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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #80

9/8 - 9/12/03


Now that Eve thinks that Edna should be institutionalized, it's time for her to tell the truth.  She's got nothing to lose.  She said a while ago that she would pretend to be crazy so she could get away with what happened to Sheridan.  Here's a chance to do that.

Charlie must have selecting knowledge of how to deliver a baby.  She knew that Sheridan needed a C-section for a breech baby, but she didn't know how to deliver a baby.

Ethan isn't exactly proving that he doesn't want to be with Theresa by getting jealous over her dancing with Fox.  He has a lot of nerve.  He doesn't want to be with Theresa, but he doesn't want her to move on with someone else.  He can't have it both ways.

These rants wouldn't be complete without a rant about Sheridan so we won't disappoint.  She always knows when to pass out.  When Tabitha was in the basement, she was passed out.  Of course she was going to be knocked out.  There was no way in the world she would have stayed awake because she would have recognized Tabitha's voice.

Speaking of Tabitha, how did she know that the guests at Beth's shower would hear her screaming if she opened the basement door?  How did she know that they didn't hear the screaming already?  Oh right, it's them, of course they didn't hear anything.


How come Liz was able to hear what was going on inside Beth's house?  She was outside and she was not that close to the window.  Grace and TC were not talking that loud so she shouldn't have been able to hear them.  If you guessed selective hearing for why she was able to hear them, then you are correct.

It's too bad that Theresa didn't mean what she told Ethan about being over him.  He acted as if he has the right to tell Theresa who she can and cannot be with.  It would be so great to see her stand her ground to Ethan and mean it.  If we believe that would ever happen, we would be dreamers like Theresa.

What's going on?  There was a point when Luis thought that Sheridan left town on her own and Antonio thought that she was kidnapped.  When did their roles reverse?  We remember Luis going on endlessly about Sheridan being kidnapped.  If Antonio didn't finally convince Luis that she wasn't in Paris, we wouldn't have known what to think about Luis.

It was so convenient that Sheridan didn't hear Beth yelling in the basement.  Sheridan was just talking to Charlie, but when Beth was in the basement, she was passed out again.  What was also just as bad as her passing out was her not hearing Edna talking at the basement window.  She was awake then so there was no reason why she didn't hear her say Precious's name.  Sheridan has seen Precious so she should know where she's at.  Let's get back to the mess in the basement later.

Let's get back to Theresa and her plan to bring a daddy for little Ethan.  Why does she keep forgetting that little Ethan has a daddy?  Julian didn't disappear so he has a daddy.  Just because he hasn't been shown in a while, it doesn't mean that he's not the father.  Are the writers letting us know that Ethan is little Ethan's father?

It's time to get back to the mess with Sheridan.  When Charlie delivered Sheridan's baby, she didn't cut the umbilical cord.  She showed Sheridan the baby and then she picked it up.  Plus the baby looked kind of clean when he was born.  The writers really expected us to suspend disbelief throughout that whole scene.


There was so much garbage going on at the Wallace's house that it's not even funny.  Let's start with Eve's convenient comment.  She said that babies can be born within a few minutes.  We have never heard of that before.

Let's get to the baby crying.  How come everyone can hear the baby crying, but they didn't hear Sheridan screaming when she gave birth?  The window was open when she gave birth so they should have heard her.  She was screaming louder than the baby was.

Let's just get off of the mess that happened at the Wallace house for now.  Let's go to TC and his rantings about Eve. It didn't take long for him to blame Eve for Whitney leaving.  He wanted to make things right the other day real time.  He knew that Eve gave Whitney her blessing to go to LA before he saw the article about Whitney.  He also knew that Whitney was going to pursue a career other than tennis so he's flipping out for nothing.

We can go back to the Wallace scenes now because we've had a chance to cool off.  Let's talk about Luis thinking that Beth could have had her baby.  If Beth had the baby, the crying would have sounded closer than it did.  When Luis was outside of the kitchen, he would have heard the crying louder.  Plus, if she had the baby, she would have been screaming on Edna would have sent for Eve.  The best laugh we had with these scenes was when Edna said that Luis is smart.  That was so funny.  If he is smart, he didn't prove it then.

How come a woman who had five children (Pilar) couldn't tell where the baby's crying came from, but a new mother was able to tell?  That didn't make the least bit of sense.

Leave it to Sheridan to be passed out again.  Of course she was passed out when Edna yelled at Charlie not to kill Sheridan.  She was just awake when Edna looked in the window, but when she screamed, Sheridan was passed out.  Of course she was barely conscious when Luis was yelling as well.

Ethan must be blind.  Theresa obviously trying to make him jealous and he can't see it.  If she was really interested in Fox, she wouldn't keep looking at Ethan.


Here's a surprise Liz gave herself away and TC didn't catch on to it.  She told him about what happened in his bedroom.  How else would she have known that they kissed unless she was awake?  It's a good thing he isn't known for his smartness.

We really couldn't believe Luis and company.  They believed that Precious sounded like a baby crying.  Does she really sound like a baby?  Is that something that she was taught too?

It could be just us, but wouldn't it be better for Theresa to just go out with Fox?  She doesn't need to pretend to date him.  They are both available so why not just go for it?

We had to save the mess with Sheridan for last.  Of course she didn't hear Beth talking to Charlie.  Charlie left the door open so she should have heard them.  She also should have heard Tabitha talking outside.  The window was not closed all of the way.

Let's get to Sheridan's weakness.  If she wanted to keep her baby, she could have fought Charlie.  She still had the use of her hands and legs so she could have fought her off.  We hope the writers didn't expect us to believe that she was too weak to fight her back.  It might have been believable if they didn't have Kay walking around after having a C-section.


Why would Bree (the woman that interviews Syd and Chad) need to film Theresa and Ethan on the beach?  They were not doing anything that important so they didn't need to be on TV.  Are they the first people to make out on the beach?

Speaking of Bree, why didn't she recognize Ethan?  She got a clear shot of his face so she should have known who he was.  He used to be a Crane so she should have recognized him.

If Sheridan wanted her baby back, she could have tried to fight Charlie.  She attempted to hit her (see Raves), but she stopped so easily.  She could have grabbed something and hit her with it.  Oh well.  Maybe we were just asking too much from her.

We are really starting to wonder about Theresa.  She kept telling Ethan that she wants a father for little Ethan.  She must have forgotten that he has a father.  Julian may not be the father that Theresa wants for little Ethan, but he's the father.  She keeps forgetting that Julian was nice enough to let her have joint custody of little Ethan.  Now all of a sudden she doesn't trust Julian and wants to take little Ethan away from Julian.

The last rant brings up another thing Theresa did.  She expected Ethan to leave his pregnant wife to be with her and her son. That didn't make the least bit of sense.  Why should he leave a woman who's carrying his child to help raise another man's child?  That was mighty selfish of her.

Oh well everyone, that's all for this week.  We'll see you all next week for more ranting.

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