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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #83

11/10 - 11/14/03

We are going to try things a little differently this week.  Instead of ranting about the show by day, we decided to rant about the show by the week.

With that out of the way, let's get to the rants.  They will be in no particular order

Let's start with Luis.  He proves all of the time that he is the proud owner of the biggest idiot in Harmony award.  He had the truth staring him in the face and he didn't see it.  When Edna told him about the baby, he didn't even question Beth's suspicious looks.  When she came up with that pathetic excuse for why Edna told him about the baby, he bought it hook, line, and sinker.  Why would Edna tell him that she had Beth's baby and then complain that he was neglecting it?  Edna never told him that she felt that way so why would Luis buy that excuse?  That's right, we already answered that.  He's an idiot.

Here's something else that Luis did.  When Beth wanted him to spend time with the baby, he didn't have time.  He wanted to look for his other baby.  When the baby was sick, he went to the hospital.  We know we put that for a rave, but it fit as a rant too.

With Luis done, let's get to the ever useless Edna.  Who didn't know that Edna wasn't going to expose Beth.  She had three chances to expose her and she didn't.  The first time was when she brought the baby to the bridge.  She could have told Luis that she had Sheridan's baby.  Instead she said that she had Luis's baby.  She should know by now that she has to spell things out for Luis.

The second time was at the hospital. When the baby was getting checked, she could have sold her out.  When the doctor told Beth that she could breast feed the baby, she had her chance to say something.  She chose not to say anything.

The third time was when she told Sheridan about the baby.  She could have said that Beth had her baby.  All she said was Sheridan's baby was in the hospital.  That didn't tell her that Beth had the baby.

Let's get to the ungrateful TC.  When he saw that Whitney was okay, the first thing he did was start trouble with Chad.  That wasn't a real surprise.  Our problem was TC not thanking Fox for what he did.  TC just assumed Fox had to be up to something.  Did he forget that Fox was the one that told him about Whitney being shot?  He also saved TC's daughter from getting killed.  The least he could have done was thank him.

Grace proved that she will never have anything good to say about Kay.  She didn't have to say that she finds it hard to love and like Kay.  We thought that it was a bit harsh.  We know that Kay hasn't given her any reason to say anything good, but we still thought it was wrong.

While we're on the subject of Grace, let's get to her decision.  She was kind of heartless about it.  She let Sam pour his heart out to her and she still chose David.  She chose a man that she didn't know over a man she has been married to for over 20 years.  That made a lot of sense.

Let's get to the twist.  It was a shock, but it was impossible.  Here are some things that were implausible about the twist:

If Charlie didn't exist, why was she working at the hospital?  Why would he pretend to be a nurse at the hospital?  Sheridan wasn't at the hospital at the time so he didn't have to pretend to be a nurse.

How did Alistair know that Beth didn't like Sheridan?  Beth has never mentioned her hatred of Sheridan in the Crane mansion so how did he know?

Why did Alistair threaten to give Sheridan back the baby when she heard Beth confess to her feelings to Luis?

When Alistair took off the mask, he instantly got heavier.  He didn't take off the bodysuit or whatever it was that he was wearing, yet his body looked different.  The same with his hands.  They looked older when he took the mask off.

That was just some of the implausibilities with the twist. We're pretty sure you can think of some more.

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