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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #76

8/11 - 8/15/03


There were a few reappearances today.  Ivy, David, and Jessica were back and at the Bennett house.  Since we're on the subject of Jessica, let's get to how she knew about Kay and her baby.  The last time Jessica was shown, she didn't know that Kay's baby died the second time.  Once the baby went to NICU, she was gone.  That's right we had to suspend disbelief.

The Russells must have two back doors in the kitchen because there was no way that TC should have made it in the kitchen without Eve seeing him.  He was still with Liz when she went out there.  How did he manage to get past her so fast?  He must be a faster runner than we thought.  In addition to being a fast runner, he must sober up fast too.  He was just drunk and now all of a sudden he isn't.

Let's get to the mess at the Wallace house. Can you believe that Luis sensed Sheridan in the living room?  Now all of a sudden he had a connection to her.  What about when he was in the basement?  He didn't feel a connection to her then.  Okay writers, we didn't notice that at all.  We also didn't notice how Beth would see Sheridan, but Luis didn't.  It was so predictable that Charlie was going to catch Sheridan before Luis could see her  Everything about this story is predictable, even when Edna suddenly passed out.  It was predictable that she wasn't going to say Sheridan's name when she asked "Is she still here?"

Then there was Sheridan.  You would never know that she wasn't familiar with her surroundings.  When she was in the living room, she managed not to bump into anything.

Let's get to Grace's hypocrisy.  She wondered what Ivy was doing in her house, but she didn't say anything about David being there.  He must be welcomed there 24/7 despite how Sam feels about him.


Grace was at it again.  She couldn't believe Ivy's story about praying for Kay and the baby, which she shouldn't have, but she could believe David.  David didn't even sound convincing with his lie.

Leave it to TC to start another fight with Eve.  He didn't even want to try and work through their problems.  He would much rather make their problems worse.  He made a big issue out of the fact that Eve let Whitney go to LA.  She didn't commit a crime, but you would never know it by watching TC.  Eve needs to count up her losses and leave him.

Let's get off of TC right now because just thinking about him is irritating.  Let's go back to Grace.  She was making such a big deal about Ivy praying for Kay.  How many times did Ivy have to Grace that she was at the chapel.  Her precious David told her that Ivy was there.  Even Jessica told Grace that Ivy said she was there.  Grace, honey, it's time to get the needle off the record.

When Liz was talking to Antonio, (see raves also), she didn't ask him when he got out of the hospital.  The last time she saw him, he was on his deathbed.  They acted as if they talk all of the time.

Luis, Luis, Luis...what can we say about you?  There's a bridge outside and Sheridan's on it.  Just kidding.  It wouldn't have surprised us if he bought that.  He's not very observant.  He couldn't see that Beth didn't want him to stay at her house.  Hello, Luis.  She kept making excuses for why he couldn't stay with her and he reacted as if it was normal.  That's not the worst of it.  He touched Beth's stomach and he didn't notice how her stomach wasn't real.


Where should we start?  Let's start with some suspension of disbelief.  That's always a good place to start.  The first one was everyone acted as if more than a day has gone by.  Ethan said that it was a few days ago since he kissed Theresa.  Miguel said that he's been with the baby all of the time.  Beth said that Luis calls Sheridan once a day.  We all know that it hasn't been that long since any of these things happened.

Let's get to Kay's clothes.  When did she get a change of clothes?  Who brought them to her?  You may be thinking that Tabitha could have brought her clothes to her.  We thought that at first too.  The only problem with that is Tabitha was staying at the hospital too so she and the baby could get a check up so she couldn't have brought the clothes.  It couldn't have been Grace because she acted as if she just saw her that morning.

Let's get to another suspension of disbelief moment.  When Pilar was talking to Luis about Miguel's baby, he acted as if he knew all along that Kay had the baby.  If he did know, why wasn't he at the hospital?

Now let's get to something irritating.  Edna's predictions once again she told Beth that Luis was going to catch on to her plan.  We know that Luis won't figure out Beth's plan so we're sick of Edna saying that he will.  Luis is not smart enough to figure it out.

Talk about convenient.  Beth was able to find everything she needed to know about home birthing on the Internet.  Yeah, that's something that she would have been able to find online.  That's not likely, but since Beth needed to know what to do, it was on the Internet.

There was a wasted scene today.  We think you can guess what it was.  If you guessed Theresa's dream, you're correct.  Her dream was shown twice and it was so obvious that it was only a dream.  The writers could have kept those scenes.  Guess we're going to be enduring these dreams at least once or twice a week.


Let's begin the rants with Miguel and Charity allegedly registering for class.  When did they have time to do that?  They didn't even mention taking classes and now that the plot called for it, they go to college.

Let's get to some examples of selective vision.  Funny they both have something to do with Beth.  The first one was Beth suddenly noticed Sheridan's necklace. Sheridan has been wearing that necklace the entire time and now she noticed it.  Why didn't she see it when she took her out of the pi?.  Oh that's right, she didn't need to see it then

The second example of selective vision was Luis didn't notice the way Precious pushed in Beth's sugar sack.  It looked as if Precious touched a pillow.  It was weird that Luis noticed that Beth was bigger, but he didn't notice that.  Actually, we were surprised he noticed that she was bigger.  It's a good thing she isn't really pregnant because that comment about her getting bigger would have been rude.

Since we were just talking about Luis, we should continue with him.  When Beth told him how she got an ultra sound, he didn't think to ask her to see the pictures.  If he did, Beth wouldn't have been able to lie her way out of that one.

Now let's get to Theresa's "selfless" act.  She kept telling Ethan not to tell the truth about what happened between them.  Now it could just be us, but she didn't seem like she's concerned about Gwen's feelings. Why wouldn't she want Gwen to know?  It would be the perfect way for her to get Ethan.

Grace was really waving her Charity pompoms.  She was practically going overboard telling Pilar that Charity and Miguel belong with each other.  She was also high and mighty about people who don't go to college.  Based on the things that she did, no wonder Kay didn't want to go home.


Let's get to something that was so obvious.  No, we're not talking about Fox's feelings for Whitney although that was obvious too.  We're talking about Vivian forcing Chad and Syd together.  You would think that Chad would notice what she's doing.  It's a good thing Chad's not known for his brains.

While we're on the subject of Vivian, how did Fox know to pay her to break up Chad and Whitney?  He has no way of knowing her.  It must be really great to be a Crane.  You can bribe people to do anything for you.

We didn't really get the point of Tabitha's plan for Kay to get Miguel.  How was naming the baby after one of Miguel's relatives going to get her Miguel?  Why couldn't she just name the baby with Miguel?  When she decided to name the baby after his grandmother, he didn't seem moved by it at first.  To make a long story or rant short, we didn't see the point of Tabitha's plan.  You all don't think that we have been hanging around the people in Harmony since we don't understand the plan, do you?

Gwen must be a Standish all of a sudden.  She had a fantasy about Theresa being in California. Now that Ethan wants to tell Gwen that Theresa is in LA, Gwen has a nightmare about Theresa.

If Ethan didn't remember what he was dreaming about when he kissed Theresa, how come he had a flashback of it?  Theresa should be the only one having flashbacks because she remembered what happened.  That must have been one of those things the writers expected us not to notice.

Speaking of things the writers didn't want us to notice, Chad looked as if he was kissing Syd back.  When Syd leaned in to kiss him, he could have pushed her away.  He didn't have to let her kiss him.

Well that's all for this week.  See you again next week.

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