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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #72

7/14 - 7/18/03


How convenient was it that no one was around to see the claw coming out of Tabitha.

When did Simone get a car?

Charity told Miguel that Kay was losing the baby and he still didn't care about the baby.  He only cared about reassuring Charity of his love for her.

How are the Wallaces supposed to get the money from the Cranes without being exposed as Sheridan's kidnappers?  If they suddenly leave town, everyone will know that they kidnapped her.

The airport looks just like the hospital.  They could have came up with a better set.

If Simone wanted to confront Whitney, why did she hide?  

Miguel's baby was possibly dying and for some reason, he has to leave Kay's side to check on Charity.  You would think that she was the one in the hospital.

What happened to the picture of Sheridan that was on Luis's desk?  It was on his desk earlier because he was looking at it.

It's too bad that Sheridan didn't catch on to how her kidnapper knew Luis's name.  She didn't say it loud enough for the kidnapper to hear it.

Final thoughts:

How many times is Whitney going to let Simone hit her? She should have at least hit her back.

We are really getting sick of what Miguel is doing.  He knows that his baby could die, but he wanted to leave Kay's side to be with Charity.  If Charity couldn't understand that Miguel's place was by Kay's side, then she doesn't need to be at the hospital.  Charity is not the one that is pregnant so Miguel shouldn't be running after her.

Does anyone even believe that Antonio saw Luis's name in Sheridan's diary?  We don't believe it either.  He probably only saw the pages that she talked about the love of her life, but she probably didn't write Luis's name on the page.  It has happened so much before, why should we be fooled again?

Beth was practically giving herself away as Sheridan's kidnapper.  She shouldn't know Luis, but she said his name.  Why wouldn't Sheridan's "kidnapper" have her call her husband instead?


Leave it to Charity to make Kay's problem her moment.  Big surprise Miguel cared more about Charity's feelings than he did Kay's.

Why did Whitney let Simone hit her again?  She is not Simone's punching bag so she didn't have the right to hit her.

How long was John going to stand and watch Tabitha's baby choke Julian?

Why didn't Sheridan know that Edna was taking if she heard the voices above her?

Grace looked as if she was upset because Sam actually remembered that Gwen was having his other grandchild.  Kay isn't the only one having his grandchild.

Big surprise Theresa was staying in Harmony because of Ethan.  What happened to staying in Harmony because of her family?  Guess they don't rate anymore.

Big shock that Antonio didn't see the sections about Luis in Sheridan's diary. 

Gwen said she didn't eat all day, but she's wrong.  She ate earlier when Ethan had the surprise celebration for her.  This night has lasted so long she managed to forget.

Final thoughts:

We are starting to sound like a Passions episode, but Miguel doesn't care about his baby at all.  He just cared that Charity was getting a bad feeling.  

Surprise, surprise Grace was going to make sure that Charity was okay.  She was going to defend Charity the first chance she got.

Now, was anyone really surprised that Antonio didn't see the important part of Sheridan's diary?  What was the sense of the diary being written into the story if he wasn't even going to read the parts about Luis?  We think that Antonio might have read it and he just pretended not to see it.  At least we hope that happened.


Are Whitney and Chad that oblivious to their surroundings?  There's no reason why they didn't notice Fox staring at Whitney.

Why did Eve just let Rebecca and Ivy use her computer?  She should have had her door locked.  She didn't know who could go in her office.

What is Gwen's condition exactly?  Rebecca and Ivy kept mentioning her condition but they wouldn't say what it was.

Was anyone really unsure where Rebecca and Ivy are going to send Gwen?  We all know that they are going to California so it's not a surprise.  They could have just said that Gwen could go to California instead of not saying the state at all.

How did Beth hear Sheridan talking in the pit?  It was supposed to be soundproof.  She wasn't even near the pit so how did she hear Sheridan talking.

Why was Whitney suddenly having a dream about kissing another man?

Why couldn't Theresa take little Ethan to California with her?  

Final thoughts:

Does anyone remember when Theresa said that her family was why she couldn't leave Harmony?  Well now all of a sudden, Ethan is why she couldn't leave.  She must have forgotten about her family.  Also, why can't Theresa take little Ethan to California with her?  Why does Pilar have to take care of him?  She wasn't supposed to stay in LA so all she had to do is ask Julian if it would have been okay to take him on a vacation for a little while.

Guess the basement isn't sound proof after all.  Beth was able to hear Sheridan and she wasn't even talking loud.  Sheridan couldn't hear anything that the Wallaces and Charlie were saying.


Why would Beth think that Sheridan would agree to make the DVD for Luis?  She kept telling her that she wouldn't do it.

Big surprise Miguel wanted to leave Kay's side to go after Charity.  Charity will be okay.  Miguel doesn't have to check on her every five minutes.

Everyone can believe Charity's strange premonitions, but no one believes someone who will actually see something strange.  Charity acted as if she didn't believe John when he told her about Tabitha.

How long was Luis going to wait before he went to search Beth's house?  It's taking him a long time to get to her house.

Passions nitpick: Fox wasn't looking at the road much while he was driving.

Miguel didn't exactly seem to broken up over his baby possibly dying.  He seemed as if he was relieved.

Luis was so anxious to find Sheridan, but all he did was stand around reminiscing about Sheridan.

Final thoughts:

Ivy proves more and more just how heartless she could be.  She knows that Gwen and Kay's babies are in danger but all she cares about is getting Sam.

Luis made a big deal about checking Beth's basement first thing in the morning.  Well, it's actually morning and he was looking for excuse to get out of going to her house.  It's a good thing that he didn't think that Sheridan was at Beth's house because he would never find her.  Unfortunately, we know that Sheridan is at her house so it's annoying to see him just standing around talking to Hank instead of going to Beth's house.

If Edna wanted to help Sheridan, then she should make an anonymous tip to the police and let them know where Sheridan was.  Of course she won't do that.


Why didn't Sam see Ivy when he was talking to Grace?  He looked as if he looked right at her.

Why would Hank just bring u how he lost Sheridan to Luis all of a sudden?  Was that foreshadowing?

Once again Luis was not searching for Sheridan.  He was not going to find her by standing around talking to Hank.

The first chance Miguel had he went running after Charity.  He was not proving that he would be by Kay's side.

Anytime Eve is taking care of someone, that person is always close to dying.  Is that an indication of her skills as a doctor?

Why was Sam lecturing Ivy about blaming Grace for what happened to Kay?  Did he forget that he blamed her too?

Why did Beth and Charlie think that Edna was Luis?  Most likely Luis would have announced himself or mad a lot of noise when he gets to the house.

Leave it to Charity to tell Miguel that it wasn't his fault that Kay was having her baby early.  If he wasn't spending so much time with Charity, then he could have been there for Kay.

The last time Luis was shown, he was not at the police station and now he's asleep.

Final thoughts:

Why would Luis make such a big deal about finding Sheridan, and then not do it?  All he did was talk to Hank all week.  Then on top of everything else, he went back to the police station and fell asleep.  He was supposed to go to Beth's house first thing in the morning.

Ivy is so selfish.  As if you all didn't know right.  She thought that it wouldn't be so bad if Kay's baby died.  That way Sam and Grace would never survive it.

Overall thoughts:

The worst things that happened this week are:

The diary plot device.  Antonio never even read the parts of Sheridan's diary where she mentioned Luis.  That didn't really surprise us any.

Miguel forgot about the danger that Kay and his baby were in.  He felt that he had to check on Charity. She wasn't the one having a baby so he should have stayed with Kay.  No, he couldn't do that.  His precious Charity was uncomfortable.

Luis making such a big deal about finding Sheridan.  He stayed at the police station and at the pier, but he never went to Beth's house.  It was convenient that he fell asleep at the police station instead of looking for Sheridan.  

What a waste of a week.  It was really hard to narrow the bad things down to three but we somehow managed to do it for all of you. 

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