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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #75

8/4 - 8/8/03


Let's start the rants with Gwen's obsession over Theresa. She was talking about Theresa quite a bit.  She should have been more worried about her baby than Theresa.

Fox had another one of his fantasies again.  He has been fantasizing about Whitney almost everyday.  How many times does he have to get busted thinking about her?

Grace and Pilar were talking about how devastating it is to lose a child.  Grace was acting as if it was something she couldn't imagine happening to her.  Um hello, Grace, You lost a child once.  She could tell Kay how she felt when she lost her baby.

Death told Charity that she can save Miguel's baby.  How convenient was that?  Also convenient was Charity having premonitions about Miguel's baby dying and being saved.  Why would she think that Miguel's life would be ruined if the baby died?  He still had her.  He tells her enough that he would choose her over his baby so her other premonition was pointless.

And now to the worst scenes:  The scenes at the Wallace house.  Who didn't know that Luis wouldn't have heard Sheridan in the pit.  At first she was screaming low so he probably wouldn't have heard her, but when she was louder, he should have heard her.  Beth also had great timing.  She knew exactly when to get in the basement to stop Luis from finding Sheridan.  And the excuse of the year for why she was whispering in the basement:  she had a summer cold.  Can you believe that Luis bought that excuse?  We believe it. We figured you believed it too.  He didn't even question why she didn't mention the cold before.  She was yelling just before he went in the basement.  Sheridan also had great timing.  When she tried to get Luis's attention, she conveniently passed out in the pit.  She couldn't call out to him.


It must have been fantasy time again.  When Liz came back, she had a fantasy about TC.  We almost bought that fantasy at first.  When TC said that he wanted to be with her, that's when we knew it was a fantasy.

When is Pilar going to call Luis and Antonio to tell them about Miguel's baby?  She was sick and she managed to die twice and they still don't even know that she's born.

Theresa had two obsessions today: Ethan and Fox.  All she did was worry about Ethan.  She was supposed to go to LA to forget about Ethan.  When she wasn't talking about Ethan, she kept talking about Fox's mystery woman.  It's as if she knows who the mystery woman is.

Here's a surprise:  TC and Eve have marital problems.  Well that's what TC will keep telling Liz.  What he needs to do is tell Eve what his problems are and maybe they can work through them.  He felt that he couldn't call Eve and talk to her, but he can open up to Liz.  The same thing with Eve.  She can open up to Julian yet she can't talk to TC.

Kay must have went to the Ryan Seacrest (American Idol host) school of stalling.  She kept saying that she wanted to confess to Father Lonigan, yet she didn't do it.

Wasn't it convenient that Ethan couldn't stay in Gwen's room at the hospital?  Who didn't see that coming?


We had another incident of rewritten history.  The writers made it seem as if Ethan and Theresa were together longer than they were.  Long time viewers know that Ethan didn't give her a bottle of perfume.  They were not together that long before Ethan found out that he wasn't a Crane. The perfume looked expensive so Ethan shouldn't have been able to afford it.  Now you all could be thinking that he could have bought it while he was a Crane.  That could have been possible if he gave it to her during the winter.  They started dating in the winter and the flashback looked like it was summer.

Beth slipped up again.  She said that Luis was Sheridan's lover.  Sheridan did not tell the "kidnapper" that Luis was her lover.  That should have been an indication that Sheridan knows the kidnapper.

Kay needs to sue the hospital.  How many times does her baby have to die under the nurses care?  Maybe there should be an investigation on the nurses.  Just a thought.

Of all the rooms in the Crane apartment, Ethan had to choose Theresa's room.  Who didn't know that he was going to go in there?  When he first went in the room, he should have seen Theresa in the bed.  You mean to tell us that he couldn't tell someone else was in the bed when he got in it?  Then there was the perfume.  There is no way he couldn't have smelled it.  Gwen was able to smell it on the plane so he should have been able to smell it when he was next to her.

Big surprise Kay didn't want to confess to Father Lonigan anymore.  Did anyone really think that she would have?  So much for turning over a new leaf.


Let's start today off with Eve.  She was acting as if Liz just decided to go after TC.  Earlier that day she wasn't concerned about Liz taking TC away from her. Now all of a sudden, she keeps mentioning it.  

Why was Sheridan just now having pains in her stomach?  After everything Charlie and Beth have done to her, she should have been having pains already.

Let's get to the boring scenes before we move one.  Chad and Whitney's scenes today were boring.  They seemed like they were just having the same conversation every time they were shown.  We know that's something that happens on a regularly on this show, but it just seemed like they were talking about Theresa or Eve.  They weren't even talking about themselves.

What was with TC this time?  He blamed Eve for why he kissed Liz.  Excuse us man, Eve was not the one that made him kiss Liz.  he did that on his own.  When he realized what he was doing, he didn't have to keep kissing her.

There was another pointless dream.  Theresa was dreaming that she was kissing Ethan.  The writers really make it look as if that was real.  They didn't have to show the scenes more than once if it was only a dream.

The Lopez-Fitzgeralds have so many traditions that it's hard to keep up with them.  Now all of a sudden, anyone who carries a Lopez-Fitzgerald baby will crave strawberries.  How convenient.  Kay carried a Lopez-Fitzgerald baby and she didn't crave strawberries.  Sheridan is carrying a Lopez-Fitzgerald and she isn't craving strawberries either.  She wasn't craving them before she was kidnapped either.  That was another one of the writers famous plot devices.


Okay, let's start with the strawberry tradition of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.  When did Theresa crave strawberries while she was pregnant?  If memory serves, she didn't crave strawberries.  Luis was going overboard mentioning that plot device.

How come Ethan and Theresa didn't wake up after kissing each other?  They must be very deep sleepers.  They probably wouldn't know if an earthquake hit them.  Speaking of not hearing anything, why didn't they hear the noise in their room?  If Chad, Whitney, and Fox heard it in their rooms, Ethan and Theresa should have heard it.  Talk about selective hearing.

What a great way to start the next rant. It required selective hearing as well.  How come Luis couldn't hear Sheridan in the basement, but Beth, Charlie, and Edna heard him?  He claimed he was upstairs yet they managed to hear him.

Maybe we're mistaken, but we don't remember Eve treating TC like a kid.  Oh right, TC was just using that as an excuse for why he kissed Liz.  He complained that she doesn't treat him like a partner.  He must be more drunk than we thought because he's the one that treats Eve like she's not a partner.

Big surprise Sheridan passed out when Luis called out to Beth.  He screamed her name as predictably Sheridan was passed out.  Is there anyone out there that was genuinely surprised by that?

How would Beth have known to have a surprise ready for Luis if she didn't know that he was coming back to her house?  Of course Luis didn't catch on to that.  It's a good thing we didn't expect him to catch on to that lie.

Maybe Ethan should go back to the hospital to get his eyes checked.  He couldn't see Theresa in the bed, but Chad, Whitney, and Fox were able to see Ethan and Theresa in the bed.  That's right.  That's selective vision working overtime.

That's all for this week.  Tune in next week for some more ranting.

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