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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #85

11/24 - 11/28/03


What is up with Gwen?  If she's upset with Theresa taking Ethan away from her, why does she keep pushing Ethan away?  How many times in this night will he have to apologize to Gwen before she forgives him?  He's got to be going for a record.

Since Sheridan has never seen "Beth's baby" she had no reason to think that the baby was familiar.  Luis said that the baby looked familiar because it's Beth's baby.  Are we to believe that Edna is the only one that noticed how the baby looks like Sheridan.  When Edna was on the bridge, she said that the baby looked like Sheridan.  There's an indication that the baby is Sheridan's.

Even though we enjoyed Julian and Eve kissing, they deserved to be caught.  They should have chosen a private place to kiss instead of outside.  Eve knew that TC was going to pick her up so it didn't make any sense that she would take the risk of someone seeing her.

While we're on the subject, Julian and Eve must have thought that Rebecca was stupid.  They expected her to believe that Eve was getting something out of Julian's eye instead of kissing.  Fox was right.  That was a whopper of a lie.  No wonder Rebecca didn't believe it.  They must have thought that they were trying to convince TC with that story.

When did Luis go to Lamaze classes with Beth?  He didn't spend any time with Beth while she was "pregnant".  Luis pretty much ignored Beth.

Maybe Gwen should be locked up.  She was obsessed with killing Theresa.  If TC and Ethan didn't stop her, who knows what Gwen would have done?


Why did Whitney care if Chad didn't want to be with her anymore?  She already dumped Chad.  Plus, she didn't say anything about wanting to be with him.

That brings up another point.  Why would Whitney believe that Chad would go back to LaToya?  He made a big deal about divorcing her.  Why would he try to make things work with LaToya?  Perhaps Whitney wanted the excuse to go to Fox.

Today must have been the day for stalling for Rebecca.  She had at least two or three chances to tell TC the truth, but she didn't.  She let two sirens and Julian stop her from telling TC the truth.  When TC left, she could have screamed it after him.  TC would have stopped.  When Julian stopped her, she could have bit his hand and told TC.  It was so obvious that she had no intention of telling TC what she saw.

Passions just wouldn't be Passions without a useless fantasy.  Theresa's fantasy about Ethan proposing to her was such a waste of screen time.

Who didn't know that Gwen wasn't going to go back to Ethan when the orderly brought the coffin in her room?  She knew already that Sarah was dead when she kissed Ethan so what difference did seeing the coffin make?  She is really parading around as if Ethan is wrong to grieve for the baby.  She needs to get it through her head that Ethan lost a baby too?  It wasn't just her.

Leave it to Theresa to try and guilt Ethan to go back to her.  She was not exactly subtle when she told him about couples not lasting when one blames the other.  It served her right when that advice bit her in the butt.


Why was everyone suddenly talking about Thanksgiving?  It has been the same night for weeks or months (It's been so long that we don't remember how long this night has lasted.), and no one said anything about Thanksgiving.

Why was Simone at home if she didn't want to spend Thanksgiving with her family?  That didn't make any sense.  She must have been under the impression that her parents weren't coming home.

TC really needed to make up his mind as to whether he wanted to hear what Rebecca had to say.  He kept saying that he didn't want to hear it, but as soon as Liz said he should hear it, he wanted to listen.

What made Grace think that her family would have dinner with her after she moved out of the house?  She should have known that they wouldn't want to spend Thanksgiving with David.

Why would Sheridan believe anything that Alistair told her?  She should know how he feels about the Lopez-Fitzgeralds so why would Alistair tell the truth?

Was anyone surprised that Alistair lied about Sheridan's baby?  That's just one more thing that Beth is going to get away with.


Passions is pre-empted today.


How did Theresa know that Sheridan had her baby?  She didn't call home again so who told her?  Plus, if Theresa knew about Sheridan, why didn't she tell Pilar she was coming home?

Leave it to Eve to be hypocritical.  If she didn't want Grace to leave Sam, she should have told Grace the truth.  She would rather let Grace make a mistake and leave her family.  Everyone should have a best friend like Eve.

If Gwen could forgive Ethan, she wouldn't have to worry about Theresa stealing him from her.  We are sick of her complaining about losing Ethan.  She wouldn't lose him if she took him back.

Was anyone surprised that Theresa didn't think she was to blame for what happened to Gwen's baby?

Simone was so rude to Theresa and little Ethan.  When Simone came downstairs, she walked past Theresa and little Ethan and she didn't say a word.

Why wouldn't Ethan go to the Bennett house for Thanksgiving?  He didn't have a place at the Crane mansion.  If he went to the Bennett house, he could have told Sam and Ivy about the baby.

Why would Kay want Miguel?  He obviously doesn't want anything to do with her.  Charity shouldn't have to make Miguel do things for the baby.

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