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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #77

8/18 - 8/22/03


Well, well, well Chad.  Guess you're not perfect after all.  He looked as if he enjoyed kissing Syd.  He could have pushed her away, but he didn't.  Is he going to be kissing all of the singers like that if they get through a demo?  Is this something that Whitney will have to get used to?

Luis, shame on you.  You were showing signs that your brain was working and we know how much you don't like that.  That explains why he didn't notice that Beth did everything she could to get out of staying at the doctor's office. Luis, honey, Beth kept tell you that she didn't want to see the doctor and that didn't clue you on to her.  You obviously have a problem and you need help.

Theresa obviously gets her persistence from Luis.  She is so determined to get Ethan to realize that he loves her.  She needs to move on with her life.  If Ethan wants to make things work with Gwen, then she needs to let go.  It's a shame that JER has her throwing herself at Ethan.

Passions Nitpick:  Chad said that Fox spent more time in LA than him and Whitney have.  Didn't Chad grow up in LA?  He should have spent more time there than Fox.  That was one of the many things the writers expected us not to notice.

Talk about convenient timing.  Boy somebody must really be looking out for Beth.  She can always dodge a bullet.  Today was no exception.  It was too convenient that Dr. Culver had to go to an emergency.  Beth was worried for nothing.  Also convenient was that the nurse went out of her way to avoid saying whether Dr. Culver was a man or woman.  If she said that Dr. Culver was a man, then Luis would assume that something isn't right.  Did we just give Luis too much credit?

We are getting sick of Sheridan saying the same things over and over about never getting out of the pit.  We are starting to think that she is right.

Let's get back to Theresa's persistence.  She was really driving her question home about who Ethan wanted to marry.  It was getting irritating.  We could have answered the question for her.


Today's episode could be summed up as Twilight Zone feelings.  Almost everyone had the same conversation that it felt like we were in the Twilight Zone.  We'll get to that shortly. For now, let's talk about Fox and his knowledge of the music business.  When would he have had time to know the ins and outs of the music business?

Let's get to Sheridan needing food and her prenatal vitamins.  Sheridan acted as if she wasn't getting either one.  We thought that Beth was feeding her and giving her the vitamins.  We know how much Beth kept telling Sheridan that she wouldn't give her any food or vitamins if she kept acting up.  The bottom line is, she should still have vitamins in the pit. 

Here's one of the twilight zone feelings.  Ethan and Theresa had the same conversation throughout the episode.  It was annoying that one minute he said he honored his vows to Gwen and the next he's locking lips with Theresa.  If he wanted Theresa to get the message that he wants to be with Gwen, he should just tell her that he doesn't love her.  Even if he doesn't mean it, she will stop thinking that she has a chance with him.  Here's a question that boggles the mind (well, not really).  If Ethan doesn't love Theresa, why did he kiss her twice?  Hmmm...well Ethan, you have a great way of showing that you didn't love her.

Twilight zone number two was Chad and Whitney at the studio.  All they did was talk about Syd the entire hour.  When they weren't talking about Syd, they were talking about trust.  If they are having this conversation already, something is wrong.

Twilight zone number three was Luis and Beth at the doctor's office.  Luis kept saying over and over how Beth needed to see the doctor.  We get it Luis, you wanted Beth to see the doctor. Stop reminding us.


Talk about a Catch-22.  In case you don't know what that means, it means even when you win someone has to lose.  That happens all of the time in Beth's story. When it looks as if Beth will get caught, she never does.  Today was no exception.  There were a couple of times that the audience could have seen Beth getting caught so predictably, things got in the way:  Dr. Culver had to take a long time to get in the waiting room.  He even got stopped on his way to the waiting room.  If he got out there sooner, Beth could have been busted.  Then when Dr. Culver gets in the waiting room, he has a patient that goes into labor.  This also kept Beth from getting caught.  It looks as if anytime Beth wins, we (the audience) has to lose.

Apparently, Ethan and Chad had kissing on the brain.  We'll get to Chad a little later.  For now, let's stick with Ethan.  How far was Ethan going to go with Theresa before he remembered that he is married?  We're surprised that he even took the time to stop kissing Theresa long enough to remind her that he's married.  Maybe he just had to remind himself of that.  You be the judge.

Here's a Passions nitpick for you:  How did Hank know where Edna's walker was at her house?  It's not as if she had the walker in plain view.  Hank must have ESP or something.

In addition to Hank having ESP, he has selective hearing as well.  He didn't hear Sheridan screaming in the pit, but he was able to hear the rocks that she threw.  Okay, we believe that...NOT!

As promised, we are now going to talk about Chad.  How many times is he going to let Syd kiss him?  He should have remembered from the last time that he should have stopped her.  We didn't realize that it was so hard for him to back away from her.  Syd doesn't need to kiss him to show her gratitude.  He is not doing much for her so she shouldn't be kissing him.

Speaking of Syd, this girl is so pathetic.  She knows how much Chad loves Whitney, yet she still wants to throw herself at him.


What was going on with Chad?  He didn't seem like he didn't want Syd kissing him. He knows that she's grateful to him, but there should be a limit.  It took him long enough to stop her (see Raves).  Can you imagine what she will do if she has a hit single?

We felt like we were going through deja vu with Whitney and Fox.  Whitney was getting like Theresa when she was asking him about the woman he loves.  She acted as if it was her business to know who she is.  It's too bad he didn't tell her to mind her own business.

Leave it to Luis to let Beth talk him out of staying at the doctor's office.  She knew exactly what buttons to push to get him to leave the office.  Was anyone surprised that he was going to leave?

Ethan and Theresa gave us a deja vu feeling too.  How many times was Theresa going to tell Ethan that he loves her?  How many times was she going to ask him if he could picture her with another man?  Needless to say, they both happened a lot.  Theresa shouldn't have had to ask Ethan several times if he could picture her with another man.  He should have told her no the first time and been done with it.  Oh right, what fun would that be for the writers?


Why does everyone always assume that someone is dead?  Luis assumed that Sheridan had to be dead when he saw the ring.  Maybe the kidnapper wanted him to know that they had her.  He could have gotten it for any reason, but he automatically assumed the worst.

While we're on the subject what was with Hank?  He went out of his way to make Luis think that Sheridan didn't want to be with him anymore.  He even went so far as to tell him that the kidnapper would have sent the ring to Antonio.  Now we're not exactly Harmony PD, but it doesn't take much to assume that Hank may be up to something.  Think about it.  Whenever Luis gets info about Sheridan, Hank is always the one that gives it to him.  If we were in Luis's position, we would be suspicious.

This would be a good time to mention the hole in Charlie's plan.  She keeps giving Luis everything about Sheridan (i.e. the email, dvd, ring, and tape), why wouldn't she give anything to Antonio?  He is her husband.  The only thing she's doing is proving that the kidnappers are people Sheridan knows.  Anybody else would have gave the stuff to Antonio.  It's too bad that Luis didn't think of that.

Let's talk about the mess at the doctor's office.  Why couldn't the nurse call Dr. Culver out to the waiting room if she wanted him to check on Beth?  He just left the waiting room so she might have caught him.  Also, why couldn't she check on Beth?  You would think that she would be qualified to do it.

Talk about convenient timing.  Dr. Culver knew exactly when to come back to the waiting room.  Of course Beth was already gone when he came back.

Talk about your misunderstandings.  Fox went throughout half the show thinking that Whitney was in love with him.  It was so obvious that they were talking about two different things.  Why did she have to wait so long to tell him that she thought the mystery woman was Theresa?  Fox must be slipping because he should have known that Whitney wasn't talking about herself.

Look who fell off the turnip truck.  Why it's Whitney Russell.  And here we all thought that she wasn't anything like TC.  It turns out that she inherited his brain.  She had the truth staring her right in the face and she didn't see it.  She claimed that she was able to put the pieces together, but it turned out that she didn't.  As soon as she said it was obvious that it was Theresa, but she couldn't see how she was obviously wrong.  She would make a great police officer in Harmony. (sarcasm)

We're done with the rants.  We'll see you next week for more ranting.

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