so they can grieve over the baby together.  Do you notice how she's not pushing Antonio away? Do you think she blames Luis for why she doesn't have her baby?

Gwen kept pushing Ethan away when she had the chance to be with him.  We were so tired of her mentioning that she lost her husband.  Thank goodness she finally changed her mind. (See Raves)

Eve shouldn't have been so smug to Liz because Liz could still tell TC the truth.

How predictable was it when Antonio and Sheridan went for their walk, they saw Luis and Beth with the baby.  Do you think it's possible that he knew that Beth and Luis were at the ice skating rink and that's why he wanted to go there?

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