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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #74

7/28 - 8/1/03


Rebecca didn't have to be so rude to Tabitha.

When is Chad going to start working with Whitney?  She was supposed to sing in California.

Only Luis would have believed that Beth sounded like Sheridan.

It's just so convenient that the sound proofing in Beth's basement works now that Luis is at the house.  It certainly didn't work before because Edna heard Sheridan screaming from the basement.

It's convenient that Gwen and Ethan didn't see Theresa.

It's convenient that Julian let Ethan and Gwen use the apartment in California.  They haven't even spoken to Julian in a while.  Right, who didn't know they were going to stay at the Crane apartment.

Final Thoughts:

The writers are really trying out patience with the Shuis storyline.  Anyone who is a fan of the show should have known that Luis wasn't going to go back to the basement when he heard Sheridan's voice.  Beth gives Luis the dumbest excuses and he will buy it.  It's so irritating.

Who didn't know where Ethan and Gwen were going to stay?  We all know that Julian hasn't spoken to either of them, but he is going to let them use his apartment.  That is not very likely.  The writers are obviously pushing to start the Ethan, Gwen and Theresa triangle over again.


It didn't take long for Miguel to go after Charity again.  He would have known about his baby if he weren't with her.

For someone that doesn't want to talk about Theresa, Gwen is brining her up a lot.

Rebecca will get what she deserves because she is being so rude to Tabitha.

How did Antonio know to go to Beth's house?

Why did Fox have to tell us why Theresa didn't want to go to California?  We all knew why she didn't want to go.

What's taking Ethan and Gwen so long to get to the apartment?  It didn't take Theresa that long.

It's convenient that Charity left her pocketbook behind when she and Miguel were going upstairs.

Where is Sam?  He should be at the hospital too.

Antonio seems too happy that Sheridan is in "Paris".

The scenes with Tabitha, Julian, and Rebecca were really stupid and boring to us.

Why didn't Luis or Hank pick up on the clues that Sheridan unintentionally left on the dvd?

Final Thoughts:

The worst things about this episode were the scenes with Tabitha/Julian/Rebecca and the scenes at the Wallace house.  Let's start with the scenes with Tabitha/Julian/Rebecca.  Those scenes were so useless.  Did we really need to see the celebration of the demon child?  Don't think so.  We really hope that we don't have to keep enduring these scenes.

Now let's get to the scenes at the Wallace house.  It was so irritating hearing Edna tell Beth that Luis was going to figure out the dvd was fake.  Did she forget who she was talking about?  This is Luis.  He won't figure out anything.  Another problem was Antonio knowing when to be at Beth's house.  How did he know where to find Luis?  Wasn't it convenient that he knew to show up just when Luis was about to watch the dvd?  Are you thinking what we're thinking?

Theresa was back to saying the word "fate" again. You would lose count if you counted how many times she said that word.  The writers went overboard trying to prove Theresa's theory of fate.  Of course Ethan was going to be outside of the apartment when Theresa said that fate would bring Ethan there.


Grace couldn't wait to defend Charity to Kay.  She wonders why Kay yells at her all the time.

Why would Kay blame Charity for what happened to her baby?  It's not her fault that her baby is dying.  She is obviously trying to keep Charity from being near Miguel.

How come the demon showed Julian and Rebecca the majority of the things they've done to Theresa?  They have done worse to Sheridan and Luis.  The demon also failed to show Julian the good things he has done for Theresa and Eve.

Why did Theresa react the way she did when she looked out the peephole if she didn't see Ethan?

Big surprise Julian and Rebecca didn't remember what happened.

Now the writers have started near misses with Ethan, Gwen, and Theresa.  That's always good news *dripping with sarcasm*.

Final Thoughts:

Let's start with the Tabitha/Julian/Rebecca scenes.  Talk about pointless.  There was no purpose to the scenes, but it did make us notice something.  When the demon showed Julian and Rebecca why they deserved to be in Hell, the bulk of the scenes were things they did to Theresa. That's where the problem occurred.  When they showed that he tried to kill Sheridan, that was understandable.  He tried to kill her.  When he tried to take little Ethan away from her, that was not enough of a reason for him to go to Hell.  They also showed Rebecca's plot to get Theresa out of the mansion.  The demon failed to show how Julian was willing to let Theresa have joint custody of little Ethan.  Guess those were selective memory moments.

Antonio proved just how suspicious he was.  He kept insisting that Sheridan was not kidnapped.  He acted as if he didn't want Luis to check the dvd for clues.  He also played the oblivious game again.  He kept asking Luis about Sheridan and he still didn't get it.  Luis is so obvious for why he wants to find Sheridan, but Antonio was oblivious to it. Or was he?

We must have to get ready for the near misses that Ethan and Theresa are going to have.  It was convenient that Theresa didn't see Ethan outside of the apartment.  When she looked out of the peephole, she reacted as if she saw Ethan.  Maybe it was just us, but if she thought Ethan was outside, why didn't she open the door?  How much did she expect to see out of a peephole?  Also, when Theresa and the gang went out, they went out the back way so they managed not to see Ethan and Gwen in the front.  We must be in store for more moments like these.


It's so obvious that Kay is only trying to guilt Miguel into staying by her side.

Leave it to Whitney to not want Theresa to check on whoever needed the ambulance.

Beth slipped up again.  She told Luis that she didn't have anymore fuses, but then she told him that she had another fuse.

Why else would Julian want Tabitha to go to the hospital, unless he was the baby's father?

It's convenient that Theresa and company went outside as Ethan and Gwen left to go to the hospital.

When has Sheridan been eating in the pit?  We haven't seen Beth feed her anything except the bananas that Charlie threw down to her and that was a while ago.

Beth didn't have time to cover up the pit before Luis got back to the Wallace house.

Final Thoughts:

Let's get the worst thing over with.  Antonio's illness must have been hereditary because Luis can't see what Beth is doing.  It was so obvious that Beth was trying to keep Luis out of the basement yet he didn't notice.  He acted as if her behavior was normal.  He must be as blind as Antonio must be.

Here we go again with the near misses.  Who didn't know that Theresa and company were going to go outside when Ethan was gone.  Guess until Ethan and Theresa see each other, we'll have to endure Chad, Fox, and Whitney telling Theresa that Ethan's not in L.A.

Sheridan, oh Sheridan.  She has great timing doesn't she?  She knew exactly when to scream loud enough to be heard.  Of course she was only heard by Beth, but at least she was heard right?  Wrong. She had enough strength and energy to yell when Beth was in the basement, but she was so weak by the time Luis got in the basement.  What great timing you have Sheridan.


We are getting so tired of Theresa saying that fate would bring Ethan to California.  It's so obvious that he's already there.

How come Luis can see in the basement now, but he couldn't see the pit when he was in the basement before?

Any time Beth makes a prediction that Luis won't find Sheridan, she is always right.  Edna, however, is always wrong when she makes the prediction that Luis will find Sheridan.

How convenient was it that Sheridan is getting weaker now that Luis is in the basement?

How come Grace didn't see death when Charity saw it?  She has powers just as Charity does.

Why wasn't Eve wearing a cap on her head when she was in NICU with the baby?  Everyone else was wearing them.

Why didn't the nurse find something wrong with Tabitha's baby since she's not human?

Final Thoughts:

We will begin with the scenes at the Wallace house.  We were so sick of Edna telling Beth that her plan was not going to work.  We all know that Luis will never see Sheridan so she's telling Beth that for nothing.  Of course when Beth said that no one will find Sheridan, she would be right.

If that wasn't bad enough, we had to endure what was going on in the basement.  Surprise, surprise Luis wasn't going t call out Sheridan's name while he was in the basement.  That would have been too easy.  He had to think about her instead.  Then to top it all off, Sheridan chose not to talk loud enough for Luis to hear her.  Most likely he wouldn't have heard her, but she could have tried it anyway.

Speaking of Sheridan, let's get to the Alice in Wonderland fantasy.  What a complete waste of a scene.  Are we the only ones that don't like all of these spoofs the writers are doing?

Overall Thoughts:

Well this week had a lot of near misses, ironic moments, pointless scenes, and a pointless return.  Let's start with the pointless return.  Antonio was back this week. The only purpose to his return was to tell Luis that he was right about what happened to Sheridan.  He had convenient timing when he showed up at Beth's house to see the dvd.  Big surprise he would have believed the dvd.  He couldn't wait to tell Luis "I told you that Sheridan wasn't kidnapped."  He also couldn't figure out that Luis cares for Sheridan more than he should.  For this, he never had to come back.

Now let's talk about the near misses.  There seemed to be so many between Ethan/Gwen/Theresa, as well as Sheridan/Luis. Ethan and Gwen managed not to see Theresa at the airport and they managed not to see her at the apartment.  When they were all close to seeing each other (at the apartment), something got in the way.   Ethan dropped his keys before getting in the apartment, Gwen had problems with the baby, and Theresa and company had to go out while Ethan and Gwen were outside of the apartment.  Theresa and company couldn't go out through the front door, they had to go out through the back door instead. When they finally went out the front door, Ethan and Gwen were already gone.

Luis was in the basement and he didn't see Sheridan in the pit. She screamed louder when Luis was out of the basement.

Now let's get to the ironic comments.  Ethan and Gwen kept saying that they were miles away from Theresa.  Theresa kept saying that she felt that Ethan was in LA.  She also kept saying that it would be great if Ethan was in LA while she was.  Fox, Chad, and Whitney kept telling Theresa that Ethan was in Harmony.

Rebecca was also saying ironic comments.  She kept saying that Julian couldn't be the father of Tabitha's baby. She also said that there was no way that Julian would have sex with her.

And the last thing we'll talk about are the pointless scenes.  The Hell scenes and the Alice in Wonderland scenes were the most pointless scenes this week.

Well, that's all for this week.  See you all next week.

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