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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #84

11/17 - 11/21/03


Once again Pilar tried to keep Luis from telling Antonio the truth.  It must be easier for her to lie to Antonio.  It was so predictable that she would have stopped him the way she did.  Thank goodness he didn't listen to her.

We would probably feel sorry for Jessica if she was played by a better actress.  We are really not enjoying this new actress.  The irony is this is the best we've seen from her.  That's not saying much.

David needs to stop being so self-righteous.  He is acting as if he's not half responsible for why Sam and Grace aren't together. He can get mad at Ivy all he wants, but that doesn't change what he did.

We were so sick of Grace.  She kept saying she never meant to hurt anyone (a Theresa response).  If she didn't want to hurt anyone, she shouldn't have picked David.

Selective hearing alert:  Sheridan didn't hear Beth and Edna talking about the baby.  Edna clearly said that the baby was Sheridan's and she didn't hear it.

Luis didn't have to take so long to tell Antonio the truth.  He could have told him that he was with Sheridan.  Oh well, there's no need to nitpick.  We're just glad that Antonio knows.


Grace, Grace, Grace.  What complaint do we have about you.  Here's one:  why would Grace leave Charity with Sam?  She is her niece.  She should take Charity with her.  Why should Sam be stuck with her? LOL!

How come no one heard Luis and Antonio fighting in the hospital?  They were yelling and no one stopped them.

If Grace felt so bad about leaving her family, why was she leaving them?  She could have changed her mind and stayed with them.  She was so dirty about telling him that it wasn't David or John's fault that she got amnesia and married him.  Was she trying to say that it was Sam's fault?

Charity was in the Bennett house all of this time and now she senses evil in the house.  Why didn't she sense evil around Ivy or Tabitha?  We get it.  It was just a way to blame Kay for something Grace did.  Why is it that evil gets the blame for Grace picking David over Sam?  Why not put the blame where it belongs...on Grace.

Charity seems to keep forgetting about her promise to stay away from Miguel.  She's so worried that their love will end, but we were under the impression that they didn't have a future together since she made her promise to Death.

What's with Jessica?  She blamed Kay for why Grace chose David. It's not her fault that Grace left.  We remember when Jessica begged Kay to help her.  Now that it didn't work, she's ready to play the blame game.

Are you sick of the Grace rants yet?  Hope not because here's one more. LOL! Grace had a lot of nerve asking Sam to help her with her bag.  She was prepared to walk out on him yet she expected his help.


Ivy had a lot of nerve criticizing Sam's house.  If she doesn't like where Sam lives, then she shouldn't want to live there with him.

Beth is really crazy.  She was acting as if Sheridan's baby was really hers.  Edna was even worse because she could have said out loud that Sheridan has her baby.  Instead she chose to say it to Beth.

Antonio knows the truth, but he thinks that Luis stole Sheridan from him.  Who does he sound like?  In case you don't know who it sounds like, it's Simone.  Anyway, leave it to Antonio to blame Luis.  He didn't even want to believe that Sheridan loved Luis first.  We were afraid that he was going to do that.  Just when it looked as if Antonio finally opened his eyes to the truth, he closes them again.  That was the one thing we dreaded when the truth came out.  We knew he would put it all on Luis.

Jessica sure knew how to make a moment hers.  Sam is the one that should have been hurting the most, not her.  We're not trying to say that she shouldn't be hurting, but we think Sam is the one that needs sympathy.  Jessica can still see Grace if she wants to see her.  She didn't walk out on her.

Jessica is also acting as if Grace moved out of Harmony.  She's only next door.  It shouldn't be that much of an adjustment.

We're so sick of the way Miguel treats Kay. He had to be with Charity because she was upset about Sam and Grace's marriage breaking up.  He didn't care that Kay could have been upset as well.  All he cared about was Charity.


Why did most of the people in California change their clothes?  It's still the same night.  There wasn't a need to change clothes.

When did Liz and Eve get their hair done?  If Eve was worried about Whitney, why did she take the time to do her hair?

Gwen had no right to slap her mother.  Don't misunderstand.  We enjoyed it but Rebecca did tell her why she slapped her.  Plus, Rebecca didn't have to be there for her so you would think that she would be a little more grateful.

Whitney was going on and on about hurting her family, mainly her parents.  She kept forgetting about what she did to Simone.  She hurt Simone when she chose to be with Chad.  That's right, she only cares about Simone when it's convenient.

Speaking of Whitney, she is such a hypocrite.  She doesn't like how Chad lied to her but it was okay for her to lie to Simone and her parents.  Maybe she's getting a taste of her own medicine.

Selective hearing alert: Why didn't Sheridan and Luis hear Antonio say he knew the truth?  He practically screamed it and they didn't hear it.

Isn't it something how Sheridan can tell Antonio the truth now that Luis has told him?  She can even tell him that Luis is the father of her baby.  She also introduced Antonio as the baby's uncle.  It's surprising to us that he would still think that Sheridan is in love with him.


Here's a big shocker: Theresa claimed that it wasn't her fault that Gwen lost her baby.  It may not be all her fault, but she does share blame.

That brings us to Gwen.  She's being very unforgiving to Ethan.  She should be mad at him for kissing Theresa.  That's not the problem we have with what she's doing to him.  Our problem is she's blaming Ethan and Theresa for the loss of her baby as if she's innocent.  She treated Ethan as if he didn't have the right to grieve for the baby.  Ethan let her know that if he wanted to be with Theresa he would have divorced Gwen and she still didn't care.  She's going to make it very easy for Theresa to get Ethan back.

Luis proved again that he can hold his idiot trophy high in the air.  Why would he think that Sheridan didn't know her own baby?  Sheridan said she would recognize her baby anywhere.  Also, wasn't he the one that convinced her that her baby could still be alive?  Here's another example of how he proved his stupidity: The baby started crying as soon as Beth held the baby.  Hello Luis.  If the baby was Beth's he wouldn't have been crying the way he was.

We are so disgusted with Antonio.  He's pulling the same stunt that Simone did with Whitney.  He kept blaming Luis for what happened.  Um Antonio, Luis didn't rape Sheridan so why is everything Luis's fault?  Sheridan has said repeatedly that Luis is the father of her baby and she loves him yet Antonio thinks that Luis seduced her.  Sheridan is not even being considerate of his feelings.  At least Luis apologized to him and he let him know that he wasn't trying to hurt him.  Sheridan seems to have no trouble hurting him, yet he's ready to write Luis off. 

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