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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #82

11/3 - 11/7/03


What took the backup so long to come help Luis?  It's a good thing Charlie didn't flip out even more and shot him sooner.

Here's a solution:  Charlie could have told Luis the truth to avoid going to jail.  She made a big deal about selling Beth out if she got caught, yet when it came time to prove it, she didn't do it.

When did Theresa get a car in California?  Goodness, how long does she plan on staying?  Also, when did Chad get a car?  They all have been there for two day.  Fox was the only that had a car.  This is one of those suspension of disbelief moments.

We are so sick of Liz.  All she cared about was TC learning the truth about Julian and Eve.  She wasn't happy that her sister was safe.  She was more disappointed.  The writers missed a perfect opportunity to show a caring side to Liz.  While Eve was in danger, Liz could have showed concerned.  Instead, she chose to show a worse side.  She actually wanted her sister to live because she hates her.  If the writers wanted us to find Liz despicable, they are doing a great job.

Who is in charge at the Harmony precinct?  Is it Sam or Luis?  Luis just does what he wants to do.  He doesn't even listen to Sam.  He bosses Sam around.

Sheridan is one more person that doesn't care for Luis.  She only cares about what happened to her baby.


How did Theresa and Whitney get into Puff Dog's house?  Also how did they find Puff Dog's walk-in closet?  It could have been anywhere.

It's a shame that Beth cares more about Luis than Sheridan does.  As crazy as Beth is, she was more scared for Luis than Sheridan.  Sheridan just seemed as if she only wants Luis alive so he could find her baby.  Did you notice how she screamed when Luis was shot as opposed to the way she did when Charlie went over the bridge? She was more scared the second time.  This could just be us.

It was just too convenient that Luis was wearing a vest when Charlie shot him.  It didn't look like he was wearing a vest under his shirt.

Was anyone surprised that TC was wrong about the voice on the tape?  We predicted last week that he was going to assume that it was Whitney.  Whitney doesn't sound anything like Eve to us.  Eve sounds like herself and TC couldn't get the connection.

Puff Dog was grabbing Whitney really hard, but Whitney didn't wince but when Theresa barely touched her, she acted as if she was in pain.


Since Sheridan didn't know for a fact that her baby was in Charlie's car, wasn't she reacting a bit prematurely?  Why did she just assume that her baby was in danger?  She could have tried to think positively that her baby was safe.  Whatever.

Now that Charlie drove off into the water, Luis will listen to Sam's orders not to go after her.  This was the time when he shouldn't have listened to Sam.  He should have went after her.

Oh TC you're nothing if not consistent.  TC blamed everyone but himself for why Whitney was shot.  If he didn't push her away, she might not have left.  We're surprised he didn't blame the hospital for letting her go after Puff Dog.

Who brought Sheridan's clothes to the hospital?  She should only have the clothes that she was wearing when she went to the hospital.  The only explanation would be if Antonio brought them when he disappeared.

When Gwen told Rebecca what happened, she said that Theresa fought her and pushed her to the ground.  We knew that she was going to put all of the blame on her.  She forgot to tell Rebecca that she started with Theresa and she fought with her.  Theresa didn't fight her.

It could be us, but Chad seemed as if he cared more about losing Syd than he did about saving his friends and Whitney.  He should have been grateful that Fox was able to come up with a way to save everyone.  Instead of writing him off, Chad should have thanked him.


Of course Antonio didn't hear Luis say that he was going to save "his" baby.  Luis said it loud enough for Antonio to hear so of course he didn't.  What he did hear is in the Raves section so you will have to read it there. LOL!

Do you all remember last week when Luis said he was wearing a bulletproof vest when Charlie shot him?  Well surprise, surprise he wasn't wearing the vest when he took his shirt off.

Let's get back to Antonio.  When did he go to Boston?  He didn't mention anything about going there.

Theresa didn't have to worry about little Ethan losing his mother if she didn't try to play heroine and save Chad, Ethan, and Fox.  She said that as if it wasn't her own fault that her life was in danger.

Sheridan proved again that she cared only about her baby getting saved.  When everyone was trying to stop Luis from going in the water, she told him to be careful.  She didn't even fight him about going in the water.  She knew that it would have been dangerous for him to go in the water.  We know that she's concerned for the baby and she should be.  We just think that if she tried to stop him from going in the water once, it would have showed that she cared about him.

What was with Fox?  Why did he take so long to tell Chad and Ethan that he got the gun from Puff Dog?  If he said something earlier, he wouldn't have had to hear what Chad and Ethan said to him.

Once again Chad was ungrateful.  When Fox told everyone what he did to get the gun, he was more concerned about losing Syd.  It should have been more important that they were saved.  If he's so worried about losing Syd, he could get Whitney's music career started.  That is supposed to be why she's there.

What does it say about Grace if Ivy went to make sure Sam was okay and she didn't?  Grace was more concerned about her feelings for David.  Even John went to see if he could help.  If Grace was so worried about Pilar, she could have checked on her.


Whitney must have memory loss.  She forgot that Chad risked his life for her, but she only thanked Fox.  We'll get back to her later.

Sheridan and Pilar told Antonio to be careful when he went to save Luis, but they didn't tell Luis to be careful.  Maybe Sheridan cares more than she thinks for Antonio.

Doesn't Grace prove her undying love for Sam all of the time?  We can't believe that Sam was insecure about her feelings. (sarcasm) Grace is a real piece of work.  She was more worried about David and John going into the water than she did Sam. She didn't even try to stop Sam from going in the water.  As soon as David and John volunteered to go, she was quick to stop them. She didn't even try to hide her feelings for David.  She didn't give Sam a second thought.  He was in danger and she didn't even mention his name.  We don't like what the writers are doing with Grace.  When they showed Grace the last time, she wanted to make her marriage to Sam work.  Now all of a  sudden, she wants to be with David.  The one thing she was right about was she needs to make up her mind about Sam and David.

Before we go on, let's mention why Grace wanted to go to the bridge.  She didn't want to make it easier for Ivy to get Sam.  We get it.  She doesn't want Sam, but she doesn't want Ivy to have him.  Well Grace will lose him if she keeps pushing him to Ivy.

We told you we would get back to Whitney and Chad and now we're back. LOL!  They were acting so stupid about what Fox did to save them.  

Chad:  We told you earlier this week about what Chad is doing wrong.  He acted as if losing Syd was more important than losing their lives.  He made a big production about what Fox did.  He should have been glad that they were saved.

Here's why we think Whitney is wrong.  She is really nonchalant about Chad losing his dream.  She was right to tell him that he cared more about Syd than their lives.  We just didn't like the way she went about telling him that it didn't matter if he lost Syd.  She also call Syd's contract stupid and she all but called his career stupid.  She didn't stop to think about things from Chad's point of view.  Ethan and Theresa liked what Fox did, but they were able to see things from Chad's point of view.

We'll see you all next week for more ranting.

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