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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #81

9/15 - 9/19/03


Obvious foreshadowing would be a great place to start the rants.  The nurses in California were obviously foreshadowing what's going to happen to Gwen's baby.  They kept driving it home how Gwen couldn't see what Ethan and Theresa were doing on television.  They were going for a record with how many times they kept saying that Gwen could lose her baby.  Then there was the ultimate foreshadowing: the nurse said that if anything happened to the baby, it would be Ethan's fault.

Theresa has a lot of nerve.  She expects Ethan to just forget about his own baby and be a father to her son.  She keeps forgetting that he has a father.  We understand that she's under the impression that Ethan would be a wonderful father for little Ethan.  What she doesn't understand is Ethan could be a wonderful father to his own baby.  She expects him to forget about his son.  She didn't come out and say that she wants him to forget about his baby, but if she expects him to up and leave Gwen she obviously expects him to forget about his own baby.

Talk about red herrings.  Gwen was making a big deal about what she saw on TV.  It turned out she only saw Julian and Rebecca on TV.  We didn't have to be bothered with her reaction if it was for nothing.

Leave it to Hank to have a explanation for everything.  Of course he would have found a way for Luis to get out of explaining why he had Sheridan's ring in his jacket.  This would have been the perfect time for Luis to tell Antonio the truth so naturally Hank had his own explanation ready.  Luis should have cut him off and told Antonio the truth. We won't hold our breath waiting for that to happen.

TC is so pathetic.  If he didn't want to kiss Liz, he should have stood his ground.  He kept telling her that he loved his wife yet he kept kissing Liz.  If he wants her to believe him, he needs to show it in his actions because they prove otherwise.


The days/nights last so long on Passions that the writers get confused.  Earlier that day, Gwen said that Sheridan was due to have her baby that day.  Now all of a a sudden Luis said that she was due in a couple of days.  Which one is it?  The writers can't seem to make up their minds about when she's due.

So, Theresa misses her son.  If that's the case, then why is she still in LA?  She should go home to see him.  She shouldn't be plotting and scheming to get Ethan.

We really don't know about Luis sometimes.  It seems as if he gets dumber and dumber by the second.  Beth had no way of knowing that Sheridan was having a boy, but he believed her stupid excuse for how she knew what Sheridan was having.  Beth acted as if she knew for a fact what Sheridan was having.  Leave it to Luis to buy that story.  Disclaimer: we just wanted to let you all know that Luis is one of our favorite characters on the show so we hate how the writers are making him so gullible.  Since they insist on doing this to him, we will just have to rant away.

Whitney remembered that her dream is to be a singer.  Now the question is when is she going to start singing?  She hasn't even sang since she's been there.  Chad's been concentrating more on Syd than he has on her career.

Why are the writers constantly using fantasies as the excuse for what people do?  When Ethan and Theresa were kissing in the bed, it was because they were dreaming.  When Fox and Theresa got carried away when they were dancing, it was because they were fantasizing about other people.  They also fantasized about other people when they kissed each other for the first time. Now Whitney kissed Fox because she was fantasizing about Chad.  Who needs to be drunk anymore.  All you have to do is fantasize and it's okay to kiss someone you're not supposed to be kissing.

Passions nitpick:  The blanket that Charlie's wrapped Sheridan's baby in was not the same blanket when Beth was carrying him.  When did she change the blanket?


Gwen will get what she deserves if she sees Ethan and Theresa together.  She knows that Dr. Abel wanted her to stay in the hospital, but she insisted on leaving anyway.

Who did Liz think she was telling Eve that she should walk away from her husband? She has a lot of nerve.  TC isn't her man so she didn't have the right to tell her to stay away from him.  What makes it so bad, Eve left the gym and cried about what Liz did.  She had nothing to cry about.  TC is her husband and she should fight to keep him.  Eve didn't have to let Liz threaten her if she told TC what she saw.  Eve should have risked TC finding out about her past.  TC shouldn't be allowed to get away with kissing Liz.  He would have been willing to kill Julian if he caught her kissing him.

Speaking of TC, if he wanted to make his marriage work, he would stop letting Liz come on to him.  Her plan to get him wouldn't work if he stood his ground and told Liz to stay away from him.  He is such a light switch when it concerns Eve.  One minute he understands that Eve has to work long hours and the next he's complaining about her hours.  Which one is it?

It's just mind boggling that Sheridan doesn't know the sex of her baby.  Why didn't she find out what she had when she held him?  She had the perfect chance to find out what she had.

Ethan is going to make a great father. (sarcasm) He referred to his baby as "that baby" a couple of times.  He also said that "Gwen got pregnant" for why he can't be with Theresa.  He acts as if it's not his baby too.  He acts as if it's only Gwen's baby.  He played a big part of why she's pregnant.

Ethan is as bad as TC.  He kept telling Theresa that he wasn't leaving Gwen yet he couldn't wait to kiss Theresa.  He really proved that he loves Gwen.


Here's a surprise.  There was another letdown.  Gwen managed not to see Ethan and Theresa kissing.  How did he know to stop just before Gwen saw them?  She didn't make any noise so how did he know she was there?  Guess he got lucky.

Antonio must be deaf.  How come he didn't hear Edna yelling inside of the house?  Edna and Beth heard him calling them but he didn't hear them.  That was selective hearing at it's best.

Let's get back to Ethan and Theresa.  Is is just us or did anyone else notice how Ethan and Theresa were racing through their lines today.  When they found out Gwen was in the house, they were talking so fast that we had to put the caption on in order to understand what they were saying.

It was not believable that Puff Dog would want to sign Syd to his label.  She's not that good of a singer in our opinion.

Speaking of Syd, she was pushing her luck with Puff Dog.  She was getting smart with him as if he couldn't hurt her.  She would be sick if he did.

Charlie is such a terrible shot. She had a clear shot at Sheridan and she missed her.

If Edna wanted Antonio to catch Beth off guard, why did she warn Beth that she wasn't pregnant anymore?  That was so irritating.  If Edna didn't warn Beth, Antonio would have seen Beth without her sugar sack.

Edna is so predictable.  If she wanted to tell Antonio the truth, why did she tell him that the monsters kidnapped Sheridan?  She could have told him that Beth and Charlie kidnapped her.  It's so obvious that Antonio is going to think that she's crazy.

Since when does a sweatshirt make you look like you're about to give birth?  It certainly worked for Beth.


We forgot to mention this yesterday so we'll mention it today.  How come Theresa was able to get her suitcase under the bed, but she couldn't get it out?  The suitcase didn't look stuck so she should have been able to get the bag out.  This was more of a nitpick than a rant.

No wonder Liz kept kissing TC.  One minute he was saying that he wanted to make his marriage work and the next he kept kissing Liz.  He was not proving that he loves Eve.  It's a wonder he finally did stop kissing her. (See Raves)

We were not fooled by the cliffhanger with Antonio and Beth.  We knew that he didn't figure out anything about Beth taking Sheridan.  It was so predictable that he would have thought she was crazy.  If Edna told Antonio the truth, he would not have been that calm.  Plus he said that he knew everything.  We know what that means on this show.  It means they don't know anything.

We are so sick of the writers making it look as if Beth is about to be caught.  Let's take what happened today.  Who didn't know that Beth was going to get out of why she had the baby in the kitchen.  The other example is the one above.

Who didn't know that Gwen wasn't going to see Theresa in the closet?  Why did the writers waste their time and ours having her look in the closet?  That's right all the writers know how to do is mislead us.

The worst thing about this week was the way the writers misled us.  We all knew that Beth was not going to get caught this week.  Whitney didn't mean to kiss Fox.  Gwen wasn't going to see Ethan and Theresa kissing on TV or in the apartment.  How predictable of the writers.

Oh well everyone, that's all for this week.  We'll see you all next week for more ranting.

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