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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #73

7/21 - 7/25/03


Why was Fox putting more lotion on Whitney's back?  He just put some on her.

What can Miguel do for Kay that Eve and the other doctors couldn't do?  She acted as Miguel could do more than just hold her hand.

Guess Beth's basement wasn't soundproof after all since Edna heard Sheridan screaming.

If Edna is so disgusted by what Beth and Charlie are doing to Sheridan, she should tell the police.  

Sheridan could stand on the dirt that Beth was throwing on her.  She didn't have to stand there and watch her throw it on her.

How long were the police and Hank going to let Luis sleep?  

How is the DVD suppose to convince Luis that Sheridan is okay when she is dirty and has a bandage on her head?

The only person that kept telling Beth how beautiful Sheridan is was Edna.  No one else told Beth that Sheridan was beautiful.

Does Beth have one phone in the house?  Why couldn't Edna just call the police on another phone?  She should have known that she would have been caught.

Big surprise Hank couldn't trace the phone call from Edna.

Fox's friends noticed that he has feelings for Whitney but Chad, Whitney, and Theresa can't notice.

Kay and Miguel's baby looked pretty big considering she is premature.

Final thoughts:

Okay first things first, we were able to hear Sheridan yelling in the basement.  Note to writers, don't make reference to a room being soundproof if you can still hear.  You can clearly hear Sheridan screaming, but we can bet almost anything that when Luis gets there, he won't hear anything.

Edna is really useless.  She could have called the police sooner than she did.  Of course the only time she would call the police, she would get caught by Charlie.  Do the Wallaces only have one phone in their house?

There was no way that Beth was able to pick Sheridan up and get her out of the basement.  She couldn't even put Sheridan on her bed at the cottage without Charlie's help but she can get her out of the pit?  Yeah, right.

Talk about convenient, Hank couldn't trace Edna's call.  Another convenient moment was that the phone number was blocked.

Actual dialogue from Passions: Miguel said "She's so tiny."  Of course the baby was small since she's premature.  Speaking of the baby, she was pretty big considering she's supposed to be premature.  Miguel must something wrong with his eyes if he thought that the baby was tiny.  Maybe there's something wrong with our eyes then.


It could be just us but the singer that Chad was listening to could not sing.

Why is everyone in Harmony talking to pictures?

How come Jessica didn't know that Kay had her baby?  She was at the hospital.

Of course Luis had to be dreaming when he said that he knew where Sheridan was.  There was no way he would have known where she was otherwise.

Why else would Kay scream unless she lost her baby?  It was obvious that there must have been something wrong with the baby yet Jessica wondered why she screamed.

Did anyone really think that Sheridan was going to see Beth's face when she had the mask off?  We didn't think so either.

We are getting sick of watching everything that Beth and Charlie are doing to Sheridan.

Kay and Miguel's baby couldn't look more fake if the writers used a teddy bear.  It was such an obvious doll.  You can notice it when they were trying to revive the baby.

Final thoughts:

Why wasn't Jessica at the hospital when everyone else was there?  She would have known if Kay had the baby if she was there.

Surprise, surprise Sheridan allowed Beth to get the best of her.  She should have tried to throw Beth into the pit.

It's so obvious that the writers are forcing the quadrangle among Chad, Whitney, Fox and Syd.  Now Chad is going to be spending so much time with Syd and Fox is already spending time with Whitney.


We didn't like the song that Chad wrote.  It was the song that Syd thought was so great. 

Syd is a terrible lip syncher.  You could clearly see that she was not singing.

It was obvious that Luis was convinced that Sheridan is at Beth's house, but he took his time getting to her house.  He just kept saying that he had to get to Beth's house.

All Beth had to so was hide Sheridan upstairs since Luis was only checking the basement.  She had a perfect solution to her problem.  She was able to get Sheridan out of the pit so she should have been able to hide her in another room.  If she couldn't, she could've let Charlie hide her.

How convenient was it that Beth had clothes for Sheridan?

Final thoughts:

Passions was interrupted again.  This time the show only stayed on for 20 minutes.  Let's get started.  First of all, we do not like Syd.  She's been on the show for two days and we already don't like her.  That may change in time.  She's  really unprofessional.  Chad is her producer and she was hanging all over him.  It makes us wonder how she was signed to the label, especially since she can't sing.  That's strictly our opinion.  You all may feel differently.

Why was Beth so worried about Luis finding Sheridan in the basement?  She can take her out of the basement and hide her upstairs.  He's only checking the basement.  It won't take her much to lie about the hole in the floor.  Speaking of Luis, what was taking him so long to get to Beth's house?  It didn't take her nearly as long to get to the police station when she went from her house.  How far away is she?


If Gwen doesn't stop worrying about Theresa stealing Ethan, she will lose him.  She will push him away.

Trouble is already starting to brew between Chad and Whitney because why did Whitney need to know how old Syd is?  Why wouldn't she just assume that most of the people he will be working with would be young?  How many older people are going to work with Chad?

We are not surprised at all that Luis didn't notice that Beth isn't pregnant sooner.  We are definitely not surprised that he didn't see her putting on the sugar sack.  That would have meant that Beth would have been busted and we know the writers don't want that.

Why did Theresa have to change her clothes to go to the airport?  There was nothing wrong with what she was wearing.

It was such obvious foreshadowing that Ethan and Gwen were going to California when Theresa was going.  A two-year old could have seen that coming.

Why couldn't Luis tell that Beth's stomach wasn't real?  He should be able to tell the difference between a sugar sack and a real stomach.

Why is Whitney suddenly so jealous and insecure?  Chad was going to eventually work with female singers.  Also, she is spending a lot of time with Fox and Chad isn't jealous of that.

Final thoughts:

It's a safe assumption that Chad and Whitney are headed for some serious trouble soon.  While in Harmony, Chad was able to talk to people and Whitney wouldn't have a problem with it, but now she is so concerned about Syd.  She doesn't seem to think it's wrong to spend time with Fox.  How many times has Chad told Whitney that he loves her?  Now the writers are just going to expect us to believe that he would fall for Syd overnight.  Not likely, but you never know with this show.

The scenes at the Wallace house were a real disappointment.  Just when it looked as if Beth's "pregnancy" was going to be exposed, she managed to stop it from happening again.  Luis clearly saw how flat Beth's stomach was and thought that she might not have been pregnant.  We were so happy but then it dawned on us that all she had to do was get the sack and he wouldn't notice.  It turns out that we were right.  He believed her stupid sob story and dropped his accusation.  yes, we were surprised that he actually told Beth that she wasn't pregnant.  It was all in vain of course, so Luis really let us down today.


Whitney acted as if she had a reason to be jealous of Syd already.

Since Edna was so sure that she and Beth were going to jail, it was a safe assumption that they were not going to be caught.  Every time she says something like that, they never get caught.

Why didn't Rebecca see the claw around Julian's neck?  

Beth must have about 100 stairs in her basement because she was able to knock him down the stairs when he should have been down the stairs already.

It was hard for Theresa to be away form Ethan, but she had no problem leaving her son.  

Selective hearing alert: Fox heard Whitney talking to Theresa, but she didn't hear him talking.  He was not talking low at the time.

Theresa shouldn't have had to remind Whitney that Chad loves her.  Chad tells her enough that he loves her.

Of course the only way that Sheridan and Luis would have heard each other would be in a dream.  There was no way Luis would have found her like that.

How come Beth saw the hole in the floor, but Luis didn't see it?  He was in the basement for a while so his eyes should have been adjusted to the dark.

Final thoughts:

We are getting sick of the scenes at the Wallace house.  Nothing ever happens in that house.  Today's episode was the last straw.  Of course Luis wasn't going to find Sheridan today.  Why can't the writers give us something for investing our time in this story?

Syd has been on the show for about three days and we really can't stand her.  It's going to be really hard for the writers to make her likeable, at least to us.  She was so obviously flirting with Chad and he just seemed to eat it up.  He is making it to easy for Fox to steal Whitney away from him.

Overall thoughts:

It was a pretty disappointing week, especially at the Wallace house, but we'll get to that in a bit.  First, could the writers be any more obvious with the irony this week.  They were going overboard with Ethan, Gwen, and Theresa.  Ethan and Gwen kept making reference to Theresa being in Harmony.  It was as if they knew that she was going to California.  Gwen even had a feeling that she was on the plane with them (which she was).  Theresa mentioned missing Ethan.  She didn't even say that she missed her son.

The writers are also going overboard to force trouble between Chad and Whitney.  A couple that was so happy when they got to California could suddenly start having problems is just stupid.  Chad just told Whitney that he would never look at another woman, but know that he is working with a young woman, Whitney is suddenly jealous.  That doesn't make any sense at all.  Speaking of this young woman, her name is Syd and we don't like her.  She is already flirting with Chad and he seems to like it a lot.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  By the way, Chad's new boss was on the show for three days and she still doesn't have a name yet.  we mentioned her because she is going to be instrumental in pushing Chad to Syd.

Now that that is out of the way, on to the worst things that happened this week.  Yes, the scenes at the Wallace house had to be the worst scenes this week.  We're so tired of being mislead with this story.  First, just when it looked as if Luis figured out that Beth wasn't pregnant, of course she got away with it.  Then, he didn't find Sheridan in the basement.  Of course Sheridan wouldn't say Luis's name loud enough for him to hear.  Leave it to the writers to throw in another fantasy of Luis finding Sheridan.  There was no way that he would have found her that easily.  That was such a letdown. 

Well, that's all for this week.  See you all next week.

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